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BarCamp Sydney 3 logo


BarCampSydney (3) - Signup Page (Password is c4mp)


[text based on BarCampMelbourne who poached it from BarCampLondon]


Please click 'Edit Page' above and add your name to the bottom of the list below, including some way of contacting you (blog link, email address, etc) and whether you're keen to participate and the topic you're thinking about.


If you have a Yahoo! account, make your self traceable by adding your status to http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/318499/


When you're done, head over to the BarCampSydneyBlog.


No. Full Name URL Email attend &/or present? presentation topic transportation*
1 Ajay Ranipeta http://www.aggregatedsolutions.com/ ajay on google mail unorganise, attend, present stuff!
2 Jodie Miners http://jodiem.wordpress.com/ jodiem at gmail dot com unorganise, attend, present Enterprise 2.0 - it's about People, Not Technology
3 Brad Kellett http://pantsland.com/ bck at bradkellett dot com unorganise, attend, maybe present not sure yet
4 Jan Devos http://www.jandevos.org/ jan at jandevos dot org
5 Nick Hodge http://www.nickhodge.com/ nhodge at microsoft dot com unorganise, attend, maybe present presentation skills workshoppe?
6 Denise Fernandez   rowdyrabbit gmail unorganise, attend, present? strong/soft/weak/phantom references and GC in Java
7 Jax Wechsler http://jaxinteractive.wordpress.com jaxsubscribes at gmail dot com attend    
7 Marc Lehmann http://www.saasu.com/ marc at saasu dot com unorganise, attend, present Productivity
8 Alison Young http://alegrya.wordpress.com alegrya at gmail dot com unorganise, attend, maybe present what the heck is Twitter all about?
9 Rai http://www.tangler.com/dekrazee1 rai@tangler.com will help, will participate gotta think abt it
10 Rowan Walker http://www.bathurstpubs.com/ rowanatrmwpublishing.net attend, quiz, annoy just a lurker
11 Stephen Collins http://www.acidlabs.org trib at acidlabs dot org unorganise, attend, present Social capital, innovation and creativity
12 Alex North http://jobreel.com.au alex at alexn dot id dot au unorganise, attend, present TBA walking
13 Steve Baty http://www.meld.com.au stevebaty at meld dot com dot au attend, maybe present  
14 David Soul   david soul at gmail.com attend  
15 Brett Welch http://www.goodbarry.com brett at goodbarry dot com attend, present Something, let me think on it
16 Lawrence Hsu http://www.goodbarry.com larz at goodbarry dot com attend  
17 Graham Garland http://voysage.com/ grah at voysage dot com attend  
18 Alex Antonucci http://voysage.com/ alex at voysage dot com attend  
19 Jean-Jacques Halans http://www.halans.be/ halans gmail unorganise, pretend Something on Free Australia Wireless, maybe Mapanui and an alternative widget platform with no name foot - train - bus
20 Chriswaterguy (Chris Watkins) http://www.appropedia.org chriswaterguy att appropedia dot org attend, present Developing tools for an online community of knowledge, using Appropedia, the sustainability wiki, as one example. (I'll present concepts rather than code - I'm not a hacker, but would welcome hackers' perspectives.)
21 Alan Jones http://www.doingwords.com/ alan.jones with, say, gmail attend, present pitching and presenting for geeks seeking investors... would that be good?
22 Ruth Ellison http://www.ruthellison.com/ me at ruthellison dot com attend, maybe present?, maybe take photos, happy to help out, but will be late (driving from Canberra on Sat morning) maybe something from the UX/accessibility field
23 Richard Buggy http://www.buggy.id.au/ rich at buggy dot id dot au attend and maybe present  
24 Radica Raeves http://www.bruceclay.com.au/ rraeves at bruceclay dot com attend, present, take snaphots  
25 Paul Sorauer http://www.codered.com.au paul at codered . com . au unorganise, attend, present Amazon Web Services
26 Sven Peters http://www.zaabiz.com.au sven.peters at zaabiz.com.au attend, unorganise, maybe present  
27 Sven Dowideit http://distributedINFORMATION.com SvenDowideit@home.org.au attend, enjoy, meet  
