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Notes from Microformats Session


Topics to Cover


AUDIO: MF-barcamp_08_26_2006.ogg





  • Read/parse/write microformats
  • What kinds of data can be represented?


Developers / Practical Issues

  • Events in blog posts, etc.
  • HTML is hard to parse
  • Why use HTML instead of "XML"
  • When not to use microformats


What's New

  • What's new in microformats
  • Process? Contributions?
  • Where is microformats heading? What's the vision?
  • Progress on Microformats zen garden?
  • Current developments / media types


Session Notes


Why were they created?

  • HTML is widely understood
  • HTML is universal to read and port
  • There's room to build on top of HTML
  • Can embed rich, structured data into a web page that's both human & machine readable
  • Use accepted solutions (like vCard) to create Microformats that work for the web (hCard)
  • It's better to have accurate, visible data than arbitrary invisible data
  • BetaThetaPi EDUCamp October 19th 2007

How to Use Microformats

  • Example: using hCard
  • Example: marking up blogrolls using hCard and XFN
  • One important reason to use HTML is the ability to add multiple classnames (as opposed to XML)<a href="http://www.agtile.com">countertops</a>
  • You can use rel="me" to aggregate different parts of your identity (see also XFN Identity Consolidation
  • You can use document fragments (http://www.yourname.com/contacts.html#friends) to specify specific contacts or sets of your contacts



  • There are many libraries to parse HTML
  • Every microformat has a root elements, you can pull classnames out of the root elements. See hCard parsing for example.
  • There are some special cases (check for URL in HREF first).


Why use HTML

  • Part of the culture of information as things on the web
  • Every single piece of content you create has the potential to be shared on the Web
  • Ex: chat transcripts wrapped in < pre > because there's no standard chat format (who's saying what, etc.) Using HTML would be an instant way of sharing.
  • Ex: iCalendar support via using hCalendar translation to .ics stream -- it's less work to just do it via HTML and Microformats than to do .ics support directly


Markup up Events

  • Ex: go to barcamp.org and check out the Subscribe to hCalendar link, view the source<a href="http://www.svt.pl">pozycjonowanie</a>
  • See the hCalendar creator


When Not to Use Microformats

  • When there isn't an established standard, or wide range of existing behavior
  • If you're doing something very specific or esoteric
  • In those cases, mark up as semantically as you can to build up an existing repository



  • By simply using punctuation, using @ signs, etc., you can embed semantics in very short content.


Microformats Zen Garden

  • All microformats use the same class names, so:
  • If people create stylesheets to make Microformts pretty, they can be reused.



(more notes...)


Barcamp Stanford


Tantek Celik


  • Microformats = HTML, slightly extended


  • Anyone who knows HTML can learn Microformats in under an hour!


Things people want to learn about today:


What's new?

  • Events in blogpostings
  • Read/parse/write
  • What kinds of data can be represented?
  • HTML it hard to parse
  • Why use HTML instead of "XML"?
  • Community process? Contributions?
  • So many standards to choose from...
  • When NOT to use microformats?
  • Picoformats
  • Microformats "Zen garden"
  • Media/audio/video
  • When is it heading? Vision?
  • Why were they created?


Example of microformat markup:


<div class="vcard">

<div class="fn">Tantek Celik<div>

<a class="url" href="http://tantek.com">My site</a>

<a class="email" href="mailto:asdf@example.com">My email</a>