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Proposed Topics


To edit this wiki, the "invite key" is c4mp.


(If you see somone doing something similar to you - try and reach out before the event to suggest a joint presentation)


EQUIPMENT: There should be projectors available in every room! If you've got a mac, please be sure to bring your DVI to VGA converter. We'll try to have a few available, but there's inevitably a shortage of these little dongles.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Many participants are listing their intended topic of interest on the registration page. But this registration page is not editable. So we've consolidated the topics from the registration page onto the list below.


Camp IRC: freenode #barcampnyc3



  1. Introductory Overview of Asterisk - What is it? Why you cant write software without knowing about it? Why was this voted the 2nd most important open source technology of 2006? Why have IBM had Digium on their top 10 companies to watch for the last 3 years - Dean Collins
  2. Everything To Do With WORDPRESS - Regarded by some as the ultimate blogging platform, Wordpress is a tremendously empowering tool for non-technical web site owners, as well as more demanding corporate users. This session will exchange tips, insights and methods about this premier open-source content management tool. The skill level of the participants in this session will determine the level of detail and complexity to be exchanged - adaptable from novice to expert. Led by William Stratas of Planetcast.
  3. Inelegant SQL for your first year with databases - Sad but true, you needn't master set theory to make ample use of relational databases in your early software years. A thirty minute talk will offer cookbook formulae for getting what you need into and out of a database, without creating a monster you'll hate yourself for later. Proposed by Max Whitney. wino kredyt mieszkaniowy sprzedam mieszkanie sprzedam biletW3C Public CVS Repository

