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Seattle BarCamp Home > Schedule




Day 1 - Saturday, June 13th, 2009


  • 10:00AM Check in & mingle
  • 10:30AM Morning sessions
  • 12:30PM Lunch
  • 1:30PM Afternoon sessions
  • 5:00PM Dinner
  • Party


Day 2 - Sunday, June 14th, 2009


  • 10:00AM Morning sessions
  • 1:00 PM End


Proposed Sessions


>>Please add your session idea here!! Remember, we want everyone to participate!!


  • Working in Common Spaces (Jacob Sayles of Office Nomads)
  • Social Productivity (Tara Brown of Office Live)
  • Microformats and social portability (Tantek Çelik of MicroFormats)
  • BodyOptimization (")
  • LifeCamp (")
  • Buildering (")
  • Community Driven Content (Sean Bonner of MetBlogs)
  • Moving from your web to the engines: Improving Compliance + Accessibility from the inside out! (Gilbert Corrales of Artinsoft Research)
  • How to Enjoy Things in Different Ways (Buster McLeod of McLeod Residence and 43things.com)
  • Runtime Revolution HyperCard Resurrection
  • Building Effective CMS-driven Sites (aka How to Use Drupal and Not Go Crazy Doing It) - Crystal Williams of LA Drupal/BarCampLA/Warner Bros. Records
  • PowerPoint karaoke - we pick a random set of slides, you present them like you know what you're talking about, everyone rofls (Sarah Davies and Brian Rowe of Freedom for IP)
  • How community influencer engagement is overtaking traditional PR practices (as exemplified by 31 Days of the Dragon)
  • Lifecasting and Live Streaming (Joel Smith)
  • Why Does Higher Ed Web (Kinda) Suck? (Dylan Wilbanks)
  • Mapping the Status of the Seattle Startup Scene - A Group Assessment using iC Strategic Planning. Participate Here (Jon Poland of 3rd i Designs)
  • Escaping the Web (AKA Stupid Django Tricks) (Michael Frank)
  • What is web2.0- an anti-panel(Colin Henry)
  • Downshifting your Data Consumption ( getting by with less ) ( Patrick Haller )
  • Semantic Technology (Dan Maycock & Pam Yurczyk)
  • Distributed development with Git - Would anyone be interested in a session about this?
  • Hacking your brain w. Post-Its. (Brian Eisenberg)
  • Introducing Flow Based Programming
  • Knitting 2.0: How “hi-tech meets hand-spun” is changing the face of this traditional craft. (Beth Goza)
  • A crash course in professional audio engineering techniques for podcasters. (Mike Munro)
  • Effective Diagram Design (Noah Iliinsky)
  • Hacking Silverlight 3 (David Kelley) - can only do sat.
  • Ending Poverty With Software - (Adam Feuer of the Mifos Initiative) - ending poverty worldwide is a big job, and needs software support. Let's help!


Tell us what you want to talk about or hear about! Some ideas:

  • The impending ubiquity of WebKit
  • Using Twitter to get better customer satisfaction
  • Joomla 1.5
  • New or upcoming services
  • Mashups
  • OpenSocial
  • MediaWiki
  • iPhone and Wii hacking
  • Mash-up "how to" ... how to create a Google Maps Mashup like the San Diego Fire http://tinyurl.com/6ryaz2
  • Social Networking/Social Network Analysis
  • Social Software
  • Offline gadgets/embedded programming
  • add a topic...