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Thanks for making Barcamp Pune a success!!

Looking forward to meet you at Barcamp Pune 5




BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees.


Barcamp Pune4 Sponsors

Lead Sponsor



interested in sponsoring the BarCampPune4: send a mail to barcamp-pune@yahoogroups.com.


Event Details

Date: 16th Feb 2008 (Saturday)

Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm (Whole day event)

Venue: ThoughtWorks Technologies

GF-01 & MZ-01

Tower 'C', Panchshil Tech Park

(Next to Don Bosco School)


Pune 411 006

Check our blog for the updates.


Wanna know what are we up to??



Past editions of Barcamp Pune


Live and post event Blogging

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Blog Blogger
BarCampPune Blog BarCampPune Organizers
iThink... Tarun Chandel's thoughts Tarun Chandel



Live and post event Videos and Photos

Please use the tag barcamppune4 for content related to this event

Webpage My Name
BarCampPune Photos BarCampPune Organizers
iThink... Tarun Chandel's thoughts Tarun Chandel
BarCamp Pune Photos Mashup M Rajesh



 Event Tags

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Please use the tag barcamppune4 for content related to this event


 Pre Event Blogging

Blog Post Blog Blogger
[http://blog.tarunchandel.com I am at Barcamp Pune 4 iThink... Tarun Chandel's Thoughts Tarun Chandel
BarCampPune4 Kiran Thakkar's Blog Kiran Thakkar
Yet another camp HussuLinux's Blog Hussain Fakhruddin
Bar camp  Harshal's Blog Harshal Shah
Back to Camping...  Rohit's Blog Rohit Srivastwa
:BarCamp=>"Pune" Raghu's Blog Raghavendra Kamat


Event Planners

  • Kiran Thakkar - thakkar.kiran at gmail dot com
  • Ketan Padegaonkar - ketan at thoughtworks (Mobile: +91.9880141279)
  • Rohit Srivastwa - rohit @ rohit11 [.] com - (Mobile: +91-92-CLUBHACK)
  • Freeman Murray
  • Tarun Chandel - tarunchandel AT gmail
  • Harshal Shah - shahharshal AT gmail
  • Priyank Kapadia - priyankomnipotent gmail (Mobile: +91.9890032104)
  • Aditya Thatte - aditya.thatte8@gmail.com


Event Volunteers



Schedule of the day!!!


Open Space

N.. Time Talk Presenter
1 10.00 - 10.45 JRuby - Online IJRV Aman King
2 10.45 - 11.30 Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework Neela
3 11.30 - 12.15 Ajax - Redefining the web Atul and Sumit
4 12.15 - 1.00 Why ruby? Sidu
5 14.00 - 14.45 Purpletrail demo mango spring Anil
6 14.45 - 15.30 Git Introduction Anil Wadghule
7 15.30 - 16.15 Eclipse Modeling Framework Neeraj
8 16.15 - 17.00 How to create Open Source IVR using RAGI Sheetal Nepte




Conference Room

N.. Time Talk Presenter
1 10.00 - 10.45 Cooking with blender Rishikesh
2 10.45 - 11.30 Zimbra and architecting a scalable mailing solution  
3 11.30 - 12.15 Service Oriented Architecture Sudhir Mody
4 12.15 - 1.00 Mashups M Rajesh
5 14.00 - 15.30 Lightning talks for 15 mins  
6 15.30 - 16.15 Tech revolution politics Zack Exley
7 16.40 - 17.00 Unmanned Forex Trade Hussain





N.. Time Talk Presenter
1 10.00 - 10.45 Had Hop - An open source scalable grid, preview of '42'  
2 10.45 - 11.30 Safe netizens, how not to get hacked Rohit Srivastwa
3 11.30 - 12.15 Joomla Chetan
4 12.15 - 1.00 Agile DB, DB Refactor Rohith
5 14.00 - 14.45 Start with PHP, end with AJAX Priyank & Hussain
6 14.45 - 15.30 Code Ignitor Amit & Vinod
7 15.30 - 16.15 The danger of search engines & how to protect Diwakar
8 16.15 - 17.00 Webarood Sneak Preview -




