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This page should be tri-lingual (French, German, and probably English). Please help translate the essentials. Merci bien!

Diese Seite sollte dreisprachig sein (Französisch, Deutsch, Englisch). Bitte das Wichtigste übersetzen! Thanks!

Cette page devrait être tri-lingue (français, allemand, anglais). Merci d'aider à traduire l'essentiel !




A cross-border, cross-country (Germany, Switzerland, France) barcamp that aims to connect German, Swiss and French innovators of any field.


Up to now, sessions about BarCampRhine were held at the following barcamps:

- BarCampLondon3 - England

- BarCampSwitzerland 2 (BlogCamp Zurich) - Switzerland

- BarCamp Munich - Germany

- BarCampZurich - Switzerland

- BarCampAlsace3 - France

- BarCampFrankfurt - Germany

- BarCampCologne2 - Germany


There should be a session during the upcoming WineCamp in June on the Lake Geneva area.


Time and Date


To be determined - Somewhere in 2008




To be determined - On a boat on the Rhine - Online Onrhine



You can contact us at barcamprhine(at)gmail(dot)com (SachaL)




  1. Franz Patzig franztoo
  2. Sacha Lemaire Blog, XING
  3. Roman Hanhart Blog, Xing
  4. YannKlis
  5. Corsin Camichel cocaman, BarCampSwitzerland
  6. PhilippeSchoen Optim-us - BarCampAlsace
  7. Lawrence Nell YiGG
  8. Frank Hamm INJELEA Blog, Profiles
  9. GregoireJapiot
  10. Dirk Ginader Blog Xing
  11. Florian Krakau pl0g.de Xing
  12. Michael Bumann blog Mambler
  13. Tomas Caspers Webkrauts
  14. Ansgar Hein BOA-Symposium
  15. Christin Heuser Xing
  16. Jeremy Keith
  17. Felix Klee, felix.klee@inka.de
  18. Oliver Gassner Blog Xing
  19. Gernot Poetsch Blog Xing
  20. Andreas Dittes Blog Xing
  21. TimoHeuer Blog
  22. October 19th 2007BetaThetaPi
  23. Oliver Ueberholz WebWorkBlogger
  24. Michael Nietzold Xing
  25. Sebastian Grünwaldt @cb's ßetabloggerei, Xing
  26. Ole Wiemeler Blog
  27. Stéphane Bayle SLBusinessReview
  28. Delphine Ménard blog Xing
  29. Marek Janetzke Soundarchiv.com Xing
  30. Kai Kreisköther Fangeist Xing
  31. Benjamin Fischer typedown betacity xing
  32. Tom Wersinger infos
  33. Matthias Lehming MTB Junkie
  34. Jan Kus Koosishart Xing
  35. Florian Krakau pl0g.de Xing
  36. Artur Drymala drymala.de
  37. Tim Schneider betalog.de Xing
  38. Stefan Waidele stefan.waidele.info, XING
  39. Caz Mockett cazmockett.blogspot.com
  40. Ingo Di Bella XING
  41. Ori Pekelman AF83
  42. Alistair MacDonald
  43. Michael Gisiger Wortgefecht, das (Blog)



Who's writing about this?




Random notes


  • You may want to check out what Geek Cruises is doing, perhaps even get in touch with them. The URL: http://www.geekcruises.com/
  • I am currently thinking about a 'Barcamp Lake Constance / Barcamp Bodensee' in fall 2007 to prepare and 'test' some of the stuff that might be relevant for a 'Barcamp Rhine' [Oliver Gassner]
  • If you do not object I would like to set up a Google Group "Barcamp Rhine" (I will also set up "Barcamp Bodensee") [Oliver Gassner]