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BarCampOhio & LibraryCampOhio


Read (and contribute to) the BarCampOhioWrapUP page! So far we've posted the topics that were proposed. What else?


_______ Past Event Details _________


Monday, August 11, 2008 from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (and a while after)


Registration is CLOSED!


This page can be used to organize other BarCampOhio events too not just the Columbus event on Monday August 11, 2008. Let's keep the conversation going in different cities!


_________ Sponsors! _________


We're really happy that OCLC is donating the space for this event including many supplies, setup and even some clean up!


And we're thrilled that T-Mobile has jumped on board as our sponsor! They are providing lunch for us!! Thank you!!!


_________ About Monday, August 11 _________

This event is being organized as two great camps on the same day. The idea is to bring together two communities of technologists, business IT folks and library IT folks (and interested parties like marketers, strategist, etc.)!


Where? Dublin, Ohio at The Conference Center at OCLC. Here's a Google map to the Conference Center at 6565 Kilgour Pl. Dublin Ohio, 43017.


Registration and Fees

Registration is CLOSED! Because we had to pre-order things, refunds cannot be processed after August 7th.


_________ What is BarCamp? _________


First and foremost: This is NOT a conference. Do not expect to be talked at by an 'expert' behind a podium. This is an event similar to getting together with some friends at a bar to talk. That's the "bar" part of BarCamp. The "camp" part is a little much for us to pull off so if you do read the BarCamp page, keep in mind that you do NOT need to bring a sleeping bag.


Here is a Wikipedia page describing BarCamps.


Our take on BarCamp will be similar, but without the overnight aspect.


_________ What to expect? _________

You should expect to present an idea/topic or help present one. If everyone comes with an idea, then we'll be sure to have something to talk about. You'll influence attendees and speed up the ideation process if you have an 'elevator speech' already prepared to explain your idea.


_________ Probable Schedule _________


The word 'schedule' might be too strong, but we have to have a place to start (at 10 a.m.) and a place to finish up (at 5:30 p.m.). And that implies a schedule.


So here is what we are planning:


10 a.m. Post your ideas/topics to the paper on the wall
10:15 a.m. necessary announcements to start the day, after all, you'll at least need to know where to find the bathrooms
10:25 a.m. Assigning ideas/topics a specific area, room or table
10:45 a.m. until lunch Start sharing, learning and stuff
lunch Talk and eat! Hopefully we will be able to provide a lunch for all attendees, if not everyone will have to buy their own lunch at the OCLC cafeteria on the second floor. I'm stating up front that talking with food in your mouth is OK. Just don't get ketchup on your keyboard.
after lunch switch sessions, find new ideas/topics or continue old ones
4:30 or so If the group thinks it is useful, we will gather everyone together and share some of the big ideas or significant things that we've learned
5:30 Help us clean up a bit while we exchange contact information (which is necessary to keep the conversations going
6 p.m. Leave the building before 6 p.m. or we'll be charged more money!!!
6:15 For all those able to stay later for dinner will organize and go to one of the nearby restaurants to continue the fun.
The day after Think about how you can organize the next BarCampOhio or LibraryCamp in another Ohio city


_________ Confirmed Registrations _________


These are the confirmed registrations as of Tuesday morning.


  • Jim Kenzig, Network Manager, Cuyahoga County Public Library, Parma, OH
  • David Gaj, Software Developer, Kent State University, Kent, OH
  • Tyler Clark, Youngstown, OH
  • Becky Yoose, Bibliographic Systems Librarian, Miami University Libraries, Oxford, OH
  • Janet Stewart, Systems Librarian, Clark Memorial Library Shawnee State University, Portsmouth, OH
  • Ross Shanley-Roberts, Special Projects Technologist, Miami University Libraries, Waukegan, IL
  • Dan Rockwell, User Experience Resesarcher, Lextant, Columbus, OH
  • Rick Wiggins, Lead Application Develolper, Kent State University, Kent, OH
  • Jeffrey Kreger, Emerging Tech Systems Admin, Stark County District Library, Canton, OH
  • Amy Barnes, DE Business Analyst, Columbus Metropolitan Library, Columbus, OH
  • Karl Jendretzky, Project Manager, OPLIN, Columbus, OH
  • Laura Solomon, Library Services Manager, OPLIN, Columbus, OH
  • Brandon Etto, OH
  • Jennifer Laycock, Editor in Chief, Search Engine Guide, Sunbury, OH
  • Rachel Phillips, Business Development Manager, Search Engine Guide, Columbus, OH
  • Bob Robertson-Boyd , Product Manager Social Networking, OCLC, Dublin, OH
  • Aaron W. Dobbs, Systems & Electronic Resources Librarian, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, Shippensburg, PA
  • Joe Atzberger, Sysadmin / Koha Developer, LibLime, Columbus, OH
  • Susan Allen, Director of Technology Services, Worthington Libraries, Worthington, OH
  • Kara Reuter, Digital Library Manager, Worthington Libraries, Worthington, OH
  • Jodi Lee, Business Applications Manager, Columbus Metropolitan Library, Gahanna, OH
  • Jim McKay, Applications Programmer, Columbus Metropolitan Library, Gahanna, OH
  • Penny Phensuvabharp, Digital Services Administrator, Columbus Metropolitan Library, Gahanna, OH
  • Helene Blowers, Director of Digital Strategy, Columbus Metropolitan Library, Gahanna, OH
  • Julian Clark, Serials Assistant, Georgetown University Law Library, Washington, DC
  • Jody Dzuranin, Health BlogGirl, www.jodydzuranin.com, Powell, OH
  • Jason Paul Michel, User Experience Librarian, Miami University Libraries, Oxford, OH
  • Joe O'Brien, artisan, EdgeCase, LLC, Columbus, OH
  • Rob Casson, OH
  • Dave Ungar, project manager, OCLC, Dublin, OH
  • Peter Murray, Assistant Director, New Service Development, OhioLINK, Columbus, OH


