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You Are Cordially Invited To

SEE! The Two Headed Librarian!


EXPERIENCE! The Thrill of Research!


WATCH! As Answers are Revealed!



Free research help November 2 in Addlestone Library from 3-4:30 in Room 120.


Share your favorite uses of new technologies with other students. Do you use a wiki, Flickr, blog, del.icio.us, sms? How do social networks affect your school life?


ALSO! Stump the Chump/Beat the Geek!!


Librarians LIVE and IN-PERSON to answer your RESEARCH QUESTIONS


Possible Topics Include:

Finding full text articles!

Using IM service for library help!

How to Use the New Self Service Check Out Kiosk!

How to Use the "Find It @ CofC" linking software!

What is PASCAL Delivers and How Can You Use it to Access Books!

Accessing Media Collections!

Are You Library Literate?!

Using new technologies to stay informed!

How did I get here? What is visual design?!



BUT WAIT! There's More....

Bring your research problems or questions and we'll answer anything!



Tom Gilson (Find It @ CofC), Sheila Seaman (Google Searching, topic selection) , Jared Seay (media, FREAKMASTER), Jannette Finch (user-generated content, tagging, visual design), Kristen Devoe (web page design, PASCAL Delivers, my library account), Stancy Merwin (catalog).


(disclaimer by Jannette Finch, BarCampStumptheChump planner: I realize this format is not true to the BarCamp spirit. If you want an explanation of what I am trying to do, email me, finchj@cofc.edu)


Thursday, November 2

3:00-4:30 PM EST



Addlestone Library, Room 120