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BarCampSaskatoon | Contact

What is BarCamp?

The goal of BarCamp Saskatoon, is to bring together people who love technology to talk and to learn. There will be a number of sessions which are scheduled by the attendees at the start of the day.


At BarCamp, anyone can present. Presenting is actively encouraged. Talks can be as short or as long as you like. You can use slides, a web connection, or forgo slides altogether. Talks can be technical or non-technical.


The Barcamp ethos is about sharing information. There is no overriding theme to the conference. If you've been to a BarCamp before this will make sense, if not, come and check it out! If you would like to talk sign up on the website.


When and Where?

Greenbryre Golf & Country Club



We will have a bar, all day snacks, and supper.

How do I Sign Up?

If you want to attend, you must registerBarCamp Saskatoon is free.


How do I Stay Up to Date?

Check out the blog barcampsaskatoon.org.

Join the Facebook group and Follow us http://twitter.com/barcampstoon for the latest info!


Starts after tear-down. Everyone welcome!


*Note: You do not have to speak at this conference, but you should be willing to participate in the discussions (if you know something about what is being talked about or if you have questions).