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We are doing it again...

    • Post Event

Updates from the event.


Coming Up: All Presentation Videos, Photos


Next event on the horizon: E27?


Maps and Mobile Unconference Gathering


Date/Time: 21 May 2008 (Wednesday)

Venue: NUS Extension, Park Mall, Opposite Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station.


Theme: To bring in professionals and enthusiasts who are working on map applications in the Internet and mobile applications. A time of sharing among local hacker communities, developers, industry players and Google engineers.


Organizers: Barcamp Singapore, Singapore PHP User Group and Entrepreneur27 (Garag3)

Supported by: NUS Enterprise (Venue), SG Entrepreneurs

Sponsored by: Google Singapore


    • Tentative Plan

Here is an outline for the program:


6.30 - 7.30 pm Registration & Networking

7.30 - 8.10 pm Introduction and followed by 2 keynotes (20 minutes each)

Keynote 1: Overview of Google Maps API - Derek Callow (Head of Marketing, Google Singapore) and Andrew McGlinchey (Geo Product Manager for SE Asia, Google Singapore) - Confirmed

Keynote 2: Secured Mobility - Gerard Lim, CTO of Bak2u (http://www.bak2u.com) - Confirmed


8.10 - 10 pm Breakout sessions (Maximum 4 start-ups/projects demo)

Breakout Session 1: Maps - in the main room

Chaired by Jon Petersen, Singeo (http://www.singeo.com.sg)

10 minutes demos by several companies utilizing Google Maps API - SingGeo - http://www.singeo.com.sg, Shoplette - http://www.shoplette.com, Lilihood - http://www.lilihood.com and Homespace - http://www.homespace.sg and Nokia Map APIs by Gary Chan.

Breakout Session 2: Mobile Applications - in the breakout room

Chaired by Chandrasekar Raghavan, (Co-founder - Barcamp and Google Singapore)

10 minutes demos by several companies in Mobile - Cinepura - iPhone app, TenCube - http://www.tencube.com, Widgeous - http://www.widgeo.us and Mobile Sorcery - http://mobilesorcery.com

10 pm onwards- Supper


Registration is closed for demos. But do bring your demo along and talk to the developers around the unconference.




Food and Drinks will be provided. We are planning to cater for 100-120. If there are more people turning up, we will step it up. :)


Who are attending:

1 Bernard Leong, Partner, Thymos Capital LLP and owner, SG Entrepreneurs (http://www.sgentrepreneurs.com )

2 Michael Cheng, Convener, Singapore PHP User Group (http://www.php.com.sg )

3 Justin Lee, Co-Founder, Entrepreneur27 and Garag3 (http://www.e27.sg, http://www.garag3.com )

4 Chandrasekar Raghavan, founder, Barcamp

5 Harish Mallipeddi - Circos ( http://poundbang.in/blog/ )

6 Derek Callow, Head of Marketing, Google Singapore

7 Gerard Lim, CTO, Bak2u (http://www.bak2u.com )

8 Vinod, founder of Homespace (http://www.homespace.sg )

9 Shayan Shahand, Co-Founder of Lilihood (http://www.lilihood.com )

10 Alireza Kashian, Founder of Lilihood (http://www.lilihood.com )

11 Sona Hassani, Co-Founder of Lilihood (http://www.lilihood.com )

12 U-Zyn Chua, Co-Founder, Widgeous (http://widgeo.us )

13 Ridzuan Ashim, Co-Founder, Widgeous (http://widgeo.us )

14 Teng Kah Wee, Program Analyst, Widgeous (http://widgeo.us )

15 Aen Tan, Art Director, Widgeous (http://widgeo.us) and Design Consultant, AEN (http://aendirect.com)

16 Tang Chin Yong, Code Crew, Ablewise Classifieds (http://www.ablewise.com ) (http://thinkingnectar.com )

17 Adrian Quek, Code Crew, Ablewise Classifieds (http://www.ablewise.com )

18 Chua Ruiwen, linuxNUS and Mobile Sorcery (http://mobilesorcery.com | http://mosync.com)

19 Marcus Lim, Co-founder, Shoplette (http://www.shoplette.com)

20 Shannon Low, Co-founder, Shoplette (http://www.shoplette.com)

21 Jon Petersen, Singeo (http://www.singeo.com.sg)

22 Andrew McGlinchey, Geo Product Manager for SE Asia, Google Singapore.

23 Aaron Chua, Manager, IDM Office, Media Development Authority

24 Wilson Hidajat, Wilson Pictures

25 Gary Chan, Business Development Manager, Nokia (http://nokia.com)

26 Bill Claxton, Technical Director, Iterate Pte Ltd (http://itr8.com)

27 Eunice Tan, Assistant Manager, IDM Office, Media Development Authority (www.idm.sg/co-space)

28 Gwendolyn Regina Tan, Thymos Capital LLP (http://www.thymoscapital.com)

29 Leslie Huang, Entrepreneur27 (http://e27.sg) and Garag3 (http://www.garag3.com)

30 Michael Cheng, Singapore PHP User Group (http://www.php.com.sg) and Podfire Podcast Network (http://podfire.sg)

31 Melvin Yuan, PR 2.0 Universe (http://thepr2.0universe.com)

31 Kelvin Quee, Interesthink (http://InteresThink.com)

32 Chinmay Pendharkar, Tech65 (http://www.tech65.org)

33 Preetam Rai, http://www.preetamrai.com

34 Wayne Soh Wee Kiat, The Digital Movement (http://www.thedigitalmovement.org)

35 Mahdi Rasouli

36 Estee Teo, The Digital Movement (http://www.thedigitalmovement.org)

37 Vidit Agarwal

38 Marc Goh

39 Jamie Lee, Eteract (http://www.eteract.com)

40 Nick Pan (http://nickpan.com)

41 Shen Yizhe

42 Chew Xunmao

43 Vincent Woon

44 Kevin Lau, eBay SEA

45 Matthew Tan, Senior Product Manager - SPH Search (http://www.rednano.sg)

46 Kee Ee Kheng, Product Manager - SPH Search (http://www.rednano.sg)

47 Howie Chang, The Digital Movement (http://www.thedigitalmovement.org)

48 Chris Ismael, Microsoft Singapore (http://www.microsoft.com)

49 Jocelyn Villaraza, Microsoft Singapore (http://www.microsoft.com)

50 Christian Cadeo, Microsoft Singapore (http://www.microsoft.com)

51 Lester Chan ( http://lesterchan.net ), NUS, FRRO Webhosting (http://frro.net)

52 Weifeng Zhuo, NUS

53 Yue Yeng Fong, NTU

54 Kelvin Lim, MINDEF

55 Charif El Ansari, Google

56 David Chua, SMU, FRRO Webhosting (http://frro.net)

57 Manas Gupta

58 Adrian Zhou, NUS

59 Malcolm Choi

60 Vipin Gupta

61 Alex Quek

62 Kenny Hartono

63 William Ang

64 Tan Yung Yih

65 Staelen Yew

66 Andy Edward Gunawan

67 Ross Veitch

68 Timothy Yeo

69 Kien Lee

70 Daryl Kang, Blog2u (http://blog2u.sg)

71 Sharon Ng

72 Jeffrey Ng

73 Terrence.Ted

74 Kevin Goh

75 Herryanto Siatono, BookJetty (http://www.bookjetty.com)

76 Joe Goh, FunkeeMonk Technology ( http://www.funkeemonk.com ), Singapore CocoaHeads ( http://cocoaheads.org/sg/Singapore/index.html )