28 Pamela Duffy   pamd@home.org.au attend, enjoy, meet  
29 Chris Broadfoot http://chrisbroadfoot.id.au/ chris at domain to the left. attend, enjoy, take photos  
30 John Dalton http://john.daltons.info/ john.dalton@bigfoot.com Whatever's required I'll make something up if I'm forced to
31 Garth Roxburgh-Kidd http://twitter.com/garthk garth@deadlybloodyserious.com attend, present, take photos Django inside the corporate firewall
32 Brendan Cartledge http://brendancartledge.com bc@brendancartledge.com attend, pretend, meet, enjoy  
33 Taylor luk http://idealian.net subjective at gmail dot come attend, meet, enjoy, photo  
34 Michael Watkins http://www.gunnago.com mike at gunnago dot com attend applying googlemaps and social networking to the online backpacker travel industry
35 Nathan Reeves http://www.mypubs.com.au nathan.reeves at gmail dot com attend  
36 Matt Moore http://engineerswithoutfears.blogspot.com laalgadger at yahoo dot co dot uk attend & present social software & social complexity, designing for sociability
37 Kim Heras http://entrepreneur.meetup.com/1136/ kheras at ensyst dot com dot au attend & present Sydney Open Coffee and our plans to further support Sydney technology startups
38 Bart Jellema http://www.tjoos.com bart.jellema@tjoos.com attend, maybe present, enjoy, meet  
39 Kim Chen http://www.tjoos.com kim.chen@tjoos.com attend, unorganise  
40 Stephanie Hannon   skhannon at gmail dot com attend, enjoy, meet  
41 Janine Cahill http://www.futurejourneys.com jcahill AT futurejourneys.com attend, present, share mixed reality games or virtual worlds collaborations
42 Malcolm Lambert http://www.intresto.com.au malbert at that place attend, ask, answer local experiences of tech startups
43 James Crisp http://jamescrisp.org firstname @ domain attend, present, meet JRuby or .NET MVC (a.k.a. Rails for .NET)
44 Craig Brown http://www.betterprojects.net visit the blog to email attend, present, meet Not sure
45 Kellie scott   kelliescott at gmail dot cm attend, ask, maybe present Not sure
46 Mark Needham   m.h.needham at gmail dot com attend, ask, meet  
47 Neil Carey   neil dot carey at datacom dot com dot au attend, ask, meet  
48 Nilesh Deshpande http://www.LightspeedIT.com.au NileshD at lightspeedit dot com dot au attend, ask, meet  
49 Pia Waugh http://www.pipka.org/ greebo at pipka dot org attend, ask, meet, present OLPC Australia, FOSS, Software Freedom
50 Marcus Schappi http://www.littlebirdelectronics.com/ marcus at littlebirdelectronics dot com attend, ask, meet, present (Presenting Sunday) Introduction to Arduino, & Open Source Hardware!
51 Michael Kedzierski http://here.the.ycros.be waikurosu at gmail dot com attend, ask, meet, maybe present Thinking of something.
52 Jacob Schwartz   mightyturtle at gmail dot com attend, ask, meet  
53 Laurel Papworth http://silkcharm.blogspot.com lpapworth on google mail attend, present, giggle moderating communities, foundation stones of social networks
54 Dylan Fogarty-MacDonald http://dylanfm.com dylan.fm at gmail attend, listen  
55 Mitch Malone http://www.mitchmalone.name/ mitch.malone at mac dot com attend, listen, ask  
56 Andrew Gerrand http://nf.wh3rd.net/ nf (at) wh3rd (dot) net attend, listen, present "Recreating old-school demo effects in Processing"
57 Leah Maclean http://workingsolo.com.au leah dot maclean at gmail dot com unorganise, attend, listen, ask  
58 Matthew Hall http://twitter.com/aDB/ psyke dot 4711 at gmail dot com attend, comment Perhaps with JJ on Free Australia Wireless
59 Craig Sharkie http://www.machinetag.com/ barcamp at twalve dot com attend, quiz, annoy just a lurker
60 Chris Paola http://gleemy.com/ chris(adtt)gleemy(ddot)com attend, present, meet, ask, maybe answer would like to demo gleemy
61 Damian TOAST O'Neil http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0 toast at glassonion dot com dot au attend,maybe present Web2.0 for corporate websites:YOUR DOING IT WRONG! 5 Epic Failures
62 Kate Carruthers http://twitter.com/kcarruthers   attend,present,network eat, drink, be merry
