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Thanks for making Barcamp Pune a success!!

Looking forward to meet you at Barcamp Pune 5



BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees.






7th July



Persistent Systems Pvt. Ltd.,

Plot No. 9A/12, CTS No. 12A/12,


Near Padale Palace (Opp Sharda Center),

Pune - 411 004


Click here for a map 



Where to stay?

Bring with you


  • Laptop (if you have one)
  • Memory Stick/thumb drive (if you have one: for transfering presentations, demo code, etc)
  • Ideas and demos.
  • If you have T-Shirts, Corporate pens, Trial softwares, free accounts (for the cool service you just launched) etc that you want to share, this is probably a good place.


Event Sponsors

Lead Sponsors

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Other Sponsors

Event Schedule


Track 1

09:30 - 10:00EVENT STARTS
10:00 - 10:45 over
10:45 - 11:30 over
12:00 - 12:30 Neeraj: Eclipse Graphical Editing framework
12:15 - 01:30LUNCH BREAK
02:00 - 02:30 Open Source beyond software
02:45 - 03:15 Abhijit: F.B. and RoR
03:30 - 04:00 Hussain: Mobile Navigation
04:30 - 05:15 Vinod: Writing a firefox addon
05:15 - 06:00



Track 2

09:30 - 10:00EVENT STARTS
10:00 - 10:45 Over
10:45 - 11:30 Over




12:00 - 12:30 Game Development
12:15 - 01:30LUNCH BREAK
02:00 - 02:30 Hussain: Flash widget
02:45 - 03:15 Anand Life Blogger
03:30 - 04:0 Freeman: Open source Education
04:30 - 05:15 Comet d push technology on browser
05:15 - 06:00




Event Sessions


1Life LoggerLogging and analyzing your digital lifeanand kishore
2Organization 2.0Journey from being an HR manager to a " happiness manager" - Creating a Naked organization anjalig at mangospring dot comMangoSpring
3Communication and messaging - kal, aaj aur kalBulletin boards to emails, IM, SMS, scraps, twitter...what next? What is continuous partial attention? A discussion on the messaging systems of tomorrow anuj at mangospring dot comMangoSpring
3 Microformats What are microformats? What is it for? Some action.. Abdul Qabiz abdul.qabiz at gmail.com Abdul Qabiz
4 Adobe Integrated Runtime (Apollo) RIA/Web 2.0-apps on Desktop Abdul Qabiz abdul.qabiz at gmail.com Abdul Qabiz
5 Media RSS - publish podcasts-video-audio-feeds in better way Media RSS is an extension/module for RSS 2.0 that allows to add more data/metadata for media associated with feed-items Abdul Qabiz abdul.qabiz at gmail.com Abdul Qabiz
6Mobile VisualizationAn Interactive technique for Mobile NavigationHussain Fakhruddinhussulinux at gmail dot comHussain's Blog
7Flash WidgetA basic Flash widget tutorialHussain Fakhruddinhussulinux at gmail dot comHussain's Blog
8Microsoft SilverlightA new dimension to build rich UI applicationsAditya Thattegalaticosfan@gmail.com
9Windows Management InstrumentationMonitor and manage computers your own wayAditya Thattegalacticosfan@gmail.com
10Self Hosting - Is it the future ?host and share content directly from your PCMilind Panditmpandit@purplenova.comhttp://www.purplenova.com


