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Hi all. I am a student of IIT Powai. I'm looking forward to be a part of barcamp this sunday. Do I need to register anywhere or is this enough?



-- !


The second Barcamp of Mumbai has moved to BarCampMumbai2

The BarCampMumbaiOct2007 is Now BarCampMumbai2...!!!

We have only changed the Name. Date/Venue etc are same. ! Please refer below FAQ


here is the new link.




Fequently Asked Question


Is Venue/Date is changed. ?

No. BarCampMumbai2 will be at same place, SOM-IIT Bombay, Oct 13 2007 Oct 14 2007 . Only Name is changed Name and Date both Changed..



Is it Second BarCamp in Mumbai?



Then why BarCampMumbai2?

Because we really don’t bother about Name.



Any Additional Motive of Name change ?

Yes, it is a clear indication by BarCampMumbai2 Team; they will run the infinite loop starting from 2……. So Don’t Wonder if you find BarCampMumbai3 after few months.


I have registered for BarCampMumbaiOct2007? I need to re-register again?

No. Our Team will take care. We request you to Verify on New Wiki



Incase of mismatch please let’s know or update the wiki, Procedure will remain the same.


I have Forward the link to My Friends, Colleagues etc. Do I need to re-send again?

It is up to you. You may re-send the link. http://barcamp.org/BarCampMumbai2

The BarCampMumbaiOct2007 page will show you the link to new wiki page, with clear instruction.



I have blogged about BarCampMumbaiOct2007 ? Should i change the post. ?

The old post is just fine, we appreciate if you can change the Link/Name on blog.



Do you have Logo ? Button ? For BarCampMumbai2,?

Currently not, But they will be uploaded soon.




Let's know if you are having any specific suggestion or query.



-BarCampMumbai2 Team