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Mark's BarCamp Photos

National Capital Scan contrasts BarCampOttawa3 to the OCRI event held the day before in Ottawa. What do you think?


Log on notice: If you logged on using your email address make sure you un-selected the notify me of changes button below your information - other wise you'll receive notices for every edit for every BarCamp world wide. Fun for a while ...


What is it?

What is BarCampOttawa3? Think of it as a way to get the tech/geek community together in Ottawa, Ontario. Only one thing is certain: It's up to you to decide. The most important thing you should take away from the event? Relationships with other geeks in Ottawa!


Anyone with something to contribute or with the desire to learn is welcome and invited to join. When you come, be prepared to share with barcampers. When you leave, be prepared to share it with the world.


Questions? Check out the google groups mailing list at: http://groups.google.com/group/barcamp/ or just post them in the "Questions" section at the bottom of this page.



When & Where

BarCamp - Saturday, March 31, 2007 8:30am to 5pm. Carleton University

~Carleton University campus map - Tory Building Foyer 1125 Colonel By Drive

Additional rooms available for event: Tory 202, 204, 206, 215, 217 and 360.




If you are not familiar with the Carleton Campus, we strongly recommend you

print off and bring a copy of the available map with you. It will likely save you

some time and perhaps a bit of frustration.


If coming via the Queensway, exit at Bronson and proceed south, past Carling

Avenue and Dows Lake. The University entrance is approximately 1.5 kilometers south of the Queensway, on your right. There is a set of lights at Sunnyside/University Drive. Turn Right.


Proceed west on University Drive, but turn right as University Drive veers

left and south. This will put you on Campus Avenue. Proceed west for 100 meters or so. You'll see a Stop sign. Turn Left.


Proceed south on Campus Avenue approximately 300 meters

to Parking Lot 2 (P2). Use the Visitors portion of P2 (which is after the Pass Holders section of P2).


Refer to the map. The Tory Building is due west of P2.


You can enter the Tory Building from the "back" (it's a large glass clad,

rectangular shaped building) but it's likely easier to walk around it (up

the stairs and turn right) and enter the building via the "formal" West

facing entrance. We'll have a few signs up to assist you.


If you're coming from the south, you'll need to pick up either Bronson

Avenue or use Prince of Wales/Highway 16 to Meadowlands.


If off Bronson, follow the above directions, but turn left at University/Sunnyside.


If off Prince of Wales/Highway 16, turn right at Meadowlands, and then turn left at the first set of lights onto Colonel By Drive.


Turn right at the next set of lights onto University Drive, and take your first

left onto Library Road and park in Lot 1. You then want to walk east to the

Tory Building.


There are a number of large White on Red University Signs that provide general directions around campus. These you'll find generally helpful, but we're trying to tune up some signs for Barcamp that will take out any guess work.


The Organizers look forward to seeing you all on Saturday.




Parking - Just to be Clear

Parking is free on Saturdays and Sundays. The closest lots to the Tory Building are Lot 1 and Lot 2. Click on the campus map above to find the nearest lots.



Written instructions to login into the campus wireless network for general Internet access will be provided on-site. After 5:30pm access to the network will be suspended.



Casual & interactive


Scheduled Sessions

Barcamp is about participation and discussion. Below is a schedule if you'd like to present - to add yours (Click Edit Page & Log On). We'll have projectors, screens & white boards. Bring a laptop, memory stick or what ever you need to illustrate your points - OpenOffice or PowerPoint decks, 'Demos', code snippets or what ever - to engage participants.


Sessions are 40 minutes, but with an active audience, probing insights and both you and the audience involved in Q&A a 15 or so minute presentation is all that needed to start the discussion.


Scroll Down the Page to View the Sessions and Proposed Sessions as well as to Sign Up.


TimeRoom 202Room 360 - Open Source StreamRoom 206Room 217
8:30-9:00Coffee Networking Coffee Networking
9:00-9:30Intro & Session Sign-up<- Intro in Foyer<- Intro in Foyer<- Intro in Foyer
9:30-10:15 Talent First Network and open source businesses

Tony Bailetti

Strategic Design >> Mashing-up SaaS and Sarbanes-Oxley Mitch Brisebois & www.sensorymetrics.com Usability in Perspective Jeff Parks - I.A. Consultants Image from Presentation
10:15-11:00 Starting a Tech Company? Ten (or so) Essential Legal Considerations

Mike Dunleavy, LaBarge Weinstein

Rights, Contracting & Licensing on a

Canadian Government Open Source Project

Joseph Potvin


open-source modeling tool

Ken Webb

OnLine Communities Panel

Learn about different types of communities and how to make them successful



Citadel Rock - Nelson Ko

11:00-11:15Coffee Networking CoffeeNetworking
11:15-12:00Software as a service - Farzi Khazai,see Learn about session Building and deploying web applications using Tomcat, Hibernate, JSF, PostgreSQL and Eclipse