11Eclipse RCP developmentCreating your own eclipse based plugins and packaging them as standalone applicationsKetan Padegaonkarketan at thoughtworkshttp://ketan.padegaonkar.name
12Complexity and FractalsUse simulations(python and web.py) to demonstrate fractals and gain some understanding in the process about the nature of complexity in nature:)Sudarshanlsudarsh at thoughtworks.com
13Eclipse Graphical Editing FrameworkCreating rich graphical editors for visual editing of arbitrary models.Neeraj Bhusare, Sushant Sirsikar neerajbhusare@gmail.comhttp://neerajs-blogs.blogspot.com, http://sushantsirsikar.blogspot.com
14Push Technology - CometAn alternative approach for data delivery to the browser.Isha Kakodkarishak@mangospring.comMangoSpring
15Concurrency in JavaConcurrency made easy with Java 1.5.Tushar Apshankartapshank at thoughtworks.com
16Open Source EducationModels of scalable education systemsFreeman Murrayfreeman @ pobox.comCurriki
17Game developmentTools and techniques and engines in 2d and 3dRakesh Rajurakesh at codewalla.comCodeWalla
18TVGuide.intv schedule serviceRakesh Rajurakesh at codewalla.comtvguide.in
19Multi Lingual Context Based Text AnalysisMultilingual text analysis for word sense disambiguation and Context gaugingAtul Kulkarniatulskulkarni@gmail.com[]
20Setting up a global technology company Legal, financial and regulatory issues in setting up a technology company in USA, UK and India Rohas Nagpalrn AT techjuris DOT comhttp://techjuris.com
21Indian Technology Laws Indian laws on cyberspace, copyright, trademark and patentsGokul Narayangn AT asianlaws DOT orghttp://asianlaws.org
22Introducing Facebook Application platform with Ruby on Rails walking through an example application (depends upon how much I am able to finish)Abhijit Gadgil gabhijit _at_ gmail . com oltsm.blogspot.com
23open source beyond software Applying the open source management modelin the ares beyond software such as software services ,Retail,Healthcare etc.Paritosh Pungaliya & Ajay Sanghni paritosh@osc.co.in / ajay@osctech.in [http://www.osc.co.in]
24Rapid Prototyping using PyQt Developing applications using Python and Qt Framework Devendra Laulkar devendralaulkar@yahoo.com http://www.laulkar.com



1Discussion on project tracking tools, for small projects and small teams.Tools to effectively plan, manage,test and deploy projects.Nigel Fernandes
2How to use VIM for Ruby on Rails developmentEverything about VIM related to Ruby on Rails development. Update July 9: VIM for Ruby on Rails development blog post written by AnilAnil Wadghule
3In the shoes of Webmaster Everything a webmaster need to do for web2.0 & similar requirements Rohit Srivastwa


Live Bloggers


Shalini Israni Vista Help BarCampPune3
Anthony Raj Camping Thoughts 


Topics I would like to hear about


  • Ruby on Rails
  • Agile Web Development
  • Facebook Application Development
  • Cake PHP
  • Adobe AIR
  • Google Gears and Google Web Toolkit
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • Project Tracking tools and approaches
  • Yahoo Pipes
  • Extreme Programming
  • Web 2.0
  • Groovy
  • Firefox / Thunderbird extension writing
  • Skinning with Illustrator



Event Planners

This section is for organising team & closed. The above links & nos are displayed for any urgency/help.

If you are a camper/volunteer pls enroll in the respective section.


Event Volunteers



Event Participants (aka Campers)

