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Event details


  • Date: Saturday 1st March 2008
  • Cost: Nothing. Nada. FREE! Even better, we'll feed and hydrate you whilst you're there.
  • Venue: The MEN Media Headquarters on Deansgate Manchester - home to the Manchester Evening News.


We're grateful to MEN Media for letting us have use of their offices on a Saturday. It's a great space with dedicated auditorium for 40, large open spaces for larger groups, and several small meeting rooms. We have dedicated use of the building all day, but it's an office and we're guests - so please respect the surroundings.




9:00 - Doors open

9:30 - Intro talk and scheduling for the day

10:00 - Slot 1

10:40 - Slot 2

11:20 - Slot 3

12:00 - Lunch

13:00 - Slot 4

13:40 - Slot 5

14:20 - Slot 6

15:00 - Break

15:30 - Slot 7

16:10 - Slot 8

17:00 - Wrap-up, prize-giving

17:30 - Close




All sold out...


Please note, spaces are limited, so if you don't book a free ticket, you might not be allowed into the event. Sorry!


What is it? Themes?


Over the last couple of years, Manchester has seen a thriving technical community sprout up. We've seen BSD and Linux groups grow, GeekUp thrive across the North, Ruby and Microsoft developer communities develop and the local technical economy mature. While in recent times, we have also seen the Manchester Free Software group form and grow. Whilst some of those communities have talks, it's time we all got together and talked about things that interested us in a BarCamp style.


You turn up with a talk, you fight for a place on the board, and then you get on with it. We'll supply a venue, projector equipment, food and drink for the whole day, and a room full of like-minded people.


We're still working out the exact format, so don't plan too much for your talk just yet - we'll have timings sorted out soon. Promise.


Add your name here if you want to help



Logo suggestions




The attendance list is now GONE from this page


Thank you for putting your name down to help us with numbers - it really helped us get an idea of the size of venue we need.


You now MUST reserve your place at the official signup page:




After receiving confirmation of your place you may leave your name here with a link to your work so people can see what kind of crowd is in attendance:



Ideas for talks


If you know what you're talking about already, let us know by adding your name and a description below


  • Paul Robinson - "Ideas are nothing. Execution is everything."
  • Manoj Ranaweera - "3 yrs with Digital Start Ups - learnings"
  • John McKerrell - Probably something map related
  • Peter Cooper - Programming Adventures: How Any Computer Science Concept Can Be Demonstrated In Dungeons
  • Sam Clark - "So, you've become a freelance web developer! Now what?" - a quick guide to starting out on your own
  • Katie Lips - Sexy SMS: Inbox Voyeurism
  • Katie Lips - Pimp your project: Social Media Strategies for Arts and Cultural organisations
  • Michael James - "making the right 2.0 choice" - How I went about making an application "web 2.0" in two different ways
  • Guy Fraser - Gung-Ho Startups (mostly the same as Leeds talk, but will update it)
  • Tim Hastings - "The Payoffs from Functional Thinking"
  • Patrick H. Lauke - A quick and dirty practical guide on making Google Maps more accessible to keyboard users (plus some more thoughts on "accessibility isn't just about blind people") sadly won't be able to make it. keep an eye out for the slides though
  • Michael Sparks - Concurrency (made easy) for fun & games & other cool stuff too.
  • Michael Sparks - Kamaelia Grey - a greylisting tool that will enable you to take your email inbox back :-)
  • Paul Farnell - "Unconventional ways to get more visitors (and sales!) on your site"
  • Glyn Wintle - E-Voting in the UK OR You did what with my bits? (The HMRC story) OR The British EFF. Please vote for which of the following you would like to hear.
  • James Panton & Chris Maiden - Drupal 6
  • Francis Fish "Java is bad for your brain" and/or "The old guy rants about the top 5 things he found out after a lot of pain that maybe these damn youngsters should know", vote now
  • Rosie Diver - "An Intro to personality profiles - Active workshop - what they are and how you can make them work for you" or "ECDL - what it is, what adult learners find so difficult that we find so easy - the competence gap"
  • Tim Waters = "It's Grim Up North"


What you'd like to hear about from others...


  • ISP's, Government Spying, and Phorm...what's really going on.
  • Successful tech businesses in the North-west from a business point of view.
  • Usage of Amazon EC2 and other scalable hosting solutions.


Where is it ?


MEN Media HQ

1 Scott Place, Hardman Street

Manchester, England M3 3RN

United Kingdom



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Other places this has been mentioned



After party


BarCamp Manchester After party: the official after party for BarCamp Manchester 2008, sponsored by the lovely people at Adaptavist.com. We're heading to Rain Bar, the current home to GeekUp Manchester and about 10 minutes walk from the BarCamp venue, 5 minutes from Deansgate and Oxford Road train stations and near quite a few hotels.

Book your place 


Other close by BarCamps



Other BarCamps on March 1st


The Aftermath: Talks Given


Well that was excellent! I (Dan Hardiker) think it's safe to say that the entire event exceeded all of our expectations. Here follows a list of the talks given on the day with links to their content online, where applicable: