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What is it?

What is BarCampOttawa2? Think of it as a way to get the tech/geek community together in Ottawa, Ontario. Only one thing is certain: It's up to you to decide. The most important thing you should take away from the event? Relationships with other geeks in Ottawa!


Anyone with something to contribute or with the desire to learn is welcome and invited to join. When you come, be prepared to share with barcampers. When you leave, be prepared to share it with the world.


Questions? Check out the google groups mailing list at: http://groups.google.com/group/barcamp/ or just post them in the "Questions" section at the bottom of this page.


Notes from BarCamp2

*Alec Saunders Log Beyond Where: Kakiloc at Barcamp Ottawa, Dunlevy on founders agreements and Winter is here

*Notes from a Tool User (Mark Levison's blog): Key Tricks in writing for the Web or more lessons learned at BarCamp2 in Ottawa and Unconference Lessons from Ottawa, BarCamp2cmc joshua tree

*Did you miss Ottawa Bar Camp? Want a refresher on some of the presentations? Jeff Parks at I.A. Consultants has brought together various conversations and presentations from Bar Camp Ottawa on the IA Podcast.


When & Where

BarCamp - Saturday, December 2, 2006 8:30am to 5pm.

~BitHeads 1309 Carling Ave ( http://www.bitheads.com/ )

PreCamp Get together - Friday, Dec 1, 2006 - 7:30pm upstairs PUB.101 - 101 York St.



  • Casual & interactive


Donations for FoodBank

  • We will be collecting food and monetary donations for The Ottawa Food Bank - Please be generous.


Scheduled Sessions

Barcamp is about participation and discussion. Below is a schedule if you'd like to present - to add yours (Click Edit Page & Log On). We'll have projectors, screens & white boards. Bring a laptop, memory stick or what ever you need to illustrate your points - PowerPoint, Demos', code snippets or what ever - to engage participants.


Sessions are 40 minutes, but with an active audience, probing insights and both you and the audience involved in Q&A a 15 or so minute presentation is all that needed to start the discussion.


TimeAuditoriumBoard Room - Commercialization StreamMeeting RoomKitchen - 2 20 minute sessions/block
8:30-9:00Coffee Networking Coffee Networking
9:00-9:30Intro & Session Sign-up<- Intro in Auditorium<- Intro in Auditorium<- Intro in Auditorium
9:30-10:15Mike Milinkovich - Eclipse FoundationFounding Agreements Mark Levison Scrum in a Nutshell and Scrum game 1. Canada Council for the Arts - Proposal for a social tagging/multi-author blog


10:15-11:00Eric Pretlac - Integrating Skype and Asterisk. Austin Hill - Chasing Billions with Zero Knowledge - Raising financing for your Startup.Digital WordWriting 4 the Web No.0 1.Snap - Online Communities for Entrepreneurship 2.
11:00-11:15Coffee Networking CoffeeNetworking
11:15-12:00Kakiloc Location-Based Social Network PWC Digital Media Credits IRAP Programs for EntrepreneursDriveTraffic Designing Search Engine Friendly Websites
12:00-12:45Mitch Brisebois - Great technology, terrible products. Lessons Learned. Jennifer Meacher Small Business & Entrepreneurship Bharat Rudra Ontatio Centers of Excellence
12:45-1:45Lunch LunchLunch Lunch
1:45-2:30Adobe Introduction to Flex & Rich Internet Application Development Gowlings Technical, Partnership & Reseller Agreements Devshop intro & using metrics to build better dev schedules - Craig Fitzpatrick
2:30-3:15 Francis Moran, inmedia Public Relations: Francis's Five Favourite PR Fictions: An irreverent guide to best practices for a tech start-up Mark Stephenson Glossy Buttons and other tasty Photoshop tricks
3:15-3:30BreakBreak Break Break
3:30-4:15 Chris Lamont Know and grow using technology to increase sales,



Proposed Sessions

What do you want to talk and learn about? There are 48 sessions to discuss trends, technologies, implementations and to demo what you're working on - shine a light on your interests - present. joshua tree seed


  • PIKA Technologies - Skype/Asterisk integration (mashup)(10 minute presentation + 30 minute Q&A) www.pikatech.com
  • Agile Software development and Game - A 5 minute talk about Agile Software development and then run an instance of the Jean Tabaka's Scrum game (http://hubert.blogs.com/dahdidahdi_dadadihda/files/59_minute_simulation_v3.pdf)
  • A roundtable discussion of Ruby on Rails and AJAX
  • Adobe Flex - High level introduction to Flex rich internet application framework and Flex Builder IDE. [http://www.adobe.com/products/flex/]
  • SensoryMetrics.com - GREAT technology, TERRIBLE products: 3 mini case studies & lessons learned in commercialization. (20 minutes)
  • DriveTraffic - Designing Search Engine Friendly Websites [http://www.drivetraffic.ca]
  • Digital Word — Writing 4 the Web No.0
  • Photoshop workshop - I've slotted a 20 min spot on creating buttons and other popular 2.0 effects. If there is the demand is there for more on using Photoshop and Illustrator for web site design, icons and UI design please indicate that here and I can expand the scope.
  • VIDEO.CA Demo/Preview - I can only attend the morning sessions, so if I am able to find a morning block open, I would be happy to provide a demo/preview of our Canadian Video Sharing Community - James Cogan / Dailypixel Network
  • Social tagging and the Canada Council for the Arts - the Council wants to create a social networking site for its upcoming 50th anniversary that combines multi-author blog and social tagging/folksonomy approaches. We'll present the project and what we'd like to do, and hope we can provoke some discussion on requirements, available packages (open source or not), hosting services, and development.



Who's coming

Add yourself (Click Edit Page & Log on)! Include your the joshua tree instant messaging or email info.


  1. Best Paying keywords DE, (http://www.f5o.de)
  2. Best Internet News EN, (http://www.ireadnews.net
  3. Best Internet News EN, (http://www.celebreport.info
  4. Top Paying keywords EN, (http://www.ad-seo.com)
  5. Top Paying keywords EN2, (http://seo.investray.pl)
  6. Zachary Houle, (zhoule@magma.ca) Ex-journalist, writer/editor guy www.linkedin.com/in/zacharyhoule and now Invisible Ink
  7. Steve Lecomte, Ottawa Asterisk User Group (steve.lecomte at gmail dot com) www.astawa.com
  8. Dru Lavigne, (dru at isecom dot org)
  9. Jonathan Snook (www.snook.ca)
  10. Jason Hamilton, Acart Communications (jhamilton@acart.com)
  11. Pat Cooney, Axionic (pat @ axionic.com) www.axionic.com
  12. Clayton "Tex" Scott ( clayton dot scott @ gmail.com )
  13. Dan Langille (dan @ langille.org ) langille.org
  14. Russell McOrmond (russell at flora dot ca) FLORA.ca - technology policy wonk
  15. Dr. Auftrag go2pl