Kindly provide your email address

NO.NameEmail AddressURLMisct-shirt size (S/M/L/XL/XXL)
1.Mukul Joshi www.gslab.comAttendingM
2.Sagar Niralisagarn@gslab.com AttendingM
3.Pushyamitra Navarepushyamitra A T gslab D O T comwww.gslab.comAttendingL
4.Viky Patil vikypatil@gmail.com L
5.Chetan Vaity
6.Shweta Agrawal
8.Prashant Karandikar
9.Nigel Fernandesnigel @ bookeazywww.bookeazy.comSpeaking, listening, maybe bloggingXXL
11.Rohit Srivastwa http://rohit11.comOrganizer,Speaker,PhotoBloggerL
12.Anand KishoreOrganizing, Speaking, BloggingL
13.Kiran Thakkarthakkar.kiran at gmail.comhttp://kiranthakkar.blogspot.com/Organizing, BloggingL
14.Hussain Fakhrudin http://hussulinux.blogspot.comSpeaker, VolunteerXL
15.Amey Dhokeamey@thoughtworks.com Attending, VolunteeringM
16.Nikhil Bnikhil.cb.in@gmail.com AttendingL
17.Utsav Prabhuutsav at gslab dot com AttendingXL
18.Purnima Venkatrampurnima.venkatram@gmail.com AttendingM
19.Pranav Peshwepranavpeshwe@gmail.com AttendingL
20.Ketan Padegaonkarketan at thoughtworkshttp://ketan.padegaonkar.name/Speaker,BloggerM
21.Komal Kakanikomal_kakani@persistent.co.in AttendingM
22.Deodatta Barvedeodatta@gmail.comhttp://debubarve.comAttending, Logo Design/Graphics workXL
23.Kiran Gosavipunekiran@gmail.com AttendingM
24.Karthikeyanto_karthikeyan at yahoo.comhttp://integriti.wordpress.comOrganizing, Speaking, BloggingXL
25.Gurpreet Anandguppi_anand at yahoo.com Attending, VolunteeringL
26.Ishu Mishraishu_mishra at yahoo.com Attending, VolunteeringL
27.Nagendra Jaiswalnagendra.jaiswal@gmail.com AttendingM
28.Abhishek Nagarajabhishek.nagaraj at gmail.com AttendingXXL
29.Tarun Chandeltarunchandel at gmail Blogger and a Business AnalystM
30.Kunal Thakarkunalt at gmail AttendingL
31.Ankur Guptaankurgupta at operamailhttp://uptosomething.inSpeakingM
32.Ankur Patelankurbpatel at gmail AttendingM
33.Siji Sunnysijisunny at gmail SpeakerL
34.Hardik Mahendrahmahendra05@gmail.com Attending,VolunteeringM
35.Lokesh Saprelsapre at gmail AttendingL
36.Anil Wadghuleanilw at mangospring dot com Organizing, Speaking, ListeningM
37.Haribhau Ingaleharibhau_ingale@persistent.co.in AttendingL
38.Vivek Kumarvivek_k at persistent dot co dot in AttendingM
39.Srihari Suthamallysrihari.suthamally at gmail dot com AttendingM
40.S T Manikandanstmanikandan@gmail.com Sharing thoughts on............Who will be the next Google.asfM
41.Anuj Khuranaanuj at mangospring dot com Attending, blogging, speakingM
42.Anjali Ghadgeanjalig at mangospring dot com Attending, blogging, speakingM
43.Kiran Puranikkiranp at mangospring dot com AttendingXL
44.Namrata Puraniknamratap at mangospring dot com Attendings
45.Ravinder Singh Ranaravinderr@mangospring.com AttendingM
46.ajay k AttendingM
47.Sameermybloggeravenue@gmail.com AttendingS
48Aditya Thattegalacticosfan@hotmail.com AttendingM
49Jatinder Singhjatinder dotsaundh athotmail dotcom Organizing,Speaking,ListeningXL
50.Neeraj Bhusareneerajbhusare@gmail.com SpeakingM
51.Sushant sirsikarsushant.sirsikar@gmail.com AttendingM
52.Vinay Shuklavinay@servelots.comhttp://vinayshukla.blogspot.comAttendingM
53Shinil Subramanian Payamalshinils(at)yahoo.com AttendingM
54Swapnil Bhosaleswapnil3630(at)yahoo.co.in AttendingM
55Atul Shinkaratul.shinkar(shift+2)gmail(dot)comhttp://atuls-blogs.blogspot.com

