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PLEASE READ: BarCampMakerFaire has been canceled!


Well, we gave it a go, but in the end there is an issue with time and resources. People are pouring all of their efforts into the actual MakrFaire and that doesn't leave much time for BarCampMakerFaire (understandably). So, while I'd love to pull a rabbit out of the hat on this one, I can't do it alone and there are simply no volunteers for the event. Perhaps we'll try to do this after the actual BarCampMakerFaire event, perhaps not. I'm open to any suggestions/ideas so feel free to send them my way.







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  1. whurley
  2. David Nunez
  3. Sherry Huss
  4. Dale Dougherty
  5. AsuraSunil
  6. Cody Marx Bailey
  7. Aaron Farnham
  8. Alex Suarez
  9. Alexander Muse
  10. Ethan Muse
  11. Marc Nathan
  12. Jeremy Kelley
  13. Phillip Cockrell
  14. Connie Reece
  15. Ynema Mangum
  16. Matt Buck
  17. Raines Cohen
  18. Steve Testone SnapPages
  19. Bill Erickson
  20. Blake Burris
  21. Phil Wheat
  22. giovanni gallucci
  23. R. Tyler Ballance
  24. Kelly Stewart