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Please post links to your notes here.


The value of the community - Community building for web 2.0 sites - Luc Levesque

Building a business on Facebook - Alec Saunders


Log on notice: If you logged on using your email address make sure you un-selected the "notify me of changes button" below your information - other wise you'll receive notices for every edit for every BarCamp world wide. Fun for a while ...


What is it?

What is BarCampOttawa? Think of it as a way to get the tech/geek community together in Ottawa, Ontario. Only one thing is certain: It's up to you to decide. The most important thing you should take away from the event? Relationships with other geeks in Ottawa!


Anyone with something to contribute or with the desire to learn is welcome and invited to join. When you come, be prepared to share with barcampers. When you leave, be prepared to share it with the world.


Questions? Check out the google groups mailing list at: http://groups.google.com/group/barcamp/ or just post them in the "Questions" section at the bottom of this page. wino kredyt mieszkaniowy sprzedam mieszkanie sprzedam bilet


A Facebook Event has been created: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=6061398633



When & Where

BarCamp - Saturday, in November 17, 2007 8:30am to 5pm.

Where - Bitheads -> Google Maps: http://snipurl.com/bitheadsottawa




Casual & interactive


Scheduled Sessions

Barcamp is about participation and discussion. Below is a schedule if you'd like to present - to add yours (Click Edit Page & Log On). We'll have projectors, screens & white boards. Bring a laptop, memory stick or what ever you need to illustrate your points - OpenOffice or PowerPoint decks, 'Demos', code snippets or what ever - to engage participants.


Sessions are 40 minutes, but with an active audience, probing insights and both you and the audience involved in Q&A a 15 or so minute presentation is all that needed to start the discussion.


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Scroll Down the Page to View the Sessions and Proposed Sessions as well as to Sign Up.


TimeRoom 1Room 2 - Social Media StreamRoom 3Room 4
8:30-9:00Coffee Networking Coffee Networking
9:00-9:30Intro & Session Sign-up Start of International DemoCamp<- Intro <- Intro <- Intro
9:30-10:15 International DemoCampThe value of the community - Community building for web 2.0 sites - Luc LevesqueSocial Media Fundamentals: Transparency, Authenticity and the Culture of Generosity - Joseph Thornley The Future of Email in Enterprise 2.0: If it's so 1990s, why is it still so dominant? - Vic Nishi
10:15-11:00International DemoCampBuilding applications in FaceBook - Alec Saunders
11:00-11:15International DemoCampCoffeeNetworkingcoffee
11:15-12:00Collaboration and the Virtual Workplace - Scott Annan Eyeball Currency: Monetizing your UX - Mitch BriseboisBuilding collaborative applications using Jetfire Workflow scripting language. - Charles Wiebe & John Hansen Predicting and Changing the Future, a participative discussion -- Mark Tovey and James A. Duncan
12:00-12:45 WikiNetNav, a new open source tool to visualize social and page networks of a wiki, and TikiWiki, more than a wiki! - Nelson Ko and Marc Laporte, admin of TikiWiki Tyler Cope - Overlay.TV Sweat Equity Network - a project to facilitate entrepreneurial innovation from within communities of strong, weak and potential ties Steve Fanjoy
12:45-1:45Lunch LunchLunch Lunch
1:45-2:30Ian Graham - TheCodeFactory- Co-working Exploiting the hype cycle for your tech product launch: a BR/PR case study on riding the iPhone - Nathan Rudyk - market2world communications - home of The New Way Things Are tech PR blog and the OCRIRadio Ottawa tech business podcast
2:30-3:15 Videos for Marketing - Craig Fitzpatrick (Devshop Inc., Uncommon Sense (for Software)) & Aydin MirzaeeSocial Software in the Enterprise - Opportunities and Problems - Eric Sauve, TomoyeRepRap.org - building a 3D printer that makes its own parts. -Sebastien Bailard
3:15-3:30BreakBreak Break Break
3:30-4:15Francis Moran, Jill Pyle, inmedia Public Relations: Where does the blogosphere fit in a PR strategy?



