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Barcamps life


Updated in real time




"When I want to know the last news, I read Saint-Paul" (Léon Bloy) ;-)


This Visual Aggregator (called Poietic Aggregator) makes it possible to visualise RSS feeds on various Internet sites (Wikis, blogs, etc.) for example as coloured matrices updated in real time. Colours (or small pictures) are associated with various keywords found in a RSS feed according to the user’s choice.


The "last change": upper left corner

The oldest change: bottom right corner

Explore the canva with the mouse.

Right click to open a new tab.


The Poietic Aggregator can have two different uses:

1) just for Internet watch

2) above all the exchange of information in real time within the communities of blog & wikis users...


The Poietic Aggregator is highly improvable! These developments are carried out in a logic of functional prototyping. They lead towards a reflection on the orientations of the project with a concrete testing of its functionalities. They are not necessarily to be considered as fixed implementations.


The Poietic Aggregator has been presented at BarCampParis2




Copyleft 2005 YannLeGuennec, work derived from the Poietic Generator by OlivierAuber (FreeArt Licence)

Home page: http://anoptique.com (in french for the moment, sorry)

See also (english translation in progress): MeatBall:FractalAggregator, CommunityWiki:WikiNetAggregator


How to use it for Barcamps?


Feel free to copy paste one of theses scripts onto your web page (as far as the server can assume it):



To help customize colors/locations please visit: http://www.protopage.com/anoptique#Barcamp/Customize


Test it for your own


You may also create your own RSS visual aggregator here : http://poietic-aggregator.com/ap/ (just choose any login and password you want, no confirmation required:-)




The Poietic Aggregator is a PHP/MysQl app. It would be great to make a free ajax version. Geeks welcome!


Feedbacks welcome


  • Thinking about accessibility: it should be better if you add a letter or character for each color. So that even color-blinds could benefit of this tool. Around 7% of males in the world are color-blind (see color-blindness ).

Thanx Gregoire. That's why you may try this version which uses flickr images : BarCampNewsVisualAggregator2 --OlivierAuber


  • An interesting criticism lies here (thanks bootload). I know that this visual aggregator is highly improvable. That's why it could be a good subject for an upcomming mashpit.... -- OlivierAuber


tag-line : BarCampParis MicroFormats OpenID