BarCamp Pune 3

56Arnold D'Souzadsouza.arnold@gmail.comhttp://fairmaidenintrouble.blogspot.comAttendingL
57Parin Lapasiaparin at aol dot in AttendingXL
58Indranil Chandaindraaugust@gmail.com AttendingXL
59Parag Shahadaptives {at} gmail {dot} comhttp://www.adaptivelearningonline.netAttendingM
60.Sagar Shahshahsagar01@indiatimes.com AttendingM
61.Vishwas Sharmavishwas.sharma18@gmail.com Attending,SpeakerXL
62. Abdul Qabiz abdul.qabiz at gmail.com http://www.abdulqabiz.com/blog/- -Attending,Speaker -M-
63.Abhijit Gadgilgabhijit _at_ gmail . comhttp://oltsm.blogspot.comAttendingL
64.Chetan Kumarchetanku _at_ gmail . com AttendingM
65.Siddharth Karandikarsiddharth.karandikar_at_gmail.com AttendingL
66.Sheth Raxitraxitsheth2000@yahoo.co.inhttp://www.raxitsheth.blogspot.comAttending,BloggingM
67.Narpat Singh Rajpurohitnsrajpurohit@gmail.com AttendingM
68.Rupesh Kansararupesh.kansara@gmail.com AttendingM
69.Namrata Sinhasinhanamrta@gmail.com AttendingM
70.Abhimanyu Sethabhimanyu.seth@gmail.com AttendingM
71.Bipin Dalbhidedalbhidebipin@rediffmail.com AttendingM
72.Atul Jainatul_jain7@cooltoad.com AttendingXL
73.Aasim Nisarasimnisar@yahoo.com AttendingL
74.Aadil Nisaraadilnisar@yahoo.com AttendingM
75.Vinod Kulkarnivinod.kulkarni at gmail.com AttendingXL
76.Pallavi Sharmapallavi478@gmail.com Attending,VolunteeringM
77.Amit Kaleamitkale2007 at gmail.com AttendingL
78.Prashant Karandikariprashblog at gmail.comhttp://www.iPrash.com/AttendingL
79.Vikrant Aivalliaivalli@gmail.comRegular ExpressionsAttending, Blogging, Photo-blogging, maybe a talk.M
80.Nilesh Kumarnileshk at mangospring dot com AttendingL
81.Nilesh Bafnabafnanilesh@gmail.com AttendingM
82.Snehal Valamesnehal.valame@gmail.com AttendingS
83.Megha Bhasinmeghaa.bhasin@gmail.com AttendingS
84.Jui Mhatrejuimhatre@yahoo.com SpeakerS
85.Gautam Kishoregautamkishore at gmail dot comEulogikAttending, May Present, May BlogL
86.Subodh Nimkardalbhidebipin@rediffmail.com AttendingM
87.Shaunak Kiwalkarshaunakkiwalkar@yahoo.com AttendingM
88.Gaurav Kulkarnijustmailgaurav@yahoo.co.in AttendingM
89.Vaibhav Gatneforvg@yahoo.com AttendingXL
90.Dileep Kumardilepkrishna@gmail.comhttp://dileep-kumar.blogspot.com/AttendingXL
91.Navin Sachdevnavin.sachdev at gmail dot comhttp://www.eulogik.comAttending, May PresentXXL
92.Anup Mohiteanup dot mohite at gmail dot com AttendingM
93.Shreyas Kulkarnithewebtrekker@gmail.com AttendingM
94.Jabirajabira_subrahmanyam@persistent.co.in AttendingM
94.Gaurav Pratapgauravprat@gmail.com AttendingM
95.Gunvant Patilgunvant@gmail.com AttendingXL
96.Mariam Dholkawalamariamdh at gmail dot comhttp://mariamdh.blogspot.comAttendingS
97.Monali Jambhulkarmonali.jambhulkar@gmail.com AttendingM
98.Lalit Kalelalitkale@gmail.com AttendingM
99.Amit Subhedaramit.subhedar@gmail.com AttendingXL
100.Pravin M. Shettypravin_pms@rediffmail.com AttendingM
101.Neha Mehtaneham at mangospring dot com AttendingM
102.Rajnikant Katrek.rajnikant@gmail.com AttendingM
103.Bhushan Joshijoshibhushan1@gmail.com AttendingXL
104.Isha Kakodkarisha.kakodkar@gmail.com AttendingM
105.Vikram Gholapgholapvikram@gmail.com AttendingXL
106.Atul Veeratulveer@gmail.com AttendingM
107.Sunil Aroraarora.sunil@gmail.com AttendingL
108.Brajesh K. Rathorebrajesh.rathore@gmail.com AttendingM
109.Akshay Surveakshay{dot}surve-at-yahoo{dot}comCoding on the late shiftMay Attend/SpeakL
110.Ganesh Kedarisamcorp3@gmail.com AttendingM
111.Neha Guptaneha AT bookeazy DOT com AttendingS
112.Alan Loboalan AT bookeazy DOT com AttendingM
113.Rahul R-Blog on Social ChangeAttendingM
114.Anjali Guptaanjali AT bookeazy DOT com AttendingS