International DemoCamp

In conjunction with the Leeds UK BarCamp we are running International DemoCamp. Three companies from each city will demo their software and answer questions from an audience in both cities. This is possible because of a kind donation of services by Convenos Meeting Center


If you are interested in demoing please sign up in one of the three spots below. Due to the technology we are using we can only demo web applications without authentication requirements. Also don’t worry if you’ve demo’ed before. We want show Ottawa’s best.


DemoCamp rules and format applies.

Number Ottawa Demo Leeds Demo
1. RaceDV NetVides
2. Iotum Edocr
3. info soon info soon
4. info soon info soon


Our Sponsors

We'd like to thank each of these organisations for their generous support.



If you're interested in sponsoring we'd welcome (and need) your support. Contact Peter Childs.


Who's coming

Add yourself (Click Edit Page & Log on)! Include your instant messaging or email info.

Note Maximum 120 People - You must sign-up to attend - If you sign up and then can't make it please remove your name so someone else can sign up




  1. Peter Childs childs.peter g mail
  2. John Hansen - Jetfire jhansen at trackerrealm.com
  3. Charles Wiebe - Jetfire cwiebe at trackerrealm.com
  4. Kareem Sultan - RaceDV kareem@racedv.com blog.racedv.com
  5. Rob Villeneuve - RaceDV rob@racedv.com
  6. Craig Fitzpatrick - DevShop www.UncommonSenseForSoftware.com
  7. Aydin Mirzaee - bOK - www.beunreasonable.com
  8. Luc Levesque - Travelpod
  9. Tyler Cope 
  10. Mitch Brisebois
  11. Nathan Rudyk - market2world communications nathan at market2world.com
  12. Allan Isfan
  13. Ian Graham
  14. Steve Fanjoy sfanjoy gmail
  15. Francis Moran  fmoran at inmedia.com
  16. Don Kelly 
  17. Nelson Ko 
  18. Scott Annan 
  19. Shiladitya Sircar - twoipLink  - http://www.socialarticle.com
  20. Vladimir Cezar vcezar AT -> site.uottawa.ca
  21. Tony Patterson, tony@nationalcapitalscan.ca
  22. Michael Weiss weiss@sce.carleton.ca
  23. Nick Bobic
  24. Monika Surma, Women 2.0 Ottawa
  25. Chris Taggart SensNation chris dot taggart gmail
  26. Jason Mclaren (jason at fnord dot ca)
  27. Andrew Clunis
  28. Paul A. Bennett
  29. Rich Loen - www.ingeniusblog.com
  30. Chris Foo  - www.hungrytable.com
  31. Peter Krug peterkrug at rogers.com
  32. Robert Janelle bob@nationalcapitalscan.ca
  33. Laurie Davis
  34. Peter Bernier
  35. Dru Lavigne dru at osbr.ca
  36. Lynnette Lynnette.m at gmail.com
  37. Danny Sacrey sacrey underscore danny at hotmail dot commercial
  38. Mike Dunleavy - LaBarge Weinstein - Business Law Firm md@lwlaw.com
  39. Natasha D'Souza natasha@ontariodsl.ca
  40. Joseph Thornley joseph.thornley gmail
  41. Shawn Simister shawn at simister dot ca
  42. Lisa Choueiri My Open Source Project
  43. Marc Laporte MarcLaporte.com TikiWiki.org
  44. Paul Moylan
  45. Lutful Khan
  46. Ryan Lowe Ruby on Rails freelancer: blog at ryanlowe dot ca
  47. Steve Lounsbury Web Developer at 76design
  48. Yann Le Gouic Noredox Inc. lg.yann *at* gmail
