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Barcamp in Santa Fe

Register here. Call Don Begley @ 505.670.9432 for additional information.

Event Complete. Check out the photos!


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"Tools and Curriculum for the Digital Bottega"

The Santa Fe Complex celebrates its opening with a BarCamp in conjunction with FRIAMGroup, an emergent organization of complexity researchers and software developers.


As we launch Santa Fe Complex the question comes up about what kinds of knowledge, tools and forms of learning will best prepare folks interested in:

  • constructing models and simulations
  • designing visualizations
  • exploring computational art
  • facilitating innovative stakeholder meetings
  • doing qualitative field research in complex systems
  • designing novel physical computing interfaces
  • performing data analysis
  • designing computer games


Experience from programs like Project GUTS, SFI Complex Systems Summer School, NM Supercomputing Challenge, UNM ARTSLab, College of Santa Fe's Moving and Image Arts and the upcoming Software Institute and Warehouse21 will offer models to borrow from.


A related focus is the design of the actual physical space and interaction rules that will foster a healthy digital Bottega.


For more on Bottega Design with respect to computer science education at College of Santa Fe, see Dave West's proposal for Chiliplop in AZ that will happen the following week.


Register here. Call Don Begley @ 505.670.9432 for additional information.



March 7

1p-5p Barcamp at Santa Fe Complex

Dinner at Cowgirl 5:30p - 8p

After entertainment TBD


March 8

10-5p Barcamp at Santa Fe Complex


Attendees are invited to attend the weekly 10a-12p [<http://www.friam.org> | FRIAMGroup meeting] at St. John's


Santa Fe Complex

632 Agua Fria

Santa Fe, NM


Where to stay?

There is ample room at the complex though the floor is a bit hard.


The Guadalupe Inn is a block away at 604 Agua Fria St. Phone number is 505-989-7422.


The Eldorado Hotel (505-988-4455), Hilton Hotel (505-988-2811) and Santa Fe Sage Inn (505-820-9341), in declining order of price, are nearby.


Contact Don Begley at the number above for additional information about local hotels.



Santa Fe Complex welcomes financial and material support.

  • Incoming donations (cash, in-kind)
  • Outgoing expenses






  • Steve Guerin @ Redfish Group » email: steve.guerin/at/redfish-dot-com (Santa Fe, NM)



  • Add your name here, but if you do...follow through!








Task List

(please cross out when it's done)





  • We have wifi in 624 Agua Fria. We need repeaters to get it over to 632. Help!!


Projector, White Boards

  • Tom Johnson can provide one digital projector
  • Redfish has 2 projectors
  • Carl Diegert will bring three high lumen projectors around 3p on Friday
  • Peter Ellzey will contribute a projector with wireless capabilities




  • Digital SLR and tripod (Matt Francisco)



  • Will bring digital video camera (Steve Guerin)



  • Will bring a wireless mic (Steve Guerin)


Streaming or Stickam or Skype






  • Redfish will provide lunch on Saturday



  • We reserved the "Boardroom" at Cowgirl for 5:30p-8 Friday night




Tables and chairs

  • We need tables and chairs...please bring anything you can when you come