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Barcamp San Francisco




Barcamp is an ad-hoc gathering of passionate folks who want to share, interact and spread the love around what they spend their days and nights toiling away on.


When / Where / Hosts





BarCamp SF the Vlog


Text Version of "The Manifesto"


Live Video Feed


Planners and Volunteers

Wanna help plan and organize BarCampSanFrancisco? Or just show up and help?



  • Jambo - Link and communcate with like-minded campers nearby.
  • add yourself to BarCampSanFranciscoCampers if you want to go!
  • and bring a sleeping bag and scooby snacks






Items to sponsor:


Sign up to sponsor something!


  • Podcasting - We're looking for someone to sponsor podcasts of Barcamp. We really just need to buy microphones which will probably run $100-150.
    • I have a microphone, a stand, and a mixer with a USB interface I'll be bringing.


  • Coffee Cart
  • Drinks and snacks throughout the days
  • Meals
    • 6/23
      • snacks (and beer) for opening night: Laughing Squid, Automattic
      • wine for opening night: Stormhoek
    • 6/24
      • breakfast: No Starch Press (bringing food)
      • lunch: WilmerHale
      • afternoon ice cream social: Simpli Hosting
      • dinner: Wink, Edgeio (North Beach Pizza)
    • 6/25
  • Network


      • I need 2 RCA -> 1/8th inch audio cables and two dedicated laptops which can be used to record podcasts. Anyone? It would be nice to record two rooms.


    • Wifi access points:
      • AdamKalsey: can bring one or two, but may not be there on Friday
      • KevinBurton: I'll also bring my Linksys WRT54G
      • DanLurie: I can bring a Belkin 802.11b AP
      • In order to be on the safe side we'll need 4-6 APs. Can anyone donate/bring more?
      • Matt Peterson offered to bring 3 100mW APs and a Squid HTTP proxy box. This should bring us to 5 APs on Friday and 6 APs on Sat and Sunday. It would be nice to have some other people bring on or two APs as well just to be on the safe side.
      • Belkin: we'll send some Pre-N routers (10) and CAT5 cables (20)
      • NateAune: I'm bringing an Airport Airtunes access point.
      • dotBen: I have a Linksys wifi router that will also do wifi<->wifi infrstructure repeating -- good for spots of bad coverage!
      • James Littlejohn, I'll bring along my netgear 108mps wireless router
  • Other?
    • Power Strips
      • KevinBurton: I'll try to bring 3-4 power strips...
      • Belkin: we'll send some power strips (20)
    • Extension Chords - Belkin
    • Ice boxes - on Saturday ShareFlo
    • Booze - Automattic
    • Two XBox360s so we can play. If you have em, please consider bringing them. Thx.
    • ChristopherAllen: I'm bringing some prototype "tech in-a-box" hardware based on ideas from MashPit, which includes a rackmounted server with wireless PCI card, ethernet switch, powerstrip, etc. However, software needs to be installed (I brought the new Ubuntu server disks) and wifi typically has been difficult to configure with Linux. Can use help.


If you want to send your Swag or donations of goodies (like Wine), please send it to:


Nima Dilmaghani (For BarCamp)


The Landmark at One Market

Suite 200

San Francisco CA 94105


Please make sure you mark it clearly with the tag: For BarCamp



  • Network:
    • We have a 1599.4 Kbps (measured with bandwidth tool) Ethernet connection
    • We NEED wifi routers to plug into the Ethernet connections and test.


Here are a few rules from building management (Please note that Microsoft leases one floor in this building):


  1. All vendors should have a certificate of insurance on file with the building management before the event. I (Nima email: nimad at microsoft dot com) can handle this as soon as a vendor is identified.
  2. There should be no open flames in the building at anytime. This includes sterno and compressed gas used by caterers to heat up food. Electric chafing dishes and electric ovens are ok.
  3. There should be no smoking anywhere in the building.
  4. We should only hang out in the Microsoft offices during BarCamp. We should not hang out in the stairs or in the lobby.





Who's talking about us?



Lost & Found - BarCampSanFrancisco


If either of these items belong to you, please contact Anand Iyer ('ai') at anand.iyer@microsoft.com with identifying information, and a physical postal address to mail the item to you at.


  • a Nokia phone
  • a (computer) mouse



Other related (or unrelated) events of significance


  • The Pride parade is on sunday and starts right outside the building. There will be about a million people attending, so parking and all transit may be difficult.
  • The Farmer's Market is at the Ferry Building on Saturday - good food.