Proposed Sessions at Barcamp Pune4


N.. Title Brief Description Presenter Email Link
1 SWTBot Functional Testing SWT/Eclipse apps using SWTBot Ketan Padegaonkar ketanpadegaonkar at gmail http://swtbot.org
2 CyberSafety How not to get hacked and How to be safe while accessing Internet Rohit Srivastwa rohit @rohit11 [.] com Clubhack
3 Eclipse GEF project Creating rich graphical editors for visual editing of arbitrary models. Neeraj Bhusare neerajbhusare@gmail.com http://www.eclipse.org/gef/
4 Eclipse EMF Project Fundamentals of the Eclipse Modeling Framework Neeraj Bhusare neerajbhusare@gmail.com http://www.eclipse.org/modeling/emf/
5 Introduction to Hadoop Hadoop is an open source scalable grid platform. We will also present a brief preview of "42" - an Information Engine which is the next logical step in the evolution of search engines. Abhay Shete [abhay.shete at gmail] -
6 AI & the Web Applications of AI on the Web Ankit Dangi dangiankit at gmail -
7 AutoTrade with Meta Trader MetaTrader 4 is an online trading platform designed for financial institutions dealing with Forex. I will present a brief preview of the extension system we're building for Auto Trading and the technologies involved. Hussain Fakhruddin hussulinux @ gmail.com -
8 Cooking with Blender Blender UI, Rendering, Python API, physics simulations Rishikesh Parkhe rishiparkhe at gmail.com -
10 Demo - PurpleTrail.com The first ever public show-case of PurpleTrail.com an online invite management service with web ,desktop,mobile(sms,wap,mobile clients symbian and j2me)interfaces Vishwa Malhotra,Anuj    
11 First Look - Spry Framework Adobe Labs Yet another Ajax framework, what's so special about that? Priyank Kapadia priyankomnipotent@gmail.com -
12 RAGI How to create an Open Source IVR using RAGI (Ruby Asterisk Gateway Interface) Sheetal Nepte sheetal.nepte at gmail dot com http://sheetalnepte.blogspot.com
13 A ride into the world of Emerging Platforms A talk on the currently evolving platforms be it Facebook or Opensocial/hi5/Bebo Rohan Dighe rohandighe at hotmail dot com  
14 AJAX - Redefining the Web Use of AJAX in Java web apps, how to test AJAX based apps with an overview of some advanced Open Source libraries for AJAX. Atul Shinkar & Sumeet Jaju atul.shinkar@gmail.com, sumeet.jaju@gmail.com  
15 Not decided not decided Martin Fowler    
16 Adobe Flash Lite A look at the Flash player engine capabilities for mobile phones and handheld devices Mariam Dholkawala mariamdh at gmail dot com  
17 MapFS MapFS implements a Linux filesystem which utilizes copy-on-write functionality and existing linux filesystem to allow component filesystem to combine into a single. It supports (at least) kernel versions 2.4.7 to 2.6.13 [ Saket S. Patrikar ] saket.patrikar@gmail.com -
18 VMFS VMware VMFS, technology unique to VMware, is the default storage system for virtual machine files on physical SCSI disks and partitions. Central storage of virtual machines with VMware VMFS provides more control, flexibility and performance in managing your virtualized IT environment Sushant Rawal rawalsushant@gmail.com -
19 Service Oriented Architecture A brief talk on Service Oriented Enterprise Architecture and its future. Sudhir Mody sudhirmody@gmail.com -
20 Mashups - Consumerization of the Web An overview of web-based mashups (Yahoo Pipes, Microsoft Popfly and Google Mashup Editor), enterprise mashups and ajax-based start pages. We will also discuss the opportunities and challenges presented by these mashup technologies. M Rajesh mrajesh123@gmail.com -
21 Why Ruby? An intermediate level session on development techniques in Ruby. It will include descriptions of language features, their usages and benefits as well as a brief introduction to meta-programming. No fan-boy bullshit and completely buzzword free, I promise. Sidu Ponnappa whatever-for?@fake-email-id.com Blog: Work at the dining table
22 Databases in an Agile Project How do you evolve a DB during the development of an agile project? How do things change once you go into production? I'm basically talking from my experience in my current project. Expect to see some code. Rohith Rajagopal  rrajagopatthoughtworksdotcom Blog: Go Forth And Code 
23 JRuby Applied JRuby helps in using Java in Ruby and Ruby in Java. The implications are exciting! In this session, I'll go through on how you can use JRuby and DWR (an AJAX library) to make an online version of the Ruby interpreter! Expect to see some code. Aman King  aman king at ya hoo dot co m Blog: Aman King's bliki
24 Git Introduction Anil Wadghule Hands on demo, small presentation Laptops with Git installed preferred, anybody interested Git Introduction
25 How technology has changed how the US picks its president The Internet and other technologies have completely changed the way Americans pick their leaders -- especially in presidential campaigns. One result has been a huge increase in the number of people who participate. Also, underdog candidates have a better chance now (e.g. Obama). I'll tell the story of this revolution in US politics. Zack Exley zack.exley@thoughtworks.com