Dwight Deugo

Blindside Project - Integrating several OSS to develop a real-time conferencing system

Richard Alam

12:00-12:45Future of Television

Benefits and pitfalls of TV on the net

Mike Martin

Ruby on Rails and what it entails -

Tobi Lütke, jadedPixel

One Laptop Per Child

Andrew Clunis

12:45-1:45Lunch LunchLunch Lunch
1:45-2:30Adobe Apollo: Developing Desktop Internet Applications with todays Web technologies - Stacy Young

See Agenda Outline

Grab a free CD and O'Reilly Apollo book after the session


Taking the wiki concept as a platform for innovation, social networks and knowledge transfer, Luc Lalande, Carleton University

Technology law activism , including "Protecting IT property rights", explaining the Digital Copyright Canada petitions to parliament. Russell McOrmond, Policy coordinator for CLUE
Super-Cool Carleton Students Tell You How to Write Your Own Game with the Microsoft XNA Gaming Architecture!

Jevin Maltais, Sebastian Jagodzinski, and Peter Wiebe

2:30-3:15Internet-Connected Door Locks

Access Control for the Rest of Us

Gavin McLintock, Matt Thompson

Can we talk? -

Bruce Tsuji, http://www.spokentext.net**

Promoting Your Product Virally

Alec Saunders


Cool Carleton Computer Projects

Cheryl Schramm and Babak Esfandiari

3:15-3:30BreakBreak Break Break



Proposed Sessions

What do you want to talk and learn about? There are 48 sessions to discuss trends, technologies, implementations and to demo what you're working on - shine a light on your interests - present.


Add a proposed session here


  1. Introduction to Adobe Apollo: A cross-OS runtime that allows developers to leverage their existing web development skills (Flash, Flex, HTML, Ajax) to build and deploy desktop RIA’s. http://labs.adobe.com/wiki/index.php/Apollo
  2. One Laptop Per Child: We're putting a laptop in the hands of every child in the world. Presenting the project ideals and goals (learning-by-doing, cooperation, eco-friendliness, and openness), hardware and software platform, quick primer on writing OLPC activities, and (the part everyone looks forward to) a demonstration of the real hardware. http://www.laptop.org/
  3. Strategic Design >> Mashing-up SaaS and Sarbanes-Oxley: Designing your Software-as-a-Service app to be compliant with legislative acts such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, PIPEDA, and others can give a significant competitive edge. It can be relatively easy to be audited for compliance - and that makes your hosted solution very appealing to any publicly traded enterprise. http://www.sensorymetrics.com/
  4. Internet-Connected Door Locks - Access Control for the Rest of Us: LochIsle is developing a new platform for access control that lets everyone carry one key for all the locks in their lives. Well, all the LochIsle-enabled locks anyway. Presenting the concepts, how it works. Demo of the hardware. Lots of issues for security, privacy, freedom, convenience, paranoia. http://www.lochisle.com/
  5. Social Software and Traditional Media - How do they fit? Traditional media still have the reach, and their content is more valuable (revenue vs content ratio) but they're all looking over their shoulders at online media which is gaining an increasing proportion of viewers time - affecting everyones business models. How should traditional media compete? What is the role of social software? (Open Discussion - Peter Childs
  6. ECommerce and Social Software - Physical shopping is a social experience - running in to acquaintances, watching people and excursions with family & friends. Online shopping is about the price, choice and deliver. Is their a role for social expereinces in online shopping and how would you add it? (Open Discussion Peter Childs)
  7. Starting a Tech Company? Ten (or so) Essential Legal Considerations - Building on the discussions on Founders Agreements at the last Barcamp, this will be a more general discussion about key legal issues that arise in starting a technology company.

Learn about session - Presenters needed for the following topics



  1. Software as a service - If you are a software company what are the possible revenue sources from this software. What kinds of services can you offer, how to set this up to mazimize your porfits. (Farzi Khazai TechGemini has agreed to present this)
  2. Hosted vs hardware (server) solution - Should this software be hosted at a secure datacentre or shipped on a server and maintained by you?
  3. Privacy - The U.S.A homeland security has access to data for American owned datacentres. As a Canadian company with canadian data how do you keep them for accessing this private Canadian information? Are there any rules, guidelines etc.
  4. Open source hardware and/or firmware.
  5. Django An introduction and hands on examples on how to take advantage of the framework towards web application development.


Who's coming

Add yourself (Click Edit Page & Log on)! Include your instant messaging or email info.


