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BarCampNYC3 is over!


Upload your presentation BarCampNYC3Presentations


Day 1 Schedule here! BarCampNYC3Day1 - please complete with your names to continue the conversation !


Day 2 Schedule here! BarCampNYC3Day2 - please complete with your names to continue the conversation !


Session Notes here! BarCampNYC3Session notes - they might not make sense but you can change them!


BarCampNYC3 is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees. The event doesn't cost any money, but there is a price: all attendees must give a demo, a session, or help with one.


Anyone with something to contribute or with the desire to learn are welcome and invited to join.


When you come, be prepared to share with barcampers. When you leave, be prepared to share it with the world.


Event Details

    • When

March 15th and 16th, 2008


    • Where

Polytechnic University in Brooklyn

At the Brooklyn Metrotech Center

Brooklyn Campus (Directions)

Six Metrotech Center

Brooklyn, NY 11201







Register Here! (sold out, but please read below)


Tickets for BarCampNYC3 are sold out. We're shooting for 200 people at the event each day, and since some people can only make one day we've added a few more tickets. If you have a ticket and it turns out you can't come, please email skiff@clipmarks.com to have your ticket freed up for someone else.


One final batch of 10 tickets will be made available Thursday morning at 9:00 am. If you really want to come and missed out before now, hit the eventbrite page promptly at 9 to get a ticket.


It's Thursday morning at 9:05 and you still didn't get a ticket?


If you don't get a ticket and REALLY want to come, here's the deal: If you're passionate, excited, and absolutely want to come email skiff@clipmarks.com to get on the wait list.


Who is coming?

Scroll down on the registration page to see who's coming, or you can subscribe to the attendee RSS)

Join the BarCampNYC3 facebook group to  meet others who are coming and discuss the event. 


What's everyone going to talk about?

See what people are planning to speak about and add yourself to the sessions list:


Who loves Bar Camp NYC 3?

We need your help to make BarCampNYC3 happen! Here's who is sponsoring us now.


We're limiting sponsorship to $500 per sponsor. If that amount is too steep for you or your company, smaller contributions will be gladly accepted.


Why Sponsor BarCampNYC3?


$500 sponsorship

Any amount ($500 max please)


Where to stay?


  • BarCampNYC3 will be an overnight event! You're invited and encouraged to crash on the floor with us at Poly. There will be late night hacking / coding / gaming sessions and more.
  • For pre or post accommodation - check the 'couch surfing' options, and please add yourself to the list if you can make space available. Add yourself too if you need a place.
  • Nearly any hotel in NYC will have access to the subway, allowing you to get to Brooklyn Poly easily via the Subway. For directions, see Directions


Who's Tagging?


Who's Blogging?


Get Involved

Next meeting: Thursday, March 13, 8 pm, at Nate's Office.

Join the google group to get hooked up with the meeting. Every second meeting is in person at Le Pain Quotidien, 11th St and Broadway, Manhattan




Session notes