Proposed Discussions at Barcamp Pune4

No. Title Moderator Description
1 Agile world vs Rest of the world Tarun Chandel Since we will have a lot of Agile practitioners it will be good to discuss and clarify myths and facts about what is Agile? What is not Agile? Add what you want to discuss...


Proposed Workshops at Barcamp Pune4

No. Title Conducted By Description Requirements
1 CodeIgniter Amit Singh, Vinod and Amita Open source PHP web application framework If you can bring laptops you can get hands on experience,Note:Linux users please have xampp on your system.
2 Subversion Freeman Murray Anintroduction to version control using subversion if the network works people with laptops can do practical excersizes
3 Drupal 5 Amit Singh and Payel Ghosh Open source PHP web application framework and CMS If you can bring laptops you can get hands on experience,Note:Linux users please have xampp on your system.
4 Joomla 1.1.x Chetan Bhosale and Sulakshana Deshmukh Open source PHP web application framework and CMS If you can bring laptops you can get hands on experience,Note:Linux users please have xampp on your system.
- Closed Registration Closed - -


Topics I would like to hear about

We are sure many of you have been dabbling with these, do share your experiences with us. Add your name against the topic:


Topic I can talk on this
Ruby on Rails  
Agile Web Development  
Adobe AIR  
Google Gears and Google Web Toolkit  
Mash-up technologies M Rajesh
Firefox / Thunderbird extension writing  
Skinning with Illustrator  
Android (Open Handset Alliance)  
Google OpenSocial Rohan Dighe
Mozilla Prism Sumit Sharma
Mozilla Songbird  
Eclipse DTP project  
Clustering in database  
FastCGI or SCGI  
JSF vs Rails vs Grails  
Ruby vs Groovy  
Scala vs Closures in Java  
Boost Library  
Roguewave Library  
Facebook API Rohan Dighe
Google Themes API Rohan Dighe
Symfony Framework  
SugarCRM Customization  


Event Participants (aka Campers)

Make sure to collect your Barcamp Pune badges for your blog or site.

