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Welcome to Barcamp Nairobi '08!


Barcamp Nairobi 08


When: Saturday, June 21

Time: 10am - 5pm (of course, this goes later, and I would stick around for any evening fun and conversation...)

Where: Jacaranda Hotel - (website) - (Google Map)

[UPDATE: venue was officially changed to the Jacaranda Hotel in Westlands, sorry for any confusion. We will NOT be meeting at the 680 any longer.]


Pictures are found at Flickr.


DEVELOPERS SURVEY: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=p-OKIX4Q1IHF41jDIydEEZg&email=true


Barcamp Nairobi '08 is an unconference made up of of technical professionals, Internet enthusiasts, bloggers, designers and other clever people in the Nairobi area who wish to share and learn in an open environment.


Attendees don't just watch a set list of speakers. They give their own talks. Podcasting. Web standards. Microformats. Gum stick computers. Physical security. Robotics. Evolutionary algorithms. It can be anything. This event is not just for stuffy developer types - one of the best barcamp presentations ever given was about sandwiches. Barcamp is whatyou make of it.


Still want to know more? Here's what you can expect.


Blog it

Don't forget to proclaim your attendance in typical Web 2.0 fashion on your blog, Upcoming, and Facebook, too!


Please use the tag barcampnairobi for content related to this event.

Barcamp Nairobi - June 21, 2008


Advertise it

Print and pin up the poster at your office, cyber, shop...


Click the image to get the full size version or grab the PDF Version

Many thanks to Gichingiri Kuria for the ubercool poster!


Sponsor it

Why? Show your support for the local geek culture in Kenya for starters. The whole event is free for attendees and put on through the goodwill of the community. We're looking for more sponsors to cover some of the costs of putting this together. If you are that person, or know an organization that should, have them contact Josiah Mugambi, Erik Hersman or Riyaz Bachani.


So far, we have sponsorships by, Ushahidi (t-shirts) and O'Reilly (bags).


New Ushahidi Logo http://ict.go.ke" _mce_href="/<a href="http://ict.go.ke">http://ict.go.ke</a>">http://www.google.co.ke" _mce_href="/<a href="http://www.google.co.ke">http://www.google.co.ke</a>">Google KenyaStrategiclee PR Firm


http://www.buglabs.net" _mce_href="/<a href="http://www.buglabs.net">http://www.buglabs.net</a>">BugLabsO'Reilly Media Yahoo Wananchi Online


Sponsorship by Erica Lee, PR maven of Strategiclee in Silicon Valley, to cover the cost of the hotel. How's that for global reach!? She's good, very good, at what she does.


Ever hacked hardware as well as software? Bug Labs is going to let us borrow one of their brand new BUGbundles. Check out their site, you need to know Java. This one is gonna be a blast!


WordPress has sent in a bunch of stickers and pins for all the bloggers in the crowd.


Images of all the schwag on the Barcamp Nairobi '08 Facebook group.


Book Giveaways:

For those who show up, register and take a small survey on Saturday, you'll have a chance to win one of the following books:


  • Games & Puzzles - O'Reilly
  • Zappos.com Culture: Powered by Service
  • Smart & Gets Things Done - Joel Spolsky
  • The Myths of Innovation - Scott Berkun
  • The Javascripty Anthology - Sitepoint
  • Web Services Essentials - O'Reilly
  • The Best Software Writing I - Joel Spolsky
  • Google Web Toolkit Applications - Ryan Dewsbury
  • Game Design: From Blue Sky to Green Light - Deborah Todd
  • Designing with Web Standards - Jeffrey Zeldman



Barcamp Nairobi '08 shirt

So, you're planning to attend? GREAT, add your name to the list below by "editing" the page (password is c4mp). The easiest way to do the table below is to just copy and past the line from the guy before you, then edit that for your information.


Add your name, your blog or website, what you'd like to talk about, your interests and t-shirt size. T-shirts sponsored by Ushahidi. We need you registered with appropriate size listed no later than June 16th in order to get one.


