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BarCamp Sheffield 3 is going back to Basics.

  • Date: 16-17 April 2011 (plus overnight hacking)
  • Venue: Workstation, Paternoster Row, Sheffield, S1 2BX 
  • Tickets: Space is ample, but limited, so registration is mandatory.
  • Timings: check the registration page.
  • Schedule: er, it's an unconference ... we'll work it out on the day 
  • Overnight: space for midnight oil makers and hackers, but not a sleepover
  • Hashtag: #bcshf
  • Twitter: @barcampshf 
  • Also on Lanyrd

Please update this page as you need to.


Sat 16 Apr

Time  Notes  Front Lounge  Back Lounge  Conference 1  Conference 2  GIST Lab  Pinball Park
10:00 Doors open  Registration  Grid Open         
11:00 Welcome  Muster           
11:30  Session 1 

Any aspect of documenting systems and the range of tools for delivering documents

Talk about APIs (and stuff) @sjamesu  Sentiment Analysis - Is text positive or negative? @martinrue       
12:10  Session 2  Elevenses? (tea + cake) @carolynlyn  Writing Stories @ruby_gem  Jessica - a .NET micro web framework       
12:50  Session 3  Membership sites strategies @tnash and @glennpegder  Zombie Dice - Paul Brook  Everything you always wanted to know about contracting BWATA @matzie  Titanium Mobile Dev - A quick intro @thewarpedcoder     
13:30  Lunch             
14:30  Session 4      Video Game Bucket List @losuaive  Tinyweb A REST inspired web framework C#/.NET @martinrue  Fractal Geometry - snowflakes, broccoli, chaos, Norway and sexy ladies! @ben_nuttall   
15:10 Session 5

It's A Tough Call

Using a simple visual tool to make difficult decisions, resolve arguments and solve dilemmas - Ashley Moran

The Low Level Details of QR Codes @alistair_uk  The Space Shuttle - A reusable launch system @katie_fenn       
15:50 Session 6 Haskell, Lisp, Scheme, Clojure and other things I know nothing about @gunstarcowboy  Idea Party (bring a goal/wish and an obstacle) - @euanbayliss  How to get attention on Flickr - @martin88       
16:30 Break            
17:00 Session 7 barcampers.org - What is it? What's it for? Should it be an exercise in transparency and openness? @proactivepaul    CSI: Rogue Sysadmin - Talk/presentation about a recent job of mine accessing and securing a compromised Linux server - Andrew Richards       
17:40 Session 8   Open WRT - Reflashing Linux on your router - Paul Brook  Are Video Games good for you? @losuaive @hitation       
18:20 Session 9 Planning #bcnott #bcblackpool - @ruby_gem        Having a look at the GIST lab reprap and possibly sugru - @yorchannah   
19:00 Close of Day Regroup          

Sun 17 Apr

Time  Notes  Front Lounge  Back Lounge  Conference 1  Conference 2  GIST Lab  Pinball Park
10:00 Doors open  Registration  Grid Open         
10:20 Welcome  Muster           
10:30  Session 10             
11:10  Session 11             
11:50  Session 12             
12:30  Lunch             
14:00  Session  13             
14:40 Session 14            
15:20 Session 15            
16:00 Close of Day Regroup           
16:15 Wind Down            



Based on the famous Rules of BarCamp but adapted for this gathering:

  • Pimp your passions, not your product.
  • Share. Be open to learn.
  • Be a participant, not a spectator, not a tourist. 
  • Don't repeat yourself. No re-runs. Original and fresh content only.
  • Write about it, blog about it, tweet about it.   

Stuff to Bring

We want you to be collaborative, but you should be self-sufficient too. Pack this stuff:

  • Your geek gear - laptop/tablet, smartphone, camera, etc
  • Chargers or spare batteries for your electronics stack
  • Extension cable if you have a rack of gear to charge
  • Your own name badge and lanyard
  • A drinking vessel to keep hydrated - mug / tankard / flask
  • Stuff to eat from and with (unless you plan to totally eat out) - bowl / plate / spoon / fork / knife
  • Deodorant 


Add your name, Twitter handle and blog here if you are coming, but please register to secure your space.  If you're local and may be able to offer a place to stay for travelling campers, please indicate.