#NowX http://nowotwory.eu

  1. Ian Calder,Dollco (ianc@dollco.com)
  2. Lisa Wall, Spending Profile www.SpendingProfile.com
  3. Charbel Choueiri, ALBAtel Inc.www.albatel.ca
  4. Thomas Leroux, www.leroux.ca Email: wtleroux at gmail dot com (email for IM's)
  5. Car Insurance - http://car.s-insurance.eu
  6. Steve Palmer, 76design (76design.com/shiftcontrol)
  7. Brett Tackaberry, 76design www.76design.com/shiftcontrol
  8. John Wiseman, 76design www.76design.com/shiftcontrol
  9. Holden Karau holden@pigscanfly.ca
  10. FredNgo - BarCampMontreal organizer Sorry, can't come. :(
  11. James Cogan (www.dailypixel.ca)
  12. David Peralty Digital Life News
  13. Russell Coltess, BIONIQ www.bioniq.ca
  14. Scott Annan (scott.annan@mercurygrove.com)
  15. David Clarke, www.pikatech.com
  16. Eric Pretlac, www.pikatech.com
  17. Wojtek Tryc, wojtek at VoIPMan.ORG and/or Wojtek at PIKA
  18. Jon Masters ( jcm@jonmasters.org )
  19. Doug Petty PIKA
  20. Mark Levison (mlevison at gmail) www.notesfromatooluser.com
  21. Don Kelly vagabond / programmer
  22. Andrew Clunis (orospakr@linux.ca)
  23. Shawn Hyam (shawnhyam @ gmail.com)
  24. Kredyty - http://d4l.pl
  25. John Duff (duff.john @ gmail.com)
  26. Matt Roberts Wesley Clover
  27. Natasha D'Souza (photo_mountains@yahoo.com)
  28. John Rustkoff parts4.mobi
  29. Jamie Neilson jneilson @jamesperly.com
  30. Astra, Vectra - http://opel24.org
  31. Mitch Brisebois (mbrisebois @ truecontext.com) www.sensorymetrics.com
  32. Stacy Tyler Young (styoung @ adobe.com) www.adobe.com
  33. Randy Kun, (rkun@ilevel.ca) www.ilevel.ca
  34. Roy Abou Assaly (royassaly@gmail.com)
  35. Joseph Potvin (GOSLING & IRCan)
  36. AustinHill - Executive Instigator Project Ojibwe - Blog Billions with Zero Knowledge
  37. Kristina Mausser, Digital Word (kristina at digitalword dot ca)
  38. Darlene Moore (darlene @ drivetraffic.ca) [http://www.drivetraffic.ca]
  39. Jobe Roberts http://www.sensorymetrics.com
  40. Sebastien Bailard RepRap - the project to make a 3D printer that can self-reproduce.
  41. Tim Moore (ergognome@rogers.com) ergosum ltd. human factors consultant
  42. Anthony Rumsey (arumsey @ adobe.com) www.adobe.com
  43. Jeff Bruton (bruton.jeff @ gmail.com)
  44. Jeff Parks (jeff.parks@iaconsultants.ca) Information Architecture Podcast
  45. BryceJohnson Sorry people the weather is making me chicken ;-) I'm really sorry I can't make it. I'll try to put my notes for BarCamp Canada on the Wiki.
  46. Nelson Ko, Citadel Rock Online Communities
  47. Jennifer Bruce http://www.nationalcapitalscan.ca
  48. Alison Evans Adnani (evansadnani @ gmail.com) (http://www.snap-ecommunity.ca)
  49. Michelle Gauthier (michelle.gauthier@greenley.ca/Greenley & Associates, A CAE company)
  50. Peter Bernier (peter.bernier at gmail.com)
  51. Lynnette McLaughlin (lynnette.m at gmail.com)
  52. Peter Lindstrom, LiquidCMS
  53. Gavin McKenzie, (gavin.mckenzie @ bellnet.ca)
  54. Sunir Shah
  55. Rich Loen, (richATingeniuspeopleDOTcom, http://www.ingeniuspeople.com)
  56. Shezi Aziz, (sheziATingeniuspeopleDOTcom, http://www.ingeniuspeople.com)
  57. Paolo Farago, Teknision (paolo @ teknision.com) www.teknision.com
  58. Tony MacDonell, Teknision www.teknision.com
  59. Francis Moran, inmedia Public Relations (fmoran at inmedia dot com) www.inmedia.com
  60. Nancy Romanovitch, Graphic Designer, infiniti design, www.infinitidesign.ca
  61. Phil Laliberte, plaliberte @ ramius.net
  62. Michael Hirsch (mchirsch at gmail dot com, http://www.shinkansen.ca )
  63. Henry Lewkowicz (henry @ contextdiscovery.com)
  64. Dwayne Kristjanson (dwayne.kristjanson @ gmail.com)
  65. Matt Moore RealAuction 
  66. Phil Dame http://www.ramius.net
  67. Alfred Jay http://www.ramius.net
  68. Sylvano Carrasco (carrasco at caronadesigns.com)
  69. Kevin Driedger Extreme Designers (linuxbox (at) gmail)
  70. Jay West (creative at jaywest dot com)
  71. Jamie Oastler (jamie.oastler@gmail.com)
  72. Peter Krug (peterkrug at rogers.com)
  73. Dirk Maßat Onlineshops 
  74. Jason Hollett (jason at jasonhollett.com)
  75. Jamie Fisher (jfisher@repositbox.com) www.repositbox.com
  76. Janet Wilkinson (jwilkinson@repositbox.com)www.repositbox.com
  77. MatthewBurpee (pending weather)
  78. Y Huang (ylh at cbnco dot com)
  79. Paul Moylan (http://www.ramius.net)
  80. Simon Chen (http://www.ramius.net)
  81. Nathan Medema [nathan.medema at canadacouncil.ca | http://www.canadacouncil.ca]
  82. Kim Lymburner [http://www.canadacouncil.ca]
  83. Ryan Abbott, Copywriter, reachryanabbott @ gmail.com
  84. Kareem Sultan, http://www.racedv.com
  85. Klaus Henrich Autoankauf24
  86. Kroum Petkov Autoankauf 
  87. Jason Staples, http://www.edigenous.com
  88. Wayne Larsen, nanoware.comjoshua tree somerville
  89. Bryan Larsen, nanoware.com
  90. Ellen Grove, (ellen.grove@gmail.com)
  91. Bruce Raganold, PricewaterhouseCoopers http://www.pwc.com/tech
  92. Kent Smith, PricewaterhouseCoopers
  93. Kyle Browness, http://www.istudio.ca
  94. Mike Dunleavy, LaBarge Weinstein PC (md@lwlaw.com; [http://www.lwlaw.com])
  95. Cici Cocuk, Oyun,varmısın yokmusun,Kız Oyunları,bedava oyunlar
  96. John Dugny, przeprowadzki, fifa manager, pragnienie, hologram



