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Page history last edited by Peter Smith 11 years, 8 months ago

FrontPage barcampOttawaGov The Event? A chance for people from the communications, IT, tech, marketing, learning and other communities to get together and talk about what they're doing with social media and new technologies in a government context.

A chance to meet others and find some inspiration, some motivation and help build a community.

Our first meeting drew over 40 people from across the Government of Canada.

Keep in Touch! Join the Google Groups Mail List

Sign up for the barcampOttawaGov mail list on Google groups.

Who Can Participate? ANYONE! Just arrive inspired and ready to contribute.

Who's participated in the past?

1) Carolyn Tateishi c_tateishi@hotmail.com

2} Ian Ketcheson - ian at ketcheson dot com

3) Greg Johnston - ballagher at yahoo dot ca

4. Peter Smith - smith.pcw@gmail.com

5) Chamika Ailapperuma - chamikak (at) gmail (dot) com

6) Kerry Colpitts - kcolpitts at gmail dot com

7) Graham Jack

8) Michael di Cola

9) Anatole Papadopoulos

10) Angelina Munaretto

11) Martin Simard

12) Barry Nesbitt bnesbitt@magma.ca

13) Laura Wesley

14) Marquis Côté (Public Health Agency of Canada)

15) Nathalie Gervais

16) Hillary Hartley - "quepol" everywhere - I am coming to ALI's Social Media for Gov't conference 9/15-18. Is there any way barcamp could be that weekend - 9/13-14?? Could be good to piggyback onto their attendance.

17) Robin Cantin robincantin(at)rogers(dot)com

18) Justin Kerr-Stevens - backing @quepols suggestion...

19) Andrew Norman - Health Canada

20) Felicity Mulgan (CSPS)

21) Mike Kujawski www.mikekujawski.ca

22) Tracey Arnold Tracey.Arnold@cra.gc.ca

23) Amen Jafri, Health Canada

24) Caroline Cote, Health Canada

25) Kathleen Soucy, Health Canada

26) Jean Hachey, Health Canada

27) Nick Charney

28) Dan Matko, Industry Canada (matko.danatic.gc.ca)

29) Paula Colwell, CSPS

30) Julie Sperling, CPSA, julie.sperling(at)cpsa-afpc.gc.ca

31) Robin Browne, Transport Canada - consciousimages(at)gmail(dot)com

32) Melanie Lamoureux, CRA

33) Andrea Mamers, CSPS

34) Danielle Donders, CRA

35) Line Patry, Industry Canada

36) Leo St-Jacques, Health Canada

37) Ivor Pontiroli, DND

38) Asif Devji (CSPS)

39) George Sugar, Health Canada

40) Margaret Ahearn, NRCan

41) Stéphane Robert, NRCan

42) Jérémie LeBlanc, NRCan, jleblan1(at)gmail(dot)com

43) Benoit Verreault, HRSDC,benoit(at)workingincanada(dot)gc(dot)ca

44) Miriam Lehman, CATSA

45) Greg MacDougall, CATSA

46) Anna Belanger, NRCan

47) Patrycja Arkuszewski NRCan

48) Simon Bridge, Canadian Forest Service

49) Jason Reinert, NRCan

50) Melissa Barros, NRCan

51) Theresa Wooldridge, PsC

Originally inspired by thesuccessful event held over in the United Kingdom, and New Zealand before that.

How to get in touch?

Colin McKay colin@canuckflack.com

Is This An Official Event?

This is not an event put on by the Government of Canada. You can argue with your boss that this will be a highly effective low-cost training opportunity, and if you really need it we can make up a convincing yet completely untruthful conference pamphlet to help make the argument.