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Here's looking to BarCampRochester2!


View the Flickr Stream at: http://flickr.com/search/?q=barcamprochester&s=rec&z=t




Who? Anyone in the Rochester and surrounding areas who is interested in technology/design and would like to participate.


What? A chance for Rochester "geeks" to meet one another, exchange ideas, and explore new avenues of innovation (HOW CORNY IS THAT...LOL)



Big Auditorium on the First Floor

B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences

Rochester Institute of Technology

20 Lomb Memorial Drive

Rochester, NY 14623


When? July 14th 10:00 AM until LATE EVENING







OKAY ROCHESTER...it's time to start adding your names to the list of campers ;)


  • Brian Ashbaugh
  • Bob Carroll - available after 2pm
  • Sam Cole samatsamuelcoledotname.
  • Sean Curran seanatsrcurrandotcom - no promises.
  • Louis Horton polarisviatyahoodotcom (pending time from work I will be there)
  • Richard Yoo http://www.richardyoo.com (a maybe, I have a trip planned for rochester, so it depends on when its actually scheduled for)
  • Dan Bogaard dsbatitdotritdotedu (am on a plane the 15th, but will be there before if I can!)
  • Andrew Luly Pending getting out of work I will so be there. Hopefully I will be able to bring a carload with me from Buffalo. feel free to email me at whomba@yahoo.com http://www.cloudinsurance.com
  • Paul Tracy http://home.rochester.rr.com/paultracy
  • Bob Aman bobatsporkmongerdotcom The date seriously sucks, but I'll be there after work @ 5pm I guess. Why wasn't this scheduled for the July 4th timeframe or for the weekend?
  • Derek Anderson
  • Kari Hazzard karimarieatmaildotritdotedu
  • Marc Baumbach
  • Chris Geiss
  • Pete Karl petedotkarlatgmaildotcom
  • Cathy Beaton cibatitdotritdotedu (will try, but like much in life, no guarantees!)
  • Amit Ray axrgslatritdotedu (can't make morning sessions--be there around noon)
  • Mark Tran
  • Ryan Galgon rgalgonatmaildotritdotedu (will hopefully be there)
  • Matt Bernius mberniusatgmaildotcom (after four pm - I'm in for any discussions of web 2.0, intertextuality and the web, AI, and other sundry stuff).
  • Ilan Volow novikingsatclaruxdotcom
  • Eric Brelsford eab3572atritdotedu
  • Delon - I'm in Whomba's carload from Buffalo. I'm on a daypass :-)
  • John Lam http://ideavine.com
  • BrandLogic ( http://www.brandlogic.com ) Crew - Larry Roth ( http://www.larryroth.net ), Ralph Whitbeck ( http://www.damnralph.com ), Ernie Bello, Travis Hardiman, John Kulvolski, Ravi Amin, Craig Freeman.
  • Ross Snider
  • Add your name here...




If you would like to sponsor BarCampRochester, please add your name to the list of sponsors below:




PROPOSED SESSIONS wino kredyt mieszkaniowy sprzedam mieszkanie sprzedam bilet


  • Interactive Media Assistant (Dan B.)
  • RIT's Online Professor Evaluation System (Bob C.)
  • Ruby on Rails in action (Marc B. and Chris G.)
  • The Public Private Personal Notebook: Wikis for Personal Websites (Sam) bliki.ppt
  • The Ten Most Underhyped and Underused Web 2.0 Applications that Rock (Erica)
  • Specifications with RSpec (Bob A)
  • Web 2.0, Web Accessibility, and WCAG 2.0 (Justin)
  • www.rit.edu Redesign Feedback (Jared L, Pete K.)