_________ Campers _________


Sign on below to say you'll attend or you're at least interested in learning more. (that'll help us get sponsors)

  1. Chaitanya S Challa, p2w2
  2. Josh Amer - Lopico
  3. Philabaum
  4. Dan Rockwell - floozyspeak
  5. Keith Instone - Toledo
  6. Bryce Glass - Columbus
  7. Keith Tom
  8. Peter Murray (planner/organizer)
  9. Bob Robertson-Boyd (planner/organizer)
  10. Jeff Schuler - Cleveland
  11. Brandon Etto - Cleveland (planner/organizer)
  12. Eric Vessels - Delaware/Columbus Plunderbund and WhatTheyThink
  13. Julian Clark - Silver Spring, MD
  14. Rob Casson - Miami University Libraries
  15. John Millard - Miami University Libraries
  16. Janet Stewart - Shawnee State University
  17. Aaron Dobbs - Shippensburg, PA
  18. Laura Solomon - Ohio Public Library Information Network Library Geek Woes and What Does This Mean to Me, Laura?
  19. Susan Allen - Worthington Libraries
  20. Jim Kenzig - Cuyahoga County Public Library Network Manager, Citrix Technology Professional Blog |
  21. Barry Flanagan, Technology Evangelist, Citrix Systems, Northern Indiana
  22. Kara Reuter - Worthington Libraries
  23. Jamie L Mason - Avon Lake Public Library, Technology Manager, Avon Lake, OH
  24. Dave Ungar - OCLC, Columbus
  25. Glen Horton - SWON Libraries
  26. George Lenzer - Cleveland Public Library/CLEVNET Consortium, Computer and Network Manager alt.think Blog
  27. Joe Atzberger - LibLime (Columbus)
  28. Helene Blowers - Columbus Metropolitan Library
  29. Jodi Lee - Columbus Metropolitan Library
  30. Phil Shirley - Cuyahoga Falls Library
  31. Jason Paul Michel - Miami University Libraries
  32. Ginny Browne - OCLC
  33. Jim McKay - Columbus Metropolitan Library
  34. Sam Davis - Columbus Metropolitan Library
  35. Rebecca Stansbury - Ke
  36. Jibril SAM - INB nt State University
  37. Joe O'Brien - EdgeCase
  38. Jennifer Laycock - Jennifer Laycock
  39. Jody Dzuranin - Health BlogGirl, (Columbus)
  40. Laura Endress - OCLC, Columbus (planner/organizer)
  41. Amy Barnes - Columbus Metropolitan Library
  42. Karl Jendretzky - OPLIN
  43. Owen Leonard - Athens County Public Libraries
  44. Becky Yoose - Miami University Libraries
  45. Jeff Kreger - Stark County District Library
  46. Tyler S Clark - Youngstown Writer and Technology Consultant - Youngstown Renaissance Blog
  47. Lorrie McAllister - Digital Resources Curator, Knowlton School of Architecture, The Ohio State University


_________ Back Ground Info _________

We, Bob and Peter, got together to think about the who's and the how's involved in getting BarCampOhio off the ground. Given our backgrounds and connections an idea occurred to us: a dual-track unconference bringing together business technologists and interested parties and library technologists and their interested parties. Why!?


Library technologists and staff have:


  • Strong roots in all of our communities
  • A couple decades of experience dealing with massive amounts of data
  • Great sensitivity to privacy and identity management on a limited scale


Business technologists have:


  • Around 8 or more years of experience dealing with Web-scale applications and problems
  • Have a get-it-done-NOW need
  • Typically have more marketing experience and/or resources


Where is this going to take place? Columbus Metro area

A site is in the works. We will finalize the location in the next week or two


When is it? Mid August 2008 (give or take a bit depending on finalizing the location)


Who's involved so far? Bob Robertson-Boyd and Peter Murray and YOU!


_________ Ideas: _________


I propose to make this a PowerPoint-free zone. I'd love to get someone to donate some portable whiteboards, giant sticky notes or something similar. I'll take stick figures over transitions any day!

Update: We will have giant sticky notes!


I think powerpoint is ok, but should be limited to 5-15min type demos or talks. If it enables people to express themselves don't take that way. Just change it up a little on them. Ideally it would be great to have white boards and stickies everywhere, but heck we got what 3 people here so far?! heh.. -dan


Websites for Non-Profits:

Create Websites (social media) for non profits: F1 Overnight Website

Challenge http://www.f1webchallenge.com/+ or Listen to Future Tense

story http://tinyurl.com/5c254a - Jody Dz



Demos and or Problems to be Solved:

This doesn't need to be a hack-a-thon, but so what if it becomes one?