63 Thomas Suters http://www.twstrek.wordpress.com   attend,listen,meet,talk  
64 Craig Bailey http://www.craigbailey.net firstname @ domain attend  
65 Dylan Jay http://www.pretaweb.com firstname @ domain attend  
66 Mick Liubinskas http://www.pollenizer.com/ mliubinskas gmail attend and not shut up Tough Love
67 Lachie Cox http://smartbomb.com.au lachiec gmail attend,listen  
68 Bruno Mattarollo http://greenbackyard.net bruno.mattarollo gmail attend,listen  
69 Simon Wright http://whirlpool.net.au firstname @ domain attend, maybe present not sure, maybe something on communities
70 Anthony Menasse   anthony.menasse@rsp.com.au attend,listen  
71 Jon Harsem http://shop.fotodojo.org firstname at lastname dot com attend,listen, take a bazillion photos  
72 Virginia Choy http://www.pretaweb.com firstname at lastname dot attend,network, exchange ideas Plone
73 Caryn Wilson   caryn at glassonnion dot com dot au attend  
74 Joseph Gentle   josephg at gmail attend, present Ideas for tomorrow's OS and applications
75 Ben Buchanan http://weblog.200ok.com.au/ already on email list no spectators! It's BarCamp. Preparation is cheating ;)
76 Michael Dagn http://spraci.com mdagn at spraci attend,listen,learn,meet,ask,exchange ideas,help,maybe even present (if I'm not feeling too shy) it's close to where I live! - awesome!
77 Andrew Lau http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Netsnipe netsnipe gmail attend, listen also willing to bring in my OpenWRT flashed router to build a mesh/WDS network for the day if UNSW facilities aren't willing to provide us with an access point
78 Sam Gentle   sgentle something something gmail something attend, cheer at inappropriate times  
79 Dan Rossi   spam at electroteque dot org attend, learn, present Talk about Java based open source flash server alternative Red5
80 Hugo Sharp www.projectvino.com.au hugo at projectvino.com.au attend, get naked    
84 Elias Bizanes http://liako.biz eliaslists at gmail attend, present, Greek dance DataPortability with Marty; maybe also a big picture chat on the history of the internet and hypertext and where its heading with the semantic web, VRM, etc Driving from Neutral Bay
85 Richard Hayes http://www.rhiltd.com.au rgh at rhiltd.com.au attend Talks on capital raising and legal and accounting for start-ups  
86 Jenna Fox http://creativepony.com/ blue@creativepony.com Attend, hide in shadows   Train to central, bus to barcamp
87 Simon Males http://www.blokevogue.com/ simon.malesATgooglemail attending sunday    
88 Markus Hafner http://twitter.com/eskimo_sparky markus dot hafner at google dot com unorganise - help as required, attend, listen and maybe even participate    
89 Matt Fisher   mrpfisher on google mail attend, maybe present Maybe singularity, I'll think about it Walking
90 Damian Damjanovski   damiandamjanov on google mail attend, maybe present On how to present perhaps? Driving from the Hills
91 Anna Buttfield   anna.buttfield@gmail.com attend some kind of public transport
92 Mike Perrow   mike.perrow@gmail.com attend some kind of public transport
93 Sridhar Dhanapalan http://www.dhanapalan.com sridhar at dhanapalan.com attend train to Central, then bus to UNSW
94 Tom Gao http://blog.tomgao.com tom at tom gao dot com attend, will present Facebook Toolkit using Visual Studio 2008 how to build and develop applications for facebook driving in
95 Oleg Sushkov http://jobreel.com.au osushkov at gmail dot com attend   driving in
96 Mark Bradley   barkmadley at gmail dot com attend   driving in
97 Phil Sammons http://www.sammons.com.au phil at sammons dot com dot au attend, Help out   Cycle or walk, Depends how I feel on the day.
98 Kirk Bushell http://www.nanoweb.com.au kirk.bushell at nanoweb dot com dot au attend   Train to central, then bus
99 Ian Grant http://www.thesoundalliance.net ianjamesgrant AT gmail dot com attend, ask questions, bug people, nod, take notes   Busin it like its hawt!
100 Linda Gehard http://www.lindagehard.com lindagehard at gmail dot com attend, meet, listen, absorb, quiz, generally be in it   Busin' it all the way, baby!
