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What is BarCampMumbai2?

To know about barcamp, view "sidebar" on your right hand side,


BarCampMumbai2 is IT-Technology Event/Un-Conference,!!! and nothing related with the bar,you might think!


if you are passionate about Startup,EcoSystem,Web 2.0, Mobile Technology, Service Oriented and Next Generation Web, OpenSource or Open Standard,please continue to read below...!



Event Title Sponsor

Sun Startup Essentials


Event Co-Sponsors




Nokia Forum



Please contact: Arpit Agarwal (arpit105 at yahoo dot com, +91-99207-20764) or Raxit - -Sheth (raxitsheth2000 at gmail dot com, +91-9892238248) or any of the - -Organizers of BarCampMumbai2


BarcampMumbai2 is made possible by generous Sponsors and numerous volunteers.

Thank you for your support. All Sponsorship slots are closed now. ! We will declare the name of Sponsors soon.


Our Title Sponsor will be Sun Startup Essential, www.in.sun.com/startup

with Co-Sponors as Direct-I group and Forum Nokia India.


Event details

Oct-14-2007, Sunday!

Timing 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Basic Lunch, Tea etc will be provided on the venue





Please note that campers carrying laptop/camera/camcorders need to declare it at the IIT entrance and carry a gatepass


Shailesh J Mehta School of Management (SJMSOM), IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai


How To Reach




Google Groups For Campers



Visit this group





Open Coffee Club

Texas holdem



Check out the Barcamp Mumbai 2 Blog:



How to register?


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So, you can just edit this page and do the following:


  • Add your name to the Campers' list .

Amit Agarwal