  1. Peter Childs childs.peter g mail
  2. Ian Graham ian.graham3atgmail (Blog)
  3. Luc Lalande luc_lalande at carleton.ca
  4. Tony Bailetti bailetti at sce.carleton.ca Carleton University Technology Innovation Management Program/Talent First
  5. Craig Fitzpatrick (craig at devshop.com) Devshop.com Uncommon Sense (for Software)
  6. Kareem Sultan (kareem at racedv.com) RaceDV
  7. Ferenc Tar(ferenct at racedv.com) RaceDV
  8. John Wiseman (wiseman.john at gmail.com) www.johnwiseman.ca
  9. Paul A. Bennett (paul_a_bennett at rogers.com)
  10. Payday Loans
  11. Stacy Young ( styoung at adobe dot com ) stacyyoung.org
  12. Rich Loen (rich at InGeniusPeople.com ) InGenius (Blog)
  13. Matt Roberts Wesley Clover
  14. Mitch Brisebois SensoryMetrics
  15. Melany Gallant (mgallant at ramius.net) http://www.ramius.net
  16. Sonny Juane (sjuane at ramius.net) http://www.ramius.net
  17. Alfred Jay (ajay at ramius.net) http://www.ramius.net
  18. Simon Chen (schen at ramius.net) http://www.ramius.net
  19. Steve Fry
  20. Trevor Ward (tward at adobe.com )
  21. Andrew Clunis http://orospakr.is-a-geek.org/
  22. Ben Houston www.exocortex.org
  23. Gilbert Brunette rfdesignconsultant@hotmail.com
  24. Martin Dufort (martin.dufort at kakiloc.com) Kakiloc - Mobile Social Networking
  25. David Megginson (contact info) - Newmatica and Megginson Technologies
  26. John Duff (duff.john at gmail.com)
  27. Debt Consolidation
  28. Mark Stephenson (Axionic)
  29. Dru Lavigne (dru@isecom.org) http://blogs.ittoolbox.com/unix/bsd
  30. Scott Annan
  31. Joseph Potvin (potvin.joseph-at-tbs-sct.gc.ca) who does stuff like IRCan; Accounting for Open Source; and, GOSLING
  32. Jonathan Snook (Snook.ca)
  33. Arnold Guerin, arnold guerin at gmail.com
  34. Russell McOrmond (flora.ca) (Posted a short summary of the technology law activism session)
  35. Natasha D'Souza (natasha@virtualeyesee.com) (tentative)
  36. Dan Sauvé (gordon group marketing + communications)
  37. Dragan Nevjestic (@deviantART)
  38. Mike Dunleavy (md@lwlaw.com) http://www.lwlaw.com
  39. Jeff Parks (jeff.parks@iaconsultants.ca) http://www.iaconsultants.ca/index.php/podcast
  40. Ryan Dunphey (dunphey at gmail.com) (tentative)
  41. Wayne Larsen (nanoware.com)
  42. Vinai Kashyap vinkash at suitesonline.com
  43. Anurag Gupta exerciseden.com (tentative)
  44. Dimitrios Gianninas http://www.optimalpayments.com
  45. Obaid Ahmed (obaidahmed at gmail.com)
  46. Credit Cards
  47. Personal Loans
  48. Nelson Ko (Citadel Rock Online Communities Inc.)
  49. Petro Verkhogliad (pverkhog at connect.carleton.ca) - http://alba.carleton.ca
  50. James Cogan (dailypixel.ca Network) - looking like I'll be out of town from 30th-6th but plans could change
  51. Richard Alam (alamr :at: rogers dot com)
  52. Steven Muegge http://www.sce.carleton.ca/faculty/muegge/
  53. Ken Webb (ken aat primordion.com) http://www.primordion.com/Xholon
  54. Ahmed Al-Asaad ahmed1979 at gmail dot com
  55. Joe - Debt Consolidation
  56. Brad Miller (brad.j.miller :at: gmail dot com) (tentative)
  57. Edy Ferreira (ferreiraedy at gmail)
  58. Stephen Davis (steve at zendomedia.com) (zendomedia.com)
  59. Janusz Bialy (mail.at.janusz.ca)
  60. Bruce Tsuji (btsuji at connect.carleton.ca) http://www.spokentext.net
  61. Xiaofeng Yong(Allan) (yongxiaofeng@mac.com)
  62. Dwight Deugo (deugo :at: carleton ca)
  63. David Gulas (davidgu@nortel.com)
  64. Patrick Yeon (patrickyeon gmail.com)
  65. Mike Martin (mike@teknision.com)
  66. Paolo Farago www.teknision.com (paolo @ teknision.com)
  67. Manu Sharma www.entrepreneurship.com (msharma :at: ocri :dot: com)
  68. Kevin Driedger extremedesigners.ca (linuxbox@gmail.com)
  69. Sylvano Carrasco (carrasco at caronadesigns dot com)
  70. FredNgo
  71. Sean Gomez (Serigo)
  72. Donald Bailey (bailey at sce.carleton.ca)
  73. Monika Surma (monika.surma at gmail.com)
  74. Lutful Khan ( lkhan at radialink . com )
  75. Gavin McLintock (gavin at lochisle dot com) http://www.lochisle.com
  76. Farzi Khazai TechGemini
  77. Robert Norris (StraTerra)