101 Michael Saganowski http://www.sgnwsk.com michael at sgnwsk dot com attend, ask questions no info bus
102 Rex Chung http://www.rorcraft.com rex at rorcraft dot com attend, maybe present - Outsourcing and distributed development team driving
103 Charlie Perry   cebperry at gmail dot com attend   bus
104 Martin Wells http://blog.martinjwells.com/ marty at tangler dot com attend, present, hangout
105 Stilgherrian http://stilgherrian.com stil at well, my domain attend, present, discuss, offend (Sunday) Figure out what we can do with http://topic9.com.au in relation to the Australia 2020 Summit: technology meets future government! bus
106 'Pong http://www.outtospace.com tachyon at outtospace dot com attend, observe Randomly clicking shutter release button bus
107 Simon Pain http://www.news.com.au simon.pain squirly news stop com stop au attend, observe, present, interject Spontaneous topic on web and multimedia innovation bus/drive or taxi
108 Mark Burch   mark at myfirstname mylastname dot net attend, hunt for cofounders, interject too much    
109 Derrick Teo   ricky_21 at hotmail dot com attend   bus
110 Pete Cooper http://www.saasu.com/ pete at saasu dot com attend, present Some successful international companies I've run from Sydney
111 Roger Barnes http://digitalarts.mindsocket.com.au roger at mindsocketcomau attend    
112 Ian Woolf http://www.hereswhy.tk ian at myfirstname mylastname dot com attend, maybe record some radio interviews   train and bus
113 Ryan Vo http://ClickFront.com ryan at clickfront dotcom attend    
114 Steve Murphy   murphs at gmail dot com attend, interact bus
115 Luke Fromhold http://thisisdizzystuff.com lfromhold at gmail dot com attend, meet, enjoy    
116 Lindsay Evans http://linz.id.au/ linz at linz dot id dot au attend, maybe present
117 James Peter http://palgn.com.au/ http://thatsmymouse.com z at zemaj dot com attend train
118 Maximilian Nyman http://anvilcreative.com max dot nyman at anvilcreative dot com attend
119 John Hancock http://www.identity.net.au - unattending, stupid hardware failures! hop
120 Dinah Randall http://www.dinahrandall.com joomladex at gmail attend + quizz Drupal vv Joomla comp cycle
121 Dannielle Chun http://www.dconline.com.au dchun at my web address attend + listen + learn + laugh   hitch
122 Nicholas Muldoon http://noodlum.org/ njm at noodlum dot org attend    
123 Anne Bartlett-Bragg http://digitaldialogues.blogs.com/learning_technologies/ Anne.Bartlett-Bragg at digitaldialogues.org attend, provoke, enjoy   drive
124 Hendro Wijaya   hendro_wijaya at hotmail dot com attend   bus
125 Max Soe http://www.linkedin.com/in/maxsoe maxsoe@gmail.com attend Whinge about how unsable this Wiki is walk
126 Marcus Tjen http://www.rohandigital.com.au marcus@rohandigital.com.au attend + listen + learn + participate   wheels
127 Franky Tsang http://www.bossa.com.au frankytsang @ gmail . com attend   motorcycle
128 Jodee Rich jodeerich gmail attend present peoplebrowsr
129 Ivo Brett http://www.me2mobile.com ivo.brett@gmail.com kick up some dust   bus
130 Andrew Fong   andrew on clockworkdesign.com.au unorganise,attend   car
131 James Zaki   james.zakiatgmail.com attend,interact,(unorganise maybe) opensource and openmobile platforms bus
132 Chris Guzowski http://www.travelapps.com.au chris AT travelapps DOT com DT au attend, share facebook, facebook apps, cool technology for backpacking industry / backpackers  
133 Vicki Prout   vicki@hpexecutivemedia.com unorganise,attend, provoke,enjoy    
134 Elliot Shepherd   elliot@jarofworms.com attend   walk
135 Amira Meyer   amirameyer at gmail dot com attend, interact, listen walk
136 Luisa Nenci   luisanenci@hotmail.com attend business development of new ideas
137 Lisa Herrod http://www.scenariogirl.com/ lisaherrod on google mail attend,learn, may present ??
138 eva polino   dedalia@hotmail.com attend
139 jeremy crooks   jeremy.crooks@thevirtualstoregroup.com.au attend, learn
140 Daniel Gardner   daniel.gardner@gmail.com attend, meet, listen, interact, learn