Registration starts at 9:00 AM


NO. Name Email Address URL Misc t-shirt size (S/M/L/XL/XXL)
1 Kiran Thakkar thakkar dot kiran at gmail.com http://kiranthakkar.blogspot.com/ Organizing, Blogging, Attending L
2 Gautam Kishore gautam at eulogik.com Eulogik Attending, May Speak, May Blog L
3 Navin Sachdev navin at eulogik.com Eulogik Attending, May Present XXL
4 Priyank Kapadia priyankomnipotent at gmail http://priyank-genius.blogspot.com/ Attending, Speak, Blog M
5 Sandeep Patil sandeep_patil persistent co in - Attending XXL
6 Mitesh Vaghasiya mitesh_vaghasiya persistent coin   Attending L
7 Arup Soans arup pragmites com   Attending L
8 Gaurav Gurbaxani gg pragmites com   Attending L
9 Pawan Thorat pawanthorat gmail com - Attending M
10 Anand Sherkhane anand_sherkhane persistent co in - Attending M
11 Ketan Padegaonkar Ketan Padegaonkar at gmail dot com - Attending, Organizing, Speaking M
12 Sam C. Thomas samcth at gmail dot com - Attending L
13 nihar a kalghatgi knihar at gmail dot com - Attending M
14 Anay Nayak anaydot-mail at yahoo.co.in - Attending XL
15 Anand Agrawal anand_wannachat at yahoo.co.in - Attending M
16 Niranjan Paranjape niranjangp at gmail dot com - Attending XL
17 Atul Kulkarni atulskulkarni at gmail dot com http://www.atulsays.com/blog May be Presenting XL
18 Shodhan Sheth shodhan.sheth at gmail dot com   May be Presenting M
19 Chirag Doshi chirag.doshi gmail   May be Presenting M
20 Vijay Kurhade vijay.kurhade@gmail.com - Presenting/Demoing L
21 Shishir Das shishir.das at gmail dot com   May be Presenting XXL
22 Steven Deobald my first name at my last name .ca http://deobald.ca i like cheese M
24 Ankit Bhansali ankitsbhansali at gmail dot com   Attending, Organizing L
25 Rishi Ghare rishi.ghare wifi-soft com http://www.wifi-soft.com May Present XL
26 Rohit Srivastwa rohit @ rohit11 [.] com http://www.rohit11.com Attending, Organizing, Speaking M
27 Nigel Fernandes  nigel [@ nigel [.] in http://www.nigel.in Attending, Speaking XXL
28 Anup Narkhede anup.narkhede gmail http://anup.info Attending, Blog, May be Presenting M
29 Dheeraj Reddy dheerajcr gmail com   Attending XL
30 Vikram Patil vikypatil gmail com   Attending L
31 Anil Wadghule anildigital gmail dot com http://anilwadghule.com/blog Attending, Blog, Presenting M
32 Freeman Murray freeman @ pobox [.] com http://wheresfreeman.blogspot.com Attending, Organizing, Speaking L
33 Ravi Shankar  ravishankardots[atgmaildotcom http://www.usability.in Attending, Organizing, May Speak L
34 Parag Gokhale parag dot gokhale at gmaildot com - Attending XL
35 Parag Shah adaptives at gmail dot com http://www.adaptivesoftware.biz Attending L
36 Himanshu Gandhi himanshugandhi14 at gmaildot com - Attending L
37 Kiran Darade kiran dot darade at gmaildot com - Attending M
38 Sunil Bansode sunilbansode at gmaildot com - Attending L
39 Aman King the21stphantom gmail http://amanking.cjb.net Attending, may be presenting L
40 Akshay Dhavle akshay.dhavle at gmail http://www.akshaydhavle.com Attending, may be presenting aakraman M
41 Abhishek Nagar abhishek(at)kashipur(dot)in http://www.kashipur.in Attending, may be presenting M
42 Ebenezer Laryea afotey (at)gmail dot com - Attending XL
43 Krity Deb krity(dot)deb(at)gmail dot com - Attending M
44 Santosh Kamble kamblesantosh(at)gmaildotcom - Attending L