  1. Jag Gill @jagusti 
  2. Dee Vincent-Day @deevincentday
  3. Proactive Paul @proactivepaul 
  4. Daley Chetwynd @dchetwynd 
  5. Liam Jolly @losvaive 
  6. Richard Rixham @richardrixham 
  7. Richard King @graphiclunarkid
  8. Paul Beech @guru 
  9. Hannah York @yorkhannah
  10. Richard Allsebrook @richardathome 
  11. Katie Fenn @katie_fenn 
  12. Matt Jukes @jukesie 
  13. Chris Murray @chrismurray0 
  14. Claire Gowler @kitation 
  15. Alistair MacDonald @alistair
  16. Jon Rowe @jonrowe 
  17. James Urquhart @sjamesu 
  18. David Emmett @davidjmemmett 
  19. Marc Johnson @marcjohnson 
  20. Trevor Ward @thewarpedcoder 
  21. Gemma Cameron @ruby_gem 
  22. Kian Ryan @kianryan 
  23. Tim Dobson @tdobson 
  24. Sam Bail
  25. Andrew Disley @andrewdisley 
  26. Dominic Hodge @thehodge 
  27. Alex McLean @yaxu
  28. Andy Halsall @ajehals 
  29. Tim Hastings @timhastings 
  30. Jon Atkinson @jon_atkinson 
  31. Bryn Salisbury @bryns  
  32. Owain Lewis @ow_zone 
  33. Matt Saunders @matzie
  34. Craig Marston @craigmarston 
  35. Ian Ibbotson @ianibbo 
  36. Mike Simons @ixulai 
  37. Ryan McDonough @ryanmcdonough
  38. Edd Sax @eddsax 
  39. David Batty @davidbatty
  40. Rebecca Parker @rebecca_parker
  41. Andrew Richards
  42. Tom Bell @thetombell
  43. Martin Rue @martinrue
  44. Kerry Sholicar @kerrysholicar
  45. Carolyn Jones @carolynlyn
  46. Tim Nash @tnash
  47. John Stovin @johnstovin
  48. Steve Frost @stevefrost
  49. Dave King @davbo
  50. Michael Heap @mheap
  51. Lalita D'Cruze @lallyd
  52. Scott Engering @glowingedges
  53. Martin Cunningham @martin88
  54. Mick Cunningham @mick_cunningham
  55. Sami Bashraheel @samibashraheel
  56. Euan Bayliss @euanbayliss
  57. Ben Nuttall @ben_nuttall
  58. Caz Mockett @cazm
  59. Bill Boorman  @billboorman
  60. Richard Rixham @richardrixham 
  61. Dan Sumption @dansumption
  62. Richard Bolam @rbdigimedia
  63. Bill Best @billbest
  64. Sami Bashraheel @iosami
  65. Trine Moore @futurenows
  66. Michael Mokrysz @46bit
  67. Glenn Pegden @glennpegden
  68. Suleiman Hussein @suleimanx
  69. Rich Gwilliam @cakeorglory
  70. Andrew Seward @mrandrew
  71. Karl Forshaw @karlforshaw 
  72. Michael Kimb Jones @mkjones
  73. Mick Clark @micksrambles
  74. Paul Brook
  75. James Methley @gunstarcowboy 
  76. Ashley Moran @monkeyiswise
  77. Ian Parr @devolute


Bringing Ideas to Share

Make this up on the day, but get the ideas flowing here.

  1. I am happy to talk about any aspect of documenting systems and development ideas, readability, grading scales, preparing copy and instructional content.  (@deevincentday)
  2. Getting started as a contractor - risks and rewards! (@matzie)
  3. Learning, Coaching, Consultancy (ThoughtWorks), BDD (Communication and learning aspects) / Deliberate Discovery, Systems Thinking, Complex Systems (@marcjohnson)
  4. State of fluxx: emergent goals and dynamic game systems (@jagusti)
  5. Idea Party - bring a goal/dream/wish and an obstacle - everyone else present to come up with lots of ideas (@euanbayliss)


Bringing Food to Share

There will be no sponsored free bar or food. Lots of places onsite and close by to go hunter-gathering. But we encourage you to bring stuff to share. Cupcakes, cookies, fruit, bombay mix, ground coffee, cafetieres, a slowcooker of veg chilli soup ... all of these and more are good for sharing.  If you're bringing something finite, please suggest quantities or how far the rations will stretch.

  • Tea urn for constant gallons of hot water (@jagusti)

Bringing Equipment to Share

We are generally well kitted for projection, wifi and the basics at the venue. Consumables are always useful (post-its, sticky labels for name badges, marker pens etc), as well as Mac video adaptors. Other equipment to bring to the table could be handy. Be inventive ...

  • I can bring some stationery items (@deevincentday) 
  • Index cards, post-it notes, pens etc (@marcjohnson)
  • Item (@donor)

Write, blog, tweet ....

Add any links to blog posts you write about #bcshf here:

Other Interesting Stuff Happening

Friday Night

  • Sheffield PHP User Group meeting up at the GIST Lab from 6.30pm.


Sat and Sun:

  • Patriot Games are hosting a national collectible card games tournament at the venue, and will have a games stall
  • CAMRA are camping down at various venues around the Steel City. There's going to be plenty of beer geekery in town. Our local alehouse, The Rutland Arms, will be open til 3am on Saturday night to service real ale enthusiasts and those with a hankering for the #wallofcider or midnight beer garden tippling.


  • Shh! Makers ... RepRap meets Shacknet meets DorkBot: the local fab, electronics and hardware hacking scene converges in a grizzly three-way at the GIST Lab from 6.30pm. Physical Computing projects, Dancing Robots workshop and live coded music.  Hashtag #shhm.

Monday & Tuesday 

  • The Psychology of Programming Conference brings together academic research and practitioner insight to examine the people aspects of software development, craftsmanship, user experience and interaction design.



You may be able to get some savings on your train tickets through the Sheffield Convention Bureau.  Their form to fill in and fax (yes, fax ...) is available on Scribd. There is a 10-day turnaround time, so you may be better off just using something like East Coast, who don't charge for booking online.  And of course, there's always the MegaBus.


We're across the road from the train station which has excellent national links, but if you are bringing your own car there is limited all day on-street parking on Matilda Lane, as well as 24-hour parking at Charles Street Q-Park multi-storey (get 50% off voucher from the Workstation) and Sidney Street.

Places to Stay

There is an overnight hacker element to this barcamp, but it is not a sleepover.

There are plenty of hotels and B&B outfits in Sheffield. Because of the snooker, CAMRA and another big conference in Sheffield, hotel rooms are filling up, and big deals are harder to come by. You may find something affordable through the Stay Sheffield website. If you want to recommend any, please add below.

You can also try couchsurfing or crowdsourcing a crashpad with the other local attendees.



None. This camp is by the geeks, for the geeks.

If you really want to sponsor something (not BarCamp Sheffield 3), drop a line to hello@thegistfoundation.org. The GIST Foundation and community are making #bcshf and other grassroots geekery in Sheffield happen. If you'd like to talk to a person about #bcshf, contact @jagusti.