115.Santosh Dawarasantosh AT bookeazy DOT com AttendingM
116.Rahim Viranirahim AT bookeazy DOT com AttendingM
117.Shivam Sharmashivam AT bookeazy DOT com AttendingXL
118.Sachin Dharmapurikarsachin.dharmapurikar at thoughtworkshttp://thoughtworker.inAttending,SpeakingM
119.Kaustubh Padegaonakarkaustubh at padegaonkar.name AttendingM
120.Sarang Chaliwarsarangchalikwar@gmail.com AttendingXL
121.Ajit Wadekarwadekarajit@gmail.com AttendingXXL
122.Puja Madanpuja@metromela.com AttendingS
123.Rahul Bansalrahul286@gmail.com Welcome To Devils Workshop AttendingL
124.Jitendra Bugejbuge@tibco.com AttendingM
125.Tushar Apshankartushar2060 at yahoo.com Attending/SpeakingM
126.Ameya Kulkarniameya.kulk@gmail.comAttendingM
127.Tejas Shahtejasshah_1979@hotmail.com AttendingM
128.Naveen Ramaswamynaveen.ramaswamy@gmail.com AttendingXL
129.Freeman Murrayfreeman at pobox.com Attending/SpeakingL
130.Rajeev Kumarrajeev.dacpune@gmail.com AttendingL
131.Santosh Kumarskumar.coep@gmail.com AttendingL
132.Chiranjeevi Alapatipavan.mailid@gmail.com AttendingS
133.Rakesh Rajurakesh at codewalla.com Attending/SpeakingL
134.Vishal Khandekarvishal.k at codewalla.com AttendingL
135.Sarvesh Tuyenkarsarvesht at gmail.com AttendingL
136.shrinath ratnaparakhi]shrinath at codewalla.com AttendingM
137.Saurabh Jainsaurabh.jain at thinkingspace.inThinkingSpace TechnologiesAttendingXL
138.Rishi Agarwalrishi.agarwal at thinkingspace.inThinkingSpace TechnologiesAttendingL
139.sandeep Patilsandeepdkte@gmail.com AttendingXXL
140.Ameya Thoratameyathorat@gmail.com AttendingXL
141.Mitesh Vaghasiyamitesh.vaghasiya@gmail.com AttendingXL
142.Krunal Thakkarkrunalthakkar@gmail.comAttendingL
143.Anjani Kumaranjani78 at gmail.comAttendingM
144.Pravin Kumbharpravinsys@gmail.comAttendingL
145.Anant Patelanant at codewalla.comAttendingM
146.Abhay Kaleabhay at codewalla.comAttendingM
147.Nirmal Jingarnirmal.jingar at codewalla.comAttendingM
148.Haroon Khanharoon at codewalla.comAttendingM
149.Shalini Isranishaliny.i@gmail.comAttending, Maybe BloggingL
150.Rohas Nagpalrn@techjurisdotcomAttending, SpeakingL
151.Gokul Narayangn AT asianlaws DOT orgAttending, SpeakingXL
152.Aditi Tandonadititandon05@gmail.comAttendingM
153.Anay Nayakanaynayak {at} yahoo DOT co DOT inAttendingXL
154.Harshal Shahshahharshal@gmail.comAttendingM
155.Basant Chandranbasantc@mangospring.comAttendingS
156.Suchitra KaulAttendingS
157.Piyush Spiyush.shah@gmail.comAttendingXL
158.Sid Bsiliconpi@gmail.comAttendingM
159.Darshan Tilakdarshan.tilak@gmail.comAttendingXL
160.Siddharth Dawarasdawara at thoughtworksAttendingM
161.Rajat Jaitlyrajatkjaitly(at)gmail.comAttendingM
162.Rajeeta Khanserajeeta.khanse@gmail.comAttendingS
163.Anthony Rajanthony.raj@gmail.comCamping ThoughtsBlogging,StimulatingM
164.Chetan Patilchetankpatil@gmail.comAttendingM
165.Aniruddha Kagalkaraniruddha.kagalkar@gmail.comAttendingL
166.Edrea DeSousaedreas@gmail.comAttendingS
167.Parvateesam Naiduparvateesamnaidu@gmail.comAttendingL
168.Satyajit Thadeshwarsatyajit_thadeshwar@yahoo.comAttendingL
169.Pankaj Karolepankajkarole@indiatimes.comAttendingL
170.Parag Khandarparag.khandar@gmail.comAttendingL
171.Sunil Patelsunil4ever@gmail.comAttendingxl
173.Akshay Dhavleakshay.dhavle@gmail.comBusiness AnalysisAttendingL
174.Prasad Kulkarniprasad.comp@gmail.comAttendingL
175.Sonali Patwardhansonali.patwardhan@gmail.comAttendingM
176.Shauvik Roy Choudharyshauvik AT gmail DOT comAttendingM
177.Saurabh Shanbhaggs.saurabh AT gmail DOT comAttendingL
178.Deepak Vadgamavadgama.deepak AT gmail DOT comAttendingL
179.Anil Omanwar anil DOT omanwar AT gmail DOT comhttp://anilomanwar.googlepages.com