45 Shrabasti Ghatak shrabastighatak(at)gmaildotcom - Attending L
47 Sanjeev Kumar sanjeev(dot)symbi(at)gmail(dot)com - Attending XL
48 Harish Subramanian harry(dot)sicsr(at)gmail(dot)com http://www.tech4net.blogspot.com Attending XXL
49 Chetan Gupta chetangupta01(at)gmail(dot)com www dotchetangupta dot net Attending, Presenting L
50 Neeraj Bhusare neerajbhusare@gmail.com http://neerajs-blogs.blogspot.com Presenting M
51 Sushant Sirsikar sushant.sirsikar@gmail.com http://sushantsirsikar.blogspot.com Attending M
52 Hussain Fakhruddin hussulinux@gmail.com http://hussulinux.blogspot.com Attending,Speaking,Blogging XL
53 Neetish Tewari neetish.tewari@gmail.com - Attending M
54 Nazia Hashim nazia.hashim@gmail.com - Attending S
55 Ankit Minocha ankitminocha1234@gmail.com - Attending L
56 Ravi Chodavarapu rchodava at gmail dot com http://ravichodavarapu.blogspot.com Attending M
57 Arif Mandra arif_mandra at yahoo dot co dot in http://www.w3pundit.com Attending M
58 Shalini Israni shaliny.i@gmail.com http://www.barcamppune3.blogspot.com/ Attending M
59 Tarun Chandel tarunchandel AT gmail iThink...(Tarun Chandel's random thoughts) Photo Blogging, may Speak M
60 Rishikesh Parkhe rishiparkhe at gmail http://freewebs.com/rishiparkhe Presenting M
61 Atul Shinkar atuldotshinkaratgmaildotcom http://atuls-blogs.blogspot.com Attending L
62 Manish Singh manish_singh185@yahoo.com - Attending M
63 Monali Jambhulkar monali.jambhulkar@gmail.com   Attending M
64 Rajnikant Katre k.rajnikant@gmail.com - Attending M
65 Sharayu Barapatre sharayu.barapatre@gmail.com - Attending S
66 Poonam Katorde poonamkatorde@gmail.com - Attending S
67 Sumeet Jaju sumeet.jaju@gmail.com - Attending L
68 Brajesh Rathore brajesh.rathore@gmail.com   Attending M
69 Narpat Singh Rajpurohit nsrajpurohit@gmail.com   Attending M
70 Rupesh Kansara rupesh.kansara@gmail.com   Attending M
71 Namrata Sinha sinhanamrta@gmail.com   Attending L
72 Abhishek Chakraborty abhishek.chakraborty26@gmail.com   Attending M
73 Kamakhya Abhishek abhishek.kamakhya@gmail.com   Attending S
74 Saurabh Jain saurabh.jain at thinkingspace.in http://www.thinkingspace.in Attending XL
75 Rishi Agarwal rishi.agarwal at thinkingspace.in http://www.thinkingspace.in Attending L
76 Gaurang Sinha gaurang.sinha at thinkingspace.in http://www.thinkingspace.in Attending S
77 Abhinav Sharma as.abhinav at gmail.com   Attending L
78 Nishit Shah nixhit at gmail.com blog.nishitshah.com Attending,Blogging M
79 Harun Pathan harunap at gmail.com --- Attending M
80 Ajinkya Nahar lcajinkya at yahoo.com --- Attending XL
81 Jitendra Patel jits13_1982 at yahoo.c.oin --- Attending XL
82 Pravin Shetty pravin_pms@rediffmail.com --- Attending L
83 Chandan Pawar rp.chandan at gmail.com --- Attending S
83 Tapan Shah tapsboy at gmail.com http://www.tapan.in/ Attending XL
84 Romil Kulshreshtha romil.sunero at gmail.com http://sunerotechnologies.com Attending XL
85 Saager Mhatre saager.mhatre@gmail.com http://thinkaround.blogspot.com Attending, may blog L
86 Mariam Dholkawala mariamdhatgmaildotcom http://mariamdh.blogspot.com Attending, may speak M
87 Pratima Raut pratima_pdr@yahoo.co.in --- Attending XS
88 Pradnya Markale pradnya.markale@gmail.com --- Attending L
89 Anjan Das anjan.sterling@gmail.com --- Attending L
90 Pravin K. pravinsys@gmail.com --- Attending L