141 Vincent Xuan Feng   vxfe976 at gmail dot com Attend, meet, talk, learn, not necessarily in that order   Public transport
142 Eric Scheid http://www.ironclad.com.au/ ironclad at gmail dot com Attend, meet, discuss, help   m/c
143 Rian Fergusson   rian.fergusson@gmail.com attend   walk
144 Joel Betts http://www.joelbetts.com joel AT joelbetts com attend,listen,talk,motivate Gifted communicator  
145 Jens Schumacher http://www.atlassian.com jens AT domain attend, listen, chat   Public Transport
146 Michael Motherwell http://www.braincrack.info mmotherwell AT gmail.com attend, listen, chat   Public Transport
147 Rob Hunter http://twitter.com/rjhunter robertjhunter on G-mail attend agile, django, open source Public transport
148 Tony Yam http://www.savvyseed.com tony at savvyseed dot com attend, help, chat, learn Introduce Grails drive
149 Greg Dwyer http://www.happener.com gd at happener dot com attend, catchup, meet   drive and maybe taxi home
150 Michael McGoogan http://www.aussiehq.com.au m dot mcgoogan at aussiehq dot com dot au attend, meet   drive
151 Gilad Greenbaum http://www.gocebit.com.au gilad dot greenbaum at hannoverfairs dot com dot au attend, meet, help   walk
152 Kathryn  
attend,report,learn   walk
153 Seth Yates http://blog.sethyates.com seth AT LIKE gmail attend, share, meet, listen, chat participate but not present (this time) bus
154 David Collien   david AT icy . com . au attend, present, absorb, excite ICE Robotics Platform, HCI fun, web-based collaboration with non-textual media, D programming language, ... much more Public Transport
155 Jason Hando http://www.utopiainternet.com jhando at gmail dot com attend   walk
156 Simon Josephson http://www.artatwork.com.au firstName at domain interface, absorb   4cyl car
157 Brian Menzies http://www.factorR.com b_menzies at hotmail infuse    
158 Mark Wallis   http://www.peerplacements.com attend, present, absorb Nothing planned but maybe Agile Practices and for something different, CV advice! Drive
159 Andy Owen http://www.ultra-premium.com/b andy-barcamp@ultra-premium.com attend, win   car
160 Silvia Pfeiffer http://www.gingertech.net/ silviapfeiffer1@gmail.com attend, absorb - car
161 Pradeep Sharma http://www.pragmatique.com.au pradyAT pragmatique dot com dot au attend, ask questions, take notes, make comments   train
162 James Ballantine http://maebmij.org/blog firstname at lastname .com.au attend   bus
163 Ryan Davis not now firstname scott surname @ the gspot attend actively participate bus and foot
164 Danielle Bevins-Sundvall not now daniellebevins at gmail dot com attend, listen, interact   car
165 Ryan Cross http://drupalapc.org , http://projectpier.org ryanecross at gmail dot com attend, present, helpout Drupal, ProjectPier walk
166 Sean Fitzgerald http://seanfitzgerald.wordpress.com/ seanf at tig dot com dot au attend maybe bus
166 Nick Jenkins http://nickj.org/ nickpj AT THE HOST CALLED gmail dot com attend, participate   drive
167 Stuart Anderson http://www.squaring.net/ first name at domain attend, participate Square and triangular tiling in CSS and Javascript bus
168 Hunter Nield http://syndeomedia.com/ first name at domain attend, participate Open Web automobile
169 Ben Hogan http://enterpriseagilecoach.blogspot.com bwhogan at gmail attend - no idea
170 Andrea Benton http://twitter.com/cyberetto cyberetto at gmail attend - -
171 Priscilla Scala   priscilla dot scala at gmail dot com attend - -
172 Alberto Perego   alberto dot perego at gmail dot com attend - -
173 Yuki Nakamura   y1_7ku at hotmail attend - -
174 Phil Gray http://interdependent.com.au philgray at interdependent dot com dot au attend, ask questions, take notes, make comments   train, bus
175 Marwin   marw_ma at gmail dot com attend   bus
174 Alex Taylor http://www.ultimoroad.com alex dot taylor at ultimoroad.com attend, participate - train, bus
175 Geoff Evason http://www.momentville.com geoff at momentville dot com attend, participate - -
176 Jason Ball http://itinerantdeveloper.blogspot.com/ jason at ball dot net attend, participate - -