Name Blog or Website Topic Interests T-shirt (S/M/L/XL)
Cynthia Wayodi e-commerce, online videos anything web blogging, design womens XXL
Patrick Kibue stocks, GSM Netwowking and GSM blogging, design Mens XXL
Erik Hersman White African, AfriGadget, Ushahidi Crowdsourcing and mapping blogging, maps, design Mens XXL
Josiah Mugambi blog, stockskenya,skunkworks Not Sure Yet, Community Dev Tech & Community Dev, Blogging, Telecoms Mens L
Laban Mwangi Blog, PenguinLabs Not Sure Yet, OpenSource Hacking.. Hardware hacks Mens M
Nick Othieno N/A Linux as a development platform for Electrical Engineers Real time Systems, Digital Signal Processing (Sound Codecs and Software Defined Radio) Mens L
Philip Njenga N/A N/A VoIP,Programming(VAS),Unified Communication Solutions Mens L
Daudi Were Mentalacrobatics, KenyaUnlimited, GenerationKenya I'll do the Podcasts citizens'/grassroots/social media, connectivity, programming Mens XXL
Kelvin Ngare N/A Not sure Yet Hacking Mens M
Kiprono Felix Kiptum Helule , Lighting Up Kenya Not sure Yet Mobile and Facebook development, web mapping, Renewable Energy, Photogrammetry, 3D Modelling Mens M
Paul Njuguna Lighting Up Kenya Renewable Energy SMS Services, Renewable Energy Mens XXL
Brian Muita 69mb TBA Mobile & Web application Dev Mens L
Steve Munyaka N/A TBA Mobile & Web application Dev, VOIP, Telecomms,Servers Mens L
Gituma Nturibi The Gitts Zone thinking about one Blogging, Photography, Telcoms, Aviation Mens XXL
Solomon Mwangi Frontline Interactive user generated content, Syndication Web development, Ms servers, rss, xml Mens XL
Kahenya Kamunyu Kahenya, Virn Instruments Open Source, Creative Commons, Open Business Models, Incubators Linux, Open Source, Creative Commons and Open Business Models Mens M
Elias Mageto Jamati Online African Scholar Open Content Networks, Syndication Connectivity, Local Content Mens XXL
Simon Munyu Sina blog site KDE development and customization dancing,exploring fedora, general noisemaking,guitar, art and design Mens XL
Riyaz Bachani skunkworks,Wananchi Broadband is here - Where are the Devs ? Free Food Mens XL
Miano Njoka coming soon Recommender Systems Artificial Intelligence, Systems Programming Mens L
Mbugua Njihia symbiotic.co.ke, zunguka.com, soma.co.ke Developing sticky mwananchi services mobile app devlopment, messaging, LBS Mens L
Ken Teyie http://businessinfocus.blogspot.com Africa development and Business Integration Blogging Africa into the 21st Century Mens L
Kevin Mwanza Kainvestor, Nairobist Africa development and Business Integration Business Blogging Mens XL
Clement Ongera leopardke.com, cnongera N/A mobile app devlopment, messaging, LBS, Android, J2me, Web 2.0 Mens s
Peperuka Peperuka Wordpress Optimization Tips – Steps to optimize your blog - It's here. Webpublishing - PHP/MySQL/AJAX/JSON/XML/XSL, Domaining, Google & SEO, local e-commerce & affiliates opportunities Mens XL
Tyrus Kamau JKUAT ICT Committee InfoSec, Network Footprinting and netblock discoveries all in Perl Intelligent Networks, Web 2.0, Blackberry technology, Virtualization Mens XXL
LILIAN ALIWA N/A N/A Internet Programming, Web Design Women S
Liz Mwambui Kenya Forests Working Group Blog Not sure, maybe blogging a not very sexy subject Design, photography, conservation, the importance of being earnest when talking about forests Women's S
Eric Magutu skunkworks Not sure yet Networks, Mobile applications, Open source Mens XL
Oscar Gatamah N/A Not sure yet Networks, Mobile applications, Open source Mens XL
ogola allela N/A enterprise open source sql,mashups, Open source Mens L
Emily Nyagaki N/A Not sure yet Anything interesting Women S
