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Email to Info at Barcamp.my your slides what is your talk about.


Day 1, 26th July


Lecture Room I



RIA Development via Flex + JRoRMonetizing YouTube?LunchPowerPoint KaraokeMyFamilyHealth.com: Prospective Healthcare and Web 2.0Introducing Aggressive Web DevelopmentInteresting Web 2.0/Mobile services in China, Japan, India, Kenya and Korea
Lecture Room IILife of a GSoC StudentGetting started with DrupalBuilding data-driven applications with DrupalLunchCMS ShowdownMultilingual websites with DrupalAn introduction to Drupal module developmentEntrepreneur + Developer Gang Bang by Arzumy, Joel Neoh, Kris Khaira and Khailee NgWerewolf
Lecture Room IIIWidgeous - Changing the Way People CommunicateThe OpenMalaysiaBlog StoryDesign for DevelopersLunchMonkeying around with Yahoo! SearchDesigning for Serious Games: Applying Gaming to Work & StudyThe New RenaissanceBlogging in Malaysia
TheaterGoogle AndroidMusic 2.0: Community Building & Survival GuideOverview of Windows Presentation Foundation & Silverlight (SilverCamp - Community)LunchMobile FuturesHow to become 25% more productive: Essential free tools for the modern officeAtompub - Beyond blogs


Day 2, 27th July


Lecture Room IDigital photography- SahaContent Delivery NetworkHidden Impact of Higher Mathematics on the World Wide WebLunchThis is BarCamp (p2p2p)Closing and post-mortem: what we did right, what could have been better
Lecture Room IIOnline Marketing 2.0 BrainStorm Session - Lim CSBrunch Combo: Firefox browser extension and theme development - Perry Loh / Chee AunLeverage Facebook Now! LunchSocial Media Optimization (SMO) for Online PublishersClosing
Lecture Room IIIRecruitment & Social NetworkingThe Malaysian Free Software Movement: The Way ForwardThe IVF Drip - How to Invest, Valuate or Fund an internet start-upLunchJourney of a Silicon Valley Style Startup in Malaysia by Vyasa KandasamyClosing
TheaterA Lap Around Silverlight & Expression Studio by Kok ChiannEntrepreneur + Developer Follow Up Gang Bang by Arzumy, Joel Neoh, Kris Khaira and Khailee NgAn Hour about Flash Lite by Ikhwan NazriLunchNew Web Technologies: Google Gears with jQuery by Khalid Hilaby and Adobe AIR with ExtJS by Pavel TimofeevClosing


Capacity Legend:

  • Lecture Room - 48 pax
  • Study Room - 40 pax
  • Theater - 21 pax


Confirmed Sessions (it's up to you to confirm a session! if you propose a talk, book a slot in the timetable above and move your proposal to this confirmed list)


General Track



Designing for Serious Games: Applying Gaming to Work & Study - Stephen Tang (TARC)


  • "Make a Living Doing What You Love" : The Entrepreneur + Developer Gangbang" by Arzumy, Joel Neoh, Kris Khaira, Khailee Ng. Full details here
  • Introducing Aggressive Web Development: One of the worlds foremost pioneers in web development shares the revolutionary ways of creating Killer Web Apps and changing the world - MikkoK from GettingPersonal
  • Werewolf (Beginners & Experienced Players): Fun group strategy game where the best liar wins - KamalFariz from ZoeCity
  • Monetizing YouTube and other on-line videos?: Sharing UrekaLabs solution for a new real-time video advertising medium - RoniShahMustapha from UrekaLabs
  • The Malaysian Free Software Movement: The Way Forward: What we have done in the past, where we are now, how we need to move forward and the challenges which lie ahead - DiteshGathani
  • The OpenMalaysiaBlog Story: Our the fight for open standards, the legitimization of ODF and the two year standards war surrounding OpenXML. - YongYoonKit from OpenMalaysiaBlog
  • RIA development via Flex and JRuby on Rails: A tutorial showing you how to quickly build a Rich Internet Application (RIA) using Adobe Flex and Ruby on Rails - CheeSeng
  • Content Delivery Networks (CDN): What are CDNs, why they matter to your web company, a sampling of the available ones in the market, and what is Aflexi. - YuenChiLian
  • Freelancing in Malaysia - For Developers: How to charge client, standard rate, contract to protect yourself, ethics - ArzumyMd
  • This is BarCamp (P2P2P): Peer to Peer Product Pitch: Campers given 5-10 minutes to demo their product & pitch it to other campers. Campers, can then vote for their favorite & create a development support group around the product. Sort of like a "shadow" support board of directors. Campers can "invest" in their favorite startup. Investments can be anything: money, brainpower, muscles, etc. The most (ala) diggs a pitch receive, gets the limelight. - Nazroll
  • The New Renaissance- Malaysia Startup to the World: Panel style. Moderated by DanielCerVentus.
  • Monkeying around with Yahoo! Search: An introduction to Yahoo! SearchMonkey, Yahoo! Search's new open platform - SauSheong from Yahoo!
  • Online Marketing 2.0 "Brainstorm" Session : Featuring cluetrain, hughtrain, open source and the latest pinko marketing. It's about marketing for the future. - Lim CS. Sneak Peak
  • Recruitment & Social Networking: Using the web for finding, matching and managing talent - DanielYst
  • Tax Filing Optimization: Tips and secrets to, uh, optimize your tax filing (everything legal, I promise!) - DamienLoo
  • PowerPoint Karaoke: We pick a random set of slides, you present them like you know what you're talking about, everyone rofls - KamalFariz
  • Music 2.0: Community Building & Survival Guide: For more details, click here - Nazroll
  • Hidden Impact of Higher Mathematics on the World Wide Web: - TalatFakhri
  • Interesting Web 2.0/Mobile services in China, Japan, India, Kenya and Korea - A look at what local ideas these entrepreneurs are exploiting and how they are monetizing their services. Preetam
  • Google Android A developer's perspective - Gavin Bong from Jayway
  • How to become 25% more productive: Essential free tools for the modern office - James aka Friedbeef
  • Mobile Futures - A presentation on how the convergence of the internet into mobile devices is shaping the future. Henry Wong
  • Atompub - Beyond blogs A discussion on how Atompub can be used to provide a REST style interface to your applications. - Mohan
  • Brunch Combo: Firefox browser extension and theme development - Here's an introduction to developing browser extensions and themes for Mozilla Firefox. Perry Loh / Chee Aun
  • Journey of a Silicon Valley Style Startup in Malaysia by Vyasa Kandasamy - a journey of the first privately owned Microchip Design Company in Malaysia, from startup, funding, operating and the mistakes made.
  • An Hour about Flash Lite - know more about flash lite, wth is flash lite ? why? limitations, best practices, and the full details here by Ikhwan Nazri
  • ** The IVF Drip - How to Invest, Valuate or Fund an internet start-up by Bernard Leong, Partner of Thymos Capital LLP and founder of SG Entrepreneurs blog.