--Add New Names above this line--


* BarCamp Sydney goes green. Tell us how you're getting to BarCamp Sydney so we can offset your carbon footprint, courtesy of Saasu.


Entrepreneurial track


On Sunday Afternoon we are holding a New Technology Soapbox where you get to demonstrate your latest software / project / beta or what ever you wish, as long as it's tech related. You get 5-10 mins to present your product to the BarCamp attendees. Attendees can ask questions or you can ask questions of the BarCamp crowd - free advice from experts in Marketing, to Recruitment to Coding to Entrepreneurship. Just fill in the form below to let us know if you are interested in presenting at the Soapbox. We will provide the Projector, you just bring the laptop and presentation details.

No.(s) From Above Name(s) Product / Site Presentation Details
102 Rex Chung Ankoder - http://www.ankoder.com Video conversion API for developers.
128 Jodee Rich   Present peoplebrowsr
129 Ivo Brett me2mobile - http://www.me2mobile.com Self-service mobile applications.
130 Brigitte Holbach URL brigitte_holbach@yahoo.com.au attend, help, meet, discuss, clean up, what ever is needed



Share a Couch


Details for Out of Town-ers - Got a Couch? Need a Couch? Save on accommodation by staying with one of your fellow BarCamp-ers. Leave your details here if you can put someone up or need a place to crash on the weekend...


No. From Above Name Got A Couch? Need A Couch Which Nights? Contact Me By...
2 Jodie Yes, but I don't live particularly near the venue NOPE FRI / SAT but not SUN email
8 Alison Yes, and a spare bed. Room for 2 BarCampers - Fri/Sat/Sun email
66 Mick Yeah maybe - Fri/Sat/Sun email
76 Michael possibly but would need to know a few days before - Randwick - within walking distance of UNSW - Fri/Sat/Sun email
89 Matt Yep - double foldout. Walking distance to UNSW - Fri/Sat/Sun email
163 Ryan Two Couches, one is short(er) though. Maybe for a halfling? But i live in Ultimo (not too far) - Sat/Sun email or at barcamp