  49. Jim Sellers, jim dot sellers at g mail
  50. Mark Stephenson RealDecoy
  51. Melany Gallant Ramius & Women 2.0 Ottawa
  52. Gavin McLintock, LochIsle, gavin at lochisle dot com
  53. Brad Stewart, Paymail Inc.
  54. Vic Nishi, Orchestra CM
  55. Rachel Mok rachelscm-@-gmail-.-com
  56. Sebastien Bailard RepRap.org 3D Printer Project
  57. Hyatt Saikin hyatt275 at g mail
  58. Darcy Whyte JumpSocial
  59. Mark McKay SpokenText.net
  60. Justin Clark CitySales
  61. Paul Vaillant FRONTEX Reporting
  62. Dan Sauvé work/play
  63. Nikhil Adnani
  64. James Duncan My Not-So-Frequently Updated Blog
  65. Petro Verkhogliad Natural Language Interaction Group, Carleton University
  66. Stephan May
  67. Alec Saunders iotum / Alec Saunders .LOG
  68. Steve Lecomte
  69. Jevon MacDonald startupnorth.ca / firestoker - coming to Ottawa to see family and will come by
  70. Mark Tovey Worldchanging Canada
  71. Matt Roberts Wesley Clover
  72. Lucas Cornelisse
  73. Oliver Ng
  74. Rob Lane - Overlay DOT TV
  75. Ian Gibson
  76. Veronica Giggey Ramius
  77. Jamie Oastler Oastler.ca - Freelance Developer
  78. Kristina Mausser Digital Word
  79. Dimitry Bubis
  80. D. Paul D'Andrea Iceberg Networks
  81. Doug Carwardine Iceberg Networks
  82. John Wiseman Blogging Squared
  83. Gregory Whiteside
  84. Phil The FakePixel
  85. Richard Alam Blindside Project
  86. Mike Norman
  87. Louise Brown
  88. David Pearson Iceberg Networks
  89. Arjun Mehta
  90. Ben Houston, Exocortex
  91. Alireza Pourshahid
  92. Matthew Burpee - mburpee at gmail.com
  93. Peter Burpee, CEONET - pburpee at gmail.com
  94. Keith Taylor - KTMS keithwtaylor@iib.ws
  95. James Bowen - NationalCapitalScan, Entrepreneur and Adjunct Professor at UofO jbowen@ces.on.ca
  96. Dave Sampson - Ottawa OSGEO - Open Source Geographer
  97. Scott Lake startupottawa.com / Shopify!
  98. Ken Daviau - Daviau Technologies Inc. daviauk@rogers.com
  99. An-Min Kuo The Blue Factor
  100. Fraidoon Khuram - HFA3
  101. Jobe Roberts, SensoryMetrics.com
  102. Jeff Bruton, (bruton.jeff at gmail dot com)
  103. Samira Ouaaz (souaaz at yahoo dot com)
  104. jay.west, jaywest.com
  105. David Megginson Megginson Technologies
  106. Rick Collins Two Old Beans
  107. Miranda Gray
  108. Jennifer Dobson SohoIntelligence
  109. Bhupinder Singh
  110. Shahab Banifatemi ssbanifa@connect.carleton.ca
  111. Bruce Nolan (bjnolan at storm dot ca)
  112. Chris Rotherforth Two Old Beans
  113. Nick Desbarats ChoiceBot Inc.
  114. Mohammed Aminul Islam
  115. Randy Kun ilevel
  116. Francis Chow
  117. Ralph Boland (rpbolandAtgmailDotcom)
  118. Pengfei Chen
  119. Kaveh Shakouri
  120. P. S. (Parm) Gill
  121. Stefan Van Kessel
  122. Jennifer Meacher jennifer.meacher@ontario.ca
  123. Hazem Awad HFA3 hazem.awad at gmail dot com
  124. Louis-Philippe Huberdeau lphuberdeau.com
  125. Miles iMapia - Mobile Map
  126. Jay Lawrence (jay AT infonium DOT ca)
  127. Sergio Ontiveros Solutionwise -  Agile Ruby Projects 
  128. Kris van der Starren | Lixar IT