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Live Search

Liquid Planner

Office Labs


Paradigma Software




Need more!! Contact tarabrown@gmail.com




Donations needed (prefer in-kind donations)



  • Bottled water for Saturday and Sunday
  • Saturday Snacks >>Mighty O Donuts: 120 mini donuts. >>Need more snacks!
  • Saturday Breakfast (e.g. muffins & coffee) >>Liquid Planner will donate $500 towards breakfast (bagels, etc.)
  • Saturday Lunch (e.g. pizza or subs) >> Paradigma Software and Mirye will donate $500 towards towards this
  • Sunday Breakfast (e.g. muffins & coffee) >>Identity Mine will donate $350 towards breakfast


Other stuff

  • napkins
  • plates
  • cups
  • cleaning stuff (paper towels, trash bags, windex, etc,)
  • cleaning company ($150)
  • Name tags
  • Posters with Open Space principles



  • t-shirts (s, m, l). No logo on tshirt but can advertise in facility

Getting quote for 250 and another for 300


  • Mirye is donating free copies of Mirye Runtime Revolution Media to participants


We would like the logo wrapped on the left side of the torso. Like this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jchenry/2511473460/


We also might get text for the front of the shirt but I need to verify that.


This is the logo:



10 small

90 medium

90 large

50 XL

10 XXL


  • Black silk jackets for Tantek
  • Red silk smoking jackets for organizers


Saturday evening event

*Sponsor drink tickets at McLeods >>From Buster McLeod: $4 for drink tickets good for well drinks and beer. He also said that it gets pretty crowded if there is more than 100 people at time.






Sponsorship Ideas


  • Fuel sponsor coffee (Jacob)>> no news
  • Breakfast snacks (Jacob) >>contacted Mighty O Donuts no go. Will contact Grand Central Bakery
  • Breakfast snacks (Tara) >>Contact Essentials Baking Co.

>>Starbucks (Andrew)

  • Talking Rain (Tara)
  • Office Nomads (water cooler)
  • zipfizz sponsorship (Tara)
  • pizza or box lunches
  • Tara to talk to Jenn about a restaurant to sponsor food
  • Ankur to talk to Angels to give us in kind donations
  • Get beer/wine sponsor

>>Kevin will contact bunch of breweries/wineries

>>Jacob will call Sierra Nevada

>>Lilia will talk to Pike Brewery

>>Kevin/Jacob will call alternate venues to McLeods

  • Party at Mcleod Residence? >> Tara spoke with Buster and he said the capacity is 150 but gets kind of crowded after 100
  • RedFin (Daniel Escapa)
  • Zillow sponsor (Tara Brown) >>Alix Han is getting me a name
  • Get list of startups (Kevin Davis) >> here: http://seattle20.sampasite.com/blog/Seattle-Startup-Index-for-Decemb.htm (I'd only suggest contacting the first ~100, making sure to avoid dupes ;-)
  • Organizers party on Friday that is sponsored. Maybe we do the organizers/silverlight party at mcleods?