Irene Wamachi N/A N/A Mobile Applications Development, Networking Women's S
Valentine Wambui N/A Not sure yet Enterprise Application Development, SaaS, Collaboratoin tools(conferencing) Womens XL
Arthur Buliva Tips And Tricks "Kamusi blog widget", Software Localization RSS Feeds, Java, Food, Women, Translations and Localization Mens L
Ken Mwangi N/A Not sure yet M-Commerce,Social networks and emerging technologies Mens L
Nancy Bosire N/A Not sure new technologies and innovations, mobile technology, softwares...ICT in general Women's L
Mark Mwongela [N/A] Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 What's in it for us designers, benefits, is there anyone out there who is standard's hungry ...among other ideologies in Web Interface design Mens L
KenyanPoet KenyanPoet Citizen Journalism, Future of book publishing in the wake of emerging technology,E-publishing,Using the net to promote Art Poetry,Performing & Fine Art,Culture preservation,blogging,citizen journalism,local content generation Women L
Joseph Ngunjiri Kenyanbooks,Maisha yetu Media, Book critique and Reviews Citizen Journalism,Blogging Men L
The Figure(TM) SportsKenyan Sports and media, International marketing of Kenyan sports Blogging,Sports management, Men XL
RONALD N NDUKO N/A N/A MOBILE communication,fibre optics,network security ,database administration and management Men L
ENOCK MOSIOMA N/A N/A Website Design and Construction using php, mySQL, Javascript, ajax, css, xHTML, wiki. Mobile Computing and Wireless Communication Men L
Steve Muchai N/A N/A Open Source, Multimedia, Telecoms, Delivery Networks Men XL
Dipesh Pabari http://sukumakenya.blogspot.com Blogging, Multimedia, Social Networking, IT for positive change Men M
Nicholas Loki N/A Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) Mobile app and Web development Men M
Jude Mwenda http://www.simbawayuda.blogspot.com The inherent need to INTEGRATE Joomla Consultancy and ERP patchup and implementation Men M
Timothy Kyalo http://blog.nerd.co.ke/gizmo Not quite sure A bit of everything not M$ Men XL
Titus Njoroge N/A Can we stop talking? Linux, Networks, Telecoms, Ideas Men XL
David Maina N/A N/A Open Source/LINUX,Networks,Telecoms Men XL
Martin Kamau N/A N/A Telecoms, Social Networks, open source, E-Commerce Men M
Otiende Rombo Jajuok,Web Intentions MMS,Data in telecoms for local content delivery:What is the role of developers? Social Networks,Mobile Apps,Opensource,VAS In telecoms Mens L
Steve Oyugi [http://www.peda-peda.blogspot.com] a, b, c of blogging politics Photography, Blogging, freelance journalism, advertising, screenwriting Men XL
Zeph Kibet Lagat http://www.mamasearch.co.nr N/A E-commerce,M-commerce, ERP,Finance Men M
James Gathogo   Google Apps and me Web Development (getting there!) Mens XL
Hildah Makandi N/A Advancing Technology in Kenya All modes of Communication,Social Networks,Open sour  
Phylis Wangari   N/A N/A  
Andrew Limo N/A Advancing Technology in Kenya e-Government Webmail
Nelson Munyiri [N/A] Electronics,civil engineering linux,Tech stuff and dancing Men XL
Benson Orina Orinaandpartners.com j2ee software engineering, j2ee, linux, web 2.0, ajax, broadband N/A
Ann Kirigo N/A open source software women's XL
Tony Banks N/A Linux Security Oracle Application Express 3.0
Gilbert Arum [N/A] Multimedia Business Innovation, Tech stuff Men XXL
Roy Kimathi [N/A] Multimedia Microsoft stuff, Telecoms Men XL
Justus Njue [N/A] Blogging Software and web design, Development ideologies Men L
Kevin Mwangi [N/A] Unsure Software and web development ideologies Men L
Krishna sarath broadband Operations and maintnance internet and networking Men L