BarCamp Pune 3

180.Shishir Dasshishir.das@gmail.comAttendingXL
181.Sijo Joysijo_joy@persistent.co.inAttendingL
182.Pradeep Sinhapradeep@icredence.co.inhttp://icredence.comAttendingM
183.Bhavya Siddappabhavsidd at gmail dot com Attending, DiscussingS
184.Sandeep Pandeypandey.sandeep@siemens.comAttendingL
185.Nagendar Bhanavatunagendar.bhanavatu@gmail.comAttendingM
186.Srinivas Dnivas_srireddy@yahoo.comAttendingM
187.Prakash Bellaraprakash@sansuisoftware.comAttendingXL
188.Alok Jainalokjain@sansuisoftware.comAttendingXL
189.Tanuja Gawade tanuja@gmail.comAttendingL
189.Satish Jawale satish.jawale@gmail.comhttp://eway-software.comAttendingXL
190.Amit Kumar Singhthecancerus@gmail.comAttendingM
191.Bishweshwar Nagbishweshwar.nag@gmail.comAttendingXL
192.Paritosh Pungaliya paritosh@osc.co.in http://www.osc.co.in SpeakingM
193.Abhishek Upadhye http://www.osc.co.inAttendingM
194.Kaushal Patel http://www.osc.co.inAttendingM
195.Kundan Kumar http://www.osc.co.inAttendingM
196.Vilas Salunkhe AttendingM
197.Parth AttendingM
198.Manoj AttendingM
199.Amit Karpe AttendingM
200.Divyesh Khambatwala AttendingM
202.Ajay Sanghani ajay@itvidya.com http://www.itvidya.com AttendingM
201.Balasaheb Darade balasaheb@ieee.org http://balasahebsdarade.googlepages.com