91 Vinay Patel sensevinay@gmail.com http://sdrc.symbiosiscomputers.com/ Attending - eager to play `aakraman` again XL
92 Alok K R kralokkralok@gmail.com http://sdrc.symbiosiscomputers.com/ Attending M
93 Deepak Shakya justdpk@gmail.com http://sdrc.symbiosiscomputers.com/ Attending L
94 Samar Hedaoo knightsamar@gmail.com http://sdrc.symbiosiscomputers.com/ Attending M
95 Sachin Garg sachingarg1000@yahoo.com http://sdrc.symbiosiscomputers.com/ Attending M
96 Kaustubh Padegaonkar thetuxracer at gmail http://kaustubh.padegaonkar.name :) M
97 Saurabh Narula reachsaurabhnarula at gmail dot com http://saurabhnarula.wordpress.com Attending XL
98 Nitin Gore nitin_becomp@yahoo.com http://nitingore.wordpress.com Attending L
99 pbellara at gmail dot com pbellara@gmail.com http://sansuisoftware.com Attending XL
100 Gunvant Sahu gunvantsahu@gmail.com ---- Attending L
101 Shubhangi Thorat thorat.shubh@gmail.com --- Attending M
102 Martin Selva martinselva@gmail.com http://orkutopensocial.com Attending, Photo Blogging S
103 Poonam Sheth smspoonam@gmail.com http://smspoonam.blogspot.com Attending, Photo Blogging M
104 Chandresh Gandhi gandhi.chandresh@gmail.com --- Attending XL
105 Shabbir Yamani shabbiryamani@gmail.com ---- Attending L
106 Gurpreet Anand guppi_anand@yahoo.com ---- Attending M
107 Aditya Thatte aditya.thatte8@gmail.com http://www.galacticosfan.blogspot.com Attending,may speak M
108 Ameya Kulkarni ameyaklkrn@yahoo.com ---- Attending M
109 Anupam Shah shah.anupam@gmail.com http://digitallyinsane.wordpress.com Attending May Speak XXL
110 Santosh Kumar skumar.coep@gmail.com http://ksanty.blogspot.com Attending May Speak L
111 Rajeev Kumar rajeev_dacpune@gmail.com ---- Attending XL
112 Pushpa Kumari pushpasrai@yahoo.co.in ---- Attending M
113 Preetam Adwani padwani@techmahindra.com http://preetam84.blogspot.com Attending, may Blog L
114 Parag Metha parag_metha@persistent.co.in http://paragmetha.blog.com Attending M
115 Rohas Nagpal rn@asianlaws.org http://asclonline.com/index.php?title=Rohas_Nagpal Attending, will speak, blog M
116 Himanshu Sharma contacthimanshu@gmail.com ---- Attending M
117 Ved Prakash at.veda@gmail.com ---- Attending XL
118 Meenakshi Dhawale meenakshidhawale@gmail.com ---- Attending M
119 Ankit Dangi dangiankit at gmail - Attending, Speaking L
120 Prasoon Kumar kumar4@avaya.com http://prasoonk.wordpress.com Attending L
121 Santosh Dawara  sdawara at gmail dot com http://www.bookeazy.com Attending L
122 Abhishek Thakkar thakkar@gmail.com http://www.smsGupShup.com Attending XXXL
123 Aniket Thakkar aniket.thakkar at gmail.com Mastek Attending M
124 Pankaj Zade zadepankaj at gmail.com - Attending M
125 Kiran Gosavi kiranlapatra@yahoo.com - Attending M
126 Yogesh kalaskar yogesh.turboc3@gmail.com - Attending S
127 Raxit Sheth raxitsheth2000 AT rediff http://mykavita.com/ Attending, Presenting M
128 Hemanth Makkapati hemanth DOT makkapati AT gmail DOT com - Attending L
129 Arpit Agarwal arpit105 yahoo com   Attending M
130 Prashant Patil connectpp@gmail.com   Attending S
131 Rakesh Ramakrishnan raks.mail@gmail.com   Attending M
132 Lijo Isac lijoisac@rediffmail.com   Attending M
133 Mukesh Agarwal engg.mukesh@rediffmail.com   Attending M
134 Prasad Kulkarni prasad.fromgroup@gmail.com   Attending M
135 Abhay Shete abhay.shete@gmail.com   Attending and Presenting M
136 Samaya Pillai samaya.pillay@gmail.com   Attending M