77 Ravi Bhushan

78 Edvarcl Heng, Rednano.sg

79 Mohd Hisham, Social Blogger (http://mhisham.org)

80 George Tan, Code Crew, Ablewise Classifieds (http://www.ablewise.com )

81 Hu Shunjie Shinchi, Singapore Flex Usergroup http://www.fug.sg

82 Nikhil Hegde

83 Gregory Gumo

84 Mohan Belani

85 Michelle Alponso

86 Daphne Gong

87 Chee Loong, ASES Singapore (www.ases.org.sg)

88 Wei Chong

89 Faisal Fazalbhoy

90 Joel Chiang, Jweeb (http://www.jweeb.com.sg)

91 Darius Peczek, Advanet Pty Ltd http://advanet.blogspot.com

92 Damith C. Rajapakse (NUS, http://MobileFragmentation.info )

93 Jenson

94 Sek Ling

95 Supriya Addanki

96 Mohan Belani, Entrepreneur27 and Garag3

97 Jacqueline Soong

98 Vinson Chua

99 Jin Foong

100 Nicole Wong, NTU

101 Kenneth Li, Frontedge Capital

102 Lu Yee

103 Supriya Addanki, Text 100 PR Agency

104 Goh Yiping

105 Sharan H Makhija

106 Claudia (http://www.yebber.com | http://claudia.sg)

107 Andy Edward

108 Hiew Wee Soon, Maven Labs

109 Takashi Yoshida

110 Shao Ning

111 Ariff Munshi, NUS

112 Michael Yin , MOZAT

113 Jing Yee Lim, Google

114 Chua Khim Teck

115 Raj

116 Low Hang Wei

117 Ji Cheng

118 Zhao Qinghua

119 Zheng Ji'an

120 Siva Subramanian Vasanth

121 Henry Lim

122 Andrii Olefirenko, http://ewa.sg

123 Denys Volokh

123 Wong Meng Weng, pobox.com, SPF, Karmasphere, foo

124 Bernard Seah

125 Sid Sarkar, OgilvyAction Singapore

126 Prashant Sarkar, Barclays Capital

127 Michael Ruggles, Convertium

128 Nouman Shoukat, Convertium



Who are not attending:


1 Nicholas Aaron Khoo, CNET Asia/TDM (http://www.geekonomics.us) Dying to attend!! But I have to be in Bangkok :(

2 Douglas Gan, Founder of ShowNearby.com (http://www.shownearby.com) Would love to be there and mingle with you guys! But I have to be in Indonesia during this period! =\


Who may be attending:


  1. Du Senyao Peter, The Digital Movement (http://thedigitalmovement.org) - Thought it would be good giving me a reason in case something happens :)



Blast from the Past - Presentations from the First Barcamp!


o Pinko Marketing (Chandrashekar) - http://barcamp.org/f/pinko.ppt

o Petrolwatch / Cake PHP / Scriptaculous / SG PHP User Group (Michael) - http://barcamp.org/f/AJAX%20Implementation%20on%20Petrolwatch.ppt

o Django: Indenting jazz for the web - http://poundbang.in/barcampsg/slides.html

o The Future of Communications - http://barcamp.org/f/The%20Future%20of%20Comms%20%28FINAL%29.ppt



      • Follow-ups from Barcamp 2

Someone asked about Google Earth and Google Maps, and where they're going.. so, FYI "Google Earth Escapes the Client and Comes to the Browser" http://radar.oreilly.com/archives/2008/05/google-earth-plugin-api.html


What is BarCamp?


(Taken from other BarCamp pages) BarCamp is an ad-hoc un-conference born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos and interaction from attendees.


All attendees should give a demo, a session, or help with one. All presentions are scheduled the day they happen. Prepare in advance, but come early to get a slot on the wall. Presenters are responsible for making sure that notes/slides/audio/video of their presentations are published on the web for the benefit of all and those who can’t be present.


Anyone with something to contribute or with the desire to learn is welcome and invited to join.


You can learn more about BarCamp here: http://barcamp.org/TheRulesOfBarCamp



BECAUSE WE CAN... learn, meet people who share different interests, contribute, and push yourself and your thinking.