BarCamp Pune 3

202.Suresh Maridi suresh.maridi@gmail.com Attending L
203.Shyam Velupula velupula@gmail.com Attending M
204.Neeraj Jakhar neerajcd@gmail.com http://exrstwhile.blogspot.com/ Attending L
205.Rakesh R raks.mail@gmail.com Attending M
206.Arun Tomar tomar.arun@gmail.com Attending L
207.Babitha Kutty babitha.kutty@gmail.com Attending S
208.Ninad Dhavaseninad.29@gmail.com AttendingM
209. Yatin Choubal yatinc@gmail.com http://www.blazed.co.in/ Attending L
210.Prof.Jitendra Shahjituviju@gmail.comwww.indictrans.inAttendingL
211. Himanshu Gandhi XL
212. Kiran Appa XL
213.Mahesh Sharma mahesh.c.sharma@gmail.com Attending M
214.Rohan Moitra rohanmoitra(at)gmail(dot)com Attending L
215.Dinesh Negi negi_id@yahoo.co.in Attending M
216.Samir Kulkarni esameer@gmail.com Attending L
217.Dnyanesh Mahajan dnyanesh.mahajan@gmail.com Attending M
218.Sudesh Haldankar hsudesh@gmail.com Attending M
219.Vikram Singh Shekhawat 1981.vikram@gmail.com Attending M
231.Ashish Dabholkar dabholkar.ashish@gmail.com Attending M
220.Prashant Kashirao Adakane prashant.adakane@gmail.com http://www.indictrans.in Attending M
221.Swapnil Hajare dreamil@gmail.com http://www.indictrans.in Attending M
222.Kanhaiya Kale kanhaiya.kale@gmail.com http://www.indictrans.in Attending M
223.Gupteshwar Joshi gupteshwarjoshil@gmail.com http://www.indictrans.in Attending M


224.Kevin Gomes kevingomes17@gmail.comhttp://www.indictrans.in Attending M
225.Santosh Hingmiresantosh.v.hingmire@gmail.comhttp://www.indictrans.in Attending M
226.Vishal Modivishalhmodi@gmail.comAttendingM
227.Swanand Deodharswananddotblmsatgmaildotcomhttp://journeythroughsummerofcode.blogspot.comAttendingM
228.Kumar ChavankumardotbakalatbetterlabsdotnetAttendingM
230.S Ashwinsashwins_2006@yahoo.com http://www.flickr.com/photos/ashwinpuneAttendingL
231.Sujata Kajulkarsujata.k at codewalla.comAttendingS
232.Sivaram Thumbeti thumbeti@hotmail.comAttendingM
233.Kiran Darade kiran.darade@gmail.com Attending M
234.VRL Swamy vadali vadali@gmail.com Attending M
235.Suresh Tatikonda sureshtaikonda1982@gmail.com Attending s
236.Raju Patil rajurpatil84@gmail.com Attending M
237.Satish Naidu satishb29@yahoo.com Attending L
238. Namitha Jagadeesh Attending
239.Ravi Shanker Kumarkumar.ravis@gmail.comAttendingL
240.Himaghnya himaghnya@gmail.com Attending M
241.Brenton Figueira bfigueira@gmail.com Attending L
242.Preetam Oswal preetosc@gmail.com Attending L
243.Niraj Jodh niraj.jodh@gmail.com Attending L
244.Dharmendra Sharma dharamendra46@gmail.com Attending XL
245.Manish Vermaleo.verma@gmail.com Attending XL
246.Shiv Dayal shiv.d at codewalla.com Attending L
247.Dinesh Pateldinesh at codewalla.com Attending XXL
248.Harun Pathanharun at thoughtworks.com Attending M
249.Shekhar Khandkeshekhar_crazy at yahoo.com Attending M
250.Dinesh Chothe dineshchothe@gmail.com http://www.indictrans.in Attending M
251.Amit Patekaramitpatekar at gmail.com Attending M
252.Abed Syedsyed_abed@hotmail.com Attending L
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