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BarCamp RDU

May 18th, 2013 - Notice! Location has changed to NCSU Engineering Building II

Location: NCSU EBII East Wing on Centennial Campus

Parking will be in the RedHat parking deck at the intersection of Varsity Drive and Partners Way.


Notice: Updates will be centralized around a new website hosted on TriLUG servers.


Session Schedule Snapshot: http://i.imgur.com/qoKBfs7.jpg (last updated 2pm Eastern)


October 15, 2011 - Red Hat Offices, Raleigh, NC.

BarCampRDU 2011 will be our sixth.  We've had a steady turnout of over 200 people for these events.  Thank you to the organizers, volunteers, sponsor and donors who continue to make BarCampRDU a great success. Keep up with the latest BarCampRDU news on our blog: http://barcamprdu.wordpress.com and on Twitter: @barcamprdu


Registration for BarCampRDU 2011 is not yet open. Please follow @BarCampRDU on Twitter for updates.

What's a BarCamp? Read this First!

A BarCamp is an unconference where people interested in a wide range of technologies come together to teach and learn. Unfamiliar with the un-conference format? Here's the idea in a nutshell. Rather than having scheduled speakers, everyone pitches sessions the morning of the BarCamp. Those sessions are put on a schedule, and lots of little groups form for intense group learning. Everyone is expected to teach, to talk, to participate. Yeah, its different from a regular conference - but it works!

The idea of an unconference came together when people realized the best times they were having at conferences were the times between sessions - where people with like interests could meet ad hoc. The goal of BarCamp is to facilitate this type of interaction for an entire day. We supply the food, the space, the wireless, the projectors - you show up to teach and learn.

"What is BarCampRDU?", a promotional video by Matt Frye, can be found here on YouTube.

Blog, Twitter, Facebook, IRC, and more

In use for 2011:

Used in 2010, may be revived: 

Official tags and groups: 

Use tag "barcamprdu" for your photos and blog posts.

Older channels, appear to not have been updated recently:

Event Details

  • Date and time: Saturday October 15, 2011, 8:30 AM - 6PM
  • Location: BTEC (Biomanufacturing Training and Evaluation), NCSU Centennial Campus, Raleigh, NC
  • Info: Breakfast, lunch, snacks and refreshments provided
  • Hint: Doors will open at 8AM

Address/Map to BTEC, Centennial Campus, NCSU:


Overall Schedule

Here is the schedule for the actual day of BarCamp. Please note that the actual sessions will not be scheduled until 10AM. See BarCampRDUScheduling for more details on how this works.

8:00-8:30 Pre-registration
8:30-9:00 Registration and Breakfast, Coffee
9:00-9:15 Opening talk
9:15-10:00 Session pitches, social time
10:00-10:50 Session 1
11:00-11:50 Session 2
12:00-1:30 Lunch
1:30-2:20 Session 3
2:30-3:20 Session 4
3:30-4:20 Session 5
4:30-5:20 Session 6
5:30-5:45 Wrap-up
5:45-6:00 Clean up

Proposed Sessions and Scheduling

Proposed Sessions

Anyone can propose a session. Anyone can host a session. You don't need a formal presentation. You should not have a lecture. Think facilitated conversation, hands-on hacking sessions, or a whirlwind tour of your new favorite API. To view the currently proposed sessions or to add your own, see: Proposed Sessions.

Scheduling of Sessions

Unlike many conferences, there are not explicit "tracks" and sessions are scheduled the day of the event. To be best prepared for BarCamp, please read this page: BarCampRDUScheduling

Product Demos not Welcome

Past experience has told us that BarCamp is not the place for product demos. Before proposing a session that demos a commercial product or service, please read this note: BarCampRDUProductDemos

Job Board/Resume Swap

If you're looking for a job, or if you're looking for employees, we'll provide an area where employers and potential employees can swap resumes. So bring a few copies of your resume to BarCamp.

Stuff we need you to bring!

We need the following: People to bring wireless routers, projectors, a public address system, and people to bring power strips and extension cords. We also need volunteers to help the day of camp. Important - Make sure any equipment you bring is clearly labeled with your name and email address!!!!

Wireless Routers

People bringing routers (we'll need between 10 and 15 routers, please see Wireless Network Information below):

  • Your Name (what you are bringing) 

NOTE: If you are bringing a router, please configure it as follows:

  • Open wireless network, DHCP
  • Set SSID to something like "BarCampRDU[date]" where [date] is the month and day of your
    birthday concatenated together (i.e. for me it would be BarCampRDU0720).
  • Optional: Set your device with a 40 client limit.

Video Projectors

People bringing projectors: 

  • Your Name (what you are bringing) 

Coolers for ice

We're gonna need about 7 coolers for ice for the drinks. 

  • Your Name (what you are bringing)  

Public Address System

We've used Red Hat's PA in the past and we'll plan to use it again this year.

Extension cords and Surge Protectors

Please everyone just try to bring one - no need to add your name here.

Please Volunteer!

Organizing Committee

  • To be announced

(Organizer's Contact Info)

(BarCampRDU Organizers Page)

General Volunteers

Please volunteer. It can be as simple as fetching ice or pointing people to the correct room. We'll need lots of volunteers to keep things running smoothly during BarCamp itself and, the more people who volunteer, the more the volunteers will get to attend the sessions that interest them.

  1. Your Name - yourname@example.com 

Travel, Lodging, and Carpools

The local airport is RDU. If you need a ride from the airport, please add your name and details below.


Please add your suggestions for local hotels here. If you can host an out-of-town visitor on your couch, please mention it here.


  • Carpools from Western NC
  • Carpools from Eastern NC
  • Carpools from Triad
  • Carpools from Charlotte and points South
  • Carpools from Richmond and points North
  • Carpools in the Triangle 


BarCampRDU 2011 would not be possible without the financial support of our generous sponsors! If you would like to sponsor BarCampRDU, please see http://barcamprdu.wordpress.com/sponsors/ for more details.

Confirmed Sponsors

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