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  1. Cloud Computing Calrissian-Style - While the recent outage of Amazon's S3 service made for great headlines, the truth is the age of reliable, affordable Cloud Computing is here. This session will lay out how you can combine four AWS services (S3, EC2, SQS and SimpleDB) to create your very own mining operation worthy of hiding from the Empire. Proposed by Nathan Freitas of Mux.
  2. Google Web Optimizer and Computer Aided Design (or why multivariant testing will change the the way you build and design web applications just like analytics did). By Sahadeva Hammari.
  3. Digital Design Clinic - Hey, non-designers: want to learn the basics of image editing? Still not sure what the difference is between raster and vector art? Need to remove the acne from photos of your teens? I'll aim to hold forth on digital imaging basics for beginners, and adjust for the level of the crowd. If at all possible, come to this session with a laptop that's got Photoshop or Adobe Creative Suite installed. Failing that, download GimpShop and take it for a spin. If any designers want to help out, this might be a great chance for PS n00bs to get some quality one-on-one time with experienced photoshoppers. Proposed by jonathanpberger
  4. Murat Aktihanoglu -- Second Life+World Of Warcraft+ Facebook+Orkut+Ning+Hi5+Bebo+Real estate+News = A mirror worlds platform: building Unype.com
  5. Akosua Albritton -- No session: I want to help someone present. I'm knew to developing.
  6. Bob Aman -- Lightweight Web Frameworks
  7. Tony Bacigalupo -- Coworking & the evolution of the workplace
  8. Andrew Baron -- A day in the life of episodic content creation. From idea to research, to record, to edit, to publish, to distribute and back around again, dosy-doe, and like such as.
  9. Allan Benamer -- Socialmarkets: an investing platform for non-profits on Rails, EC2 and RightScale
  10. Alex Bisceglie -- LBS, Mapping & DataViz
  11. Kyle Bragger -- Rewriting a web app less than a month before launch
  12. Asi Burak -- Play the News: the future of online news
  13. Mel Chua -- "Do you speak bahasa geek?" OLPC grassroots groups and how to blur tech/nontech participation boundaries
  14. Dean Collins -- Basic Asterisk Overview
  15. Thomas Crimi -- Functional/Relational Programming
  16. Brian Dailey -- Filtering Internet Traffic w/ OpenDNS
  17. Justin Day -- Virtual Life, Evolution with Genetic Algorithms
  18. Sanford Dickert -- Building Secondary Networks for fostering NY Entrepreneurship
  19. Paul Dix -- Document Databases = Horizontal Scalability?
  20. Brian Driscoll -- Intro to the Financial Information eXchange (FIX) Protocol
  21. Christopher Fahey -- UX Design and Agile Development
  22. Robert Faludi -- Designing Attraction
  23. Avi Flombaum -- Naked Functionality, Creating Meaningful Applications.
  24. Nathan Freitas -- VideoComputingClouds / RollYourOwnYouTube / AnyoneCanBeRadiohead
  25. Stephen Galluccio -- Ooyala HD Video, Google/Geo-Maps or Domain Names and DNS
  26. Michael Galpert -- Social Software
  27. Christopher Garrett -- Why does it take 15 emails to go out for lunch?
  28. Kate Hartman -- Remote Intimacy
  29. Rich Hauck -- Migrating from AS2 to AS3 in Flash
  30. Charles Hope -- A lightweight method of mocking webservices for Java TDD.
  31. Tara Hunt -- Happiness as Your Business Plan
  32. Aleks Jakulin -- web voice
  33. Corey Johnson -- Jabber + Erlang + Ruby = Awesome
  34. Matt Kangas -- Server-side webapp programming in Erlang; Case study: Add a search engine to your Web2.x site using Apache Solr
  35. Joshua Keay -- "Plus, we sell t-shirts!" (Everything you wanted to know about designing, marketing and indeed, profiting from selling shirts online)
  36. Rohit Khare -- Ranking and Filtering News, Gossip, and Photos in Social Networks
  37. Josh Knowles -- The City is Art: Introducing the MobGraffiti platform.
  38. matt knox -- running SQL off the rails: rails and thrudb
  39. Tyler Larson -- Making sites that use the Flash player without messing with SEO, W3C standards, history buttons, or any of the other bad flash issues by using HTML and CSS to create flash content.
  40. Christopher Laux -- Developing search engines with open source components: example twitter search engine at terraminds.com
  41. Mark Llobrera -- RubyAMF + AS3
  42. Adriana Lukas, Tracy Sheridan -- A call to geeks: building VRM NEA (Nobody owns it, Everyone can use it, Anyone can improve it). Demand supplying itself via user data autonomy.
  43. Dan Lurie -- Harnessing the Power of the City: Make the Most of NYC's
  44. Hilary Mason -- Analytics for virtual worlds and/or conquering the universe with metadata
  45. Patrick May -- Decentralized community-awarded arts commissions using voting widgets at Rhizome
  46. John McGrath -- Wordie: Like Flickr, but without the photos
  47. dwight merriman -- platform computing
  48. Eric Nehrlich -- Finding the Passion
  49. Jeffrey Neu -- Internet and Contract Law for Developers and Owners
  50. bre pettis -- Yarr, it will be good.
  51. Adam Quirk -- How to Shoot and Edit Video for the Web
  52. Miles Rose -- idea to process to business. team building. What do you win, when you win?
  53. Eric Skiff -- Your .com is dead. What you need to know about platforms, widgets and API's and why web startups are forever changed. (Facebook platform, Opensocial, GoogleIG, Netvibes, and the desktop)
  54. William Sobel -- Networking with media & entertainment people or something similar
  55. Jon Stanley -- Building community around FLOSS projects - specifically a Fedora case study and advocacy forum.
  56. Michael Stearne -- Memcache Implmentation For Website Scaling
  57. Benjamin Stein -- How mobile technology is changing politics and governance in 2008
  58. Nichelle Stephens -- Keeping Nickels: Bookkeeping Basics for Start-ups
  59. allen stern -- How to reach out to bloggers and the media effectively.
  60. William Stratas -- Everything To Do With WORDPRESS
  61. Sewell Tang -- Web2.0 + Finance
  62. Carl Tashian -- How to make a deal
  63. Hacking Yahoo! Pipes to create cool web applications - Yahoo! Pipes is primarily geared towards making mashups of information feeds like RSS. But the Yahoo! Pipes infrastructure can be used to create applications that interact with users and other webservices, particularly RESTful ones that support RSS or JSON. We'll create an example application that uses a twitter as a user-interface, creating a robot twitter account that can do useful things in response to certain messages -- Michael Tiffany
  64. Dann Toliver -- Real-world rapid web application development
  65. Oscar Trelles -- RIA development in the Advertising industry
  66. Scott Trudeau -- Building an open &/or distributed Twitter: Could we? Should we?
  67. Giuseppe Turitto -- How to survive the ups and downs of the economy
  68. Vishy Venugopalan -- Mashups in the Enterprise: Separating Hype from Reality
  69. addie wagenknecht -- introduction to openframeworks
  70. Rose White -- sociological perspectives on our geek/hacker culture
  71. Erik Wright -- Federation 2.0: How user-centric development will disrupt the Web 2.0 economy
  72. Sam Huleatt -- Hopefully team with Vishy surrounding something Enterprise 2.0/social project management/work culture related
  73. Han Yu -- Creative Routine: Getting (ineffable) Things Done
  74. Sean Owen -- Lessons learned in trying to build the zxing barcode reader. A quick session where I'll describe what has proved difficult and proved easy in attempting to write the software, what platforms are easy and which are problematic, and other miscellaneous technical observations on the topic.
  75. Antonius Wiriadjaja -- TXT Writers' Workshop: Literature in < 140 chars
  76. Alexandre Rafalovitch -- Chumby - An open gadget of small screen, but (nearly) endless possibilities.
  77. Paul Gallo -- Digital Photography Workflow with Lightroom (and maybe Aperture and some others!)
  78. Rich Hsieh -- Ramping Up a Website for i18n
  79. William Ward -- DearIdea.net - collaboration with special "semantic web" sauce for targeting overlapping goals in similar community projects.
  80. Charlie O'Donnell -- This is going to be BIG! - Imitation is the sincerest form of Product Management: 7 Product features based on other sites almost everyone can implement



Note that start/end/lunch/tea break times really haven't been settled yet.


SaturdayRoom 1Room2Room 3Room 4Room 5 Cafeteria Metrotech Starbucks
7:00 - - - - - - Starbucks opens
11 - 11:25Room 1Room2Room 3Room 4Room 5
11:30 - 11:55Room 1Room2Room 3Room 4Room 5
12:00 - 12:25Room 1Room2Room 3Room 4Room 5
12:30 - 12:55Room 1Room2Room 3Room 4Room 5
2:00 - 2:45Room 1Room2Room 3Room 4Room 5
3:00 - 3:45Room 1Room2Room 3Room 4Room 5
4:00-4:45Room 1Room2Room 3Room 4Room 5
10:00 pm - - - - - - Starbucks closes



SundayRoom 1Room2Room 3Room 4Room 5CafeteriaMetrotech Starbucks
7:00 - - - - - - Starbucks opens
9:00 - - - - - Cafeteria special opening for Bar Campers
11 - 11:25Room 1Room2Room 3Room 4Room 5
11:30 - 11:55Room 1Room2Room 3Room 4Room 5
12:00 - 12:25Room 1Room2Room 3Room 4Room 5
12:30 - 12:55Room 1Room2Room 3Room 4Room 5
2:00 - 2:45Room 1Room2Room 3Room 4Room 5
3:00 - 3:45Room 1Room2Room 3Room 4Room 5
4:00-4:45Room 1Room2Room 3Room 4Room 5
10:00 pm - - - - - - Starbucks closes