137 Samir Kulkarni esameer@gmail.com   Attending M
138 Sarika Kulkarni sarika_kulkarni@persistent.co.in   Attending M
139 Bishweshwar Nag bishweshwar.nag@gmail.com   Attending L
140 Bhavya Siddappa bhavsidd@gmail.com http://bhavyavoice.blogspot.com Attending M
141 Gaurav Shah gauravworld2000@gmail.com - Attending XL
142 Deepak Gole gole.deepak@gmail.com - Attending XL
143 Anubhav Bulani anubhav_bulani86@yahoo.co.in - Attending M
144 Aman Kumar Jain mails4aj@gmail.com - Attending M
145 Mushtaq Ahmed mushtaq.a@gmail.com - Attending M
146 Bodhisattwa Jana bodhi.jana@gmail.com - Attending L
147 Kaushik Choudhury choudhury_kaushik@yahoo.com - Attending XL
148 Hemant Rathi rathi8786@yahoo.co.in - Attending L
149 Pravin Chopade pravinchopade22@gmail.com - Attending L
150 Aakash Dharmadikari aakashd@gmail.com - Attending XL
151 Atul Kalantri atulkalantri@gmail.com - Attending XL
152 Saurabh Pandey saurabhpandey001@gmail.com - Attending XL
153 Ruchita Dubey dubey.ruchita@gmail.com - Attending M
154 Nitin Anand nitinjavakid@gmail.com http://nitin.theanands.info Attending M
155 Vipin Anand vipin.anand.cpp@gmail.com - Attending M
156 Tanay Jayawant tanay dot j at gmail dot com - Attending, May be blogging S
157 Chetan Kumar chetanku gmail - Attending, Presenting M
158 Ravindra Josyula ravindra.josyula.sub@gmail.com - Attending L
159 Melvin Joseph melvinjk@gmail.com - Attending M
160 Jibin Rajendran jibin_mu10@yahoo.co.in - Attending M
161 Divyanshu Mohan div.mohan86@gmail.com - Attending S
162 Mitsu Madhani mitsum4@gmail.com - Attending L
163 Navneet Karnani navneet at myrealbox dot com - Attending L
164 Lalit Kale lalitkale at gmail.com http://lalitkale.wordpress.com Attending M
165 Krishna Karthik krishna845 at gmail.com   Attending M
166 Harit Kothari harit dot kothari at gmail dot com   Attending M
167 Manish Sapariya msapariya at yahoo dot com   Attending M
168 Fenil Parikh fenilparikh at hotmail dot com   Attending S
169 Abeer Bagul abeerbagul at gmail dot com   Attending L
170 Shaiju P shaijupnairpat yahoodot codotin   Attending M
171 Suraj Swamy suraj.swamiat gmaildot com   Attending, May speak L
172 Mitesh Ashar email@miteshashar.com miteshashar@targetgenx.com http://www.miteshashar.com/ http://www.targetgenx.com Attending, Might give a session & network S
173 Diwakar Goel diwakargoel at gmail dot com http://www.diwakargoel.com Attending L
174 Nilesh Avhad nilesh.avhad at gmail dot com   Attending M
175 Kapil Raut rkapil17@gmail.com   Attending M
176 Chetan Muneshwar chetan.muneshwaratgmail.com   attending L
177 Saurabh Purnaye saurabhdotputnayeatgmaildotcom   attending M
178 Shrikant Lokhande lokhande.shrikant@gmail.com   attending M
179 Chetan Thakkar chetan.takkar@gmail.com   attending M
180 Pravin Nimbhorkar pravin.nibhorkar@gmail.com   attending m
181 Amit kumar singh thecancerus@gmail.com http://www.puneitlabs.com Attending, Might give a session M
182 Satish Shelake satish.shelake@gmail.com   Attending M
183 Pravin Gole pravingole@gmail.com http://pravingole.blogspot.com/ Attending M
184 Raghavendra Gada raghugada@gmail.com   Attending M
185 Sheetal Nepte sheetal.nepte at gmail dot com http://sheetalnepte.blogspot.com Attending, May speak M
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*Event is over




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