  • Mark Stephenson, Axionic (mark @ axionic.com) www.axionic.com
  • Peter Childs
  • Ryan Lowe (rails AT ryanlowe DOT ca), Ruby on Rails consultant/freelancer and blogger
  • Ian Graham - ian.graham3 @ rogers.com
  • Erik Hagborg (erik @ axionic.com) www.axionic.com
  • Melany Gallant (mgallant @ ramius.net) www.ramius.net
  • Sonny Juane (sjuane @ ramius.net) www.ramius.net
  • Geoff Waddington - RealDecoy
  • Karly Bennett



  • Clayton "Tex" Scott ( clayton dot scott @ gmail.com )



Free as in beer. But there's a catch. Attendees are expected to contribute back to the conference by participating actively. "Active participation" might mean giving a presentation, helping with a presentation, blogging or podcasting the event, or whatever other creative ways


Spread the Word

Help spread the word! here is a page of graphics that you can place on your site SpreadBarCampOttawa .




Who's talking about us

*Zachary Houle/Invisible Ink http://zacharyhoule.ottawabloggers.com/2006/12/02/ottawa-barcamp-2/

*Alec Saunders Log http://saunderslog.com/2006/10/02/ottawa-camp-schedule/

*Notes from a Tool User (Mark Levison's blog): http://www.notesfromatooluser.com/2006/11/scrum_talk_and_.html and http://www.notesfromatooluser.com/2006/11/scrum_in_a_nuts.html#more

*DriveTraffic Blog http://www.drivetraffic.ca/blog/

*re-inventing the user eXperience http://sensorymetrics.com

*WordUp! Life in the Digital Hood http://www.digitalword.ca/wordup

*Tonic: The Axionic Blog http://tonic.axionic.com

*Dru Lavigne Blog http://blogs.ittoolbox.com/unix/bsd

*From 76design's blog Shift+Control: This one time... at BarCamp

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Similiar Things




  • Will there be a WiFi connection available? - Yes. Free WiFi. Bring your laptops.


  • How long should the sessions/presentations be? Plan for 40 mins each (total). For those leading a session, plan on presenting for 15 minutes and then leading a discussion for the balance!


  • What is the capacity (# people) for each of the four rooms? Some topics can be expected to have smaller attendance (though no guarantee of course)


  • Is there a summary for those of us who missed it this time?


  • Will there be a post-event dinner or something? Not currently planned, but I wouldn't mind a pint afterwards.
  • I'm really hoping I can get a two flip charts in the meeting room and some markers. Thanks Mark Levison (email mlevison at gmail - if you would.)


  • add questions here...


Upcoming Events



Past Events

Hey! Interested in robotics, electronic art, or new media? Like reading Make magazine? Ever wanted to make a 3D printer that makes copies of itself?


We're trying to start up a local chapter of Dorkbot here in Ottawa! Dorkbot is a group of "people doing strange things with electricity". Recent dorkbot artworks (in other cities) include my doki-doki, a transmitter and reciever that let you feel another person's heartbeat, along with a A Report on Pigeon Aerial Photography and Hektor the spray painting robot.


If you are interested, Dorkbot-toronto is happening this weekend, and the Dorkbot Montreal meeting should be on December 14th. Here in Ottawa we're starting a group, and we have a mailing list.


-Sebastien Bailard (penguin @ supermeta.com), RepRap.org - self-reproducing 3D printer project, dorkbotottawa


Co-working, anyone?


Are you a programmer or writer who telecommutes or otherwise works from home, and you find that you miss the social lubrication that goes on around the water cooler?


Yet, do you also feel you can’t afford getting your own office away from home?


There might a way around this: a new concept called co-working.


There's a bit of background, as well as a seemingly ongoing discussion that's now occuring at Invisible Ink. (The link will take you directly to the subject.)


Feel free to stop by and add to the conversation.