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BarCamp Toronto Tech Week

The fourth TorCamp un-conference




Toronto Technology Week (techweek.to) is an initiative of ICT Toronto to host a week long series of events to celebrate technology in the Toronto region. Toronto is the largest high-tech hub in Canada and the third largest in North America. This week is packed with events including mesh conference, an Enterprise 2.0 Conference, InteractionCamp and Canadian New Media Awards. As citizens of this community, we should (and will) hold another BarCamp.


BarCampCalgary is happening the same day. Hello to our friends out west.


Event Info


DateMay 26, 2007
Time9:30 am - see schedule below
LocationU of T - Bissel Building

140 St. George Street








UPDATE: 05/22/07: NOTE NEW TIME Start time corrected to 9:30am

UPDATE: 05/15/07: Sign-up list now available




If you're planning to attend please add your name to the list below:


  1. Ryan Coleman Clay Tablet Technologies
  2. Will Pate
  3. DeborahHartmann and I might talk about an organizational culture retrospective I do to help clients facing big changes
  4. MartinCleaver - I run a wikiconsulting firm so I'll discuss the typical steps from strategy articulation through technical deployment and engaging the community
  5. TaylanPince - (maybe)
  6. KristanKrispyUccello - If there is interest, I would love to do an open discussion on strategies for ridding the internet of parked pages.
  7. Jonathan Lin - jhslin@gmail.com
  8. Colin McGregor - www.mcgregor.org - I might talk about writing feature articles for technical publications (I've appeared in Linux Journal, Linux Magazine, Tux Magazine, etc...), if there is interest.
  9. Mark Kuznicki - A conversation about Mozilla - see description below..
  10. Clifford Ilkay - Dinamis I can talk about some of the social and technical challenges I faced in building a portal that targets a worldwide developer community. That portal, OmnisCentral, went up in May 2006 and has around 900 members now. It provides mailing lists in five languages, English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian, a group blog, and a place to manage the worldwide developer conferences.
  11. Kieran Huggins - "people as a service" / how we can make our communication/subscription platforms transparent.
  12. Beverly Crandon - (ad-ition/women2.0 Canada)
  13. JayGoldman - Radiant Core - I've got something in the morning but will come by after. I think I'll just participate in other people's sessions this time around, which would be a pleasant change :)
  14. BryceJohnson - I'd be interested in Popin' & Lockin' for beginners since I am a beginner.
  15. RohanJayasekera
  16. Ben Vinegar FreshBooks
  17. RobHyndman - I'm going to just walk around poking a stick at Jay. Or I might instead do a legal Q&A.
  18. Paul Dowman - I might do a short talk on Amazon EC2 hosting if can pull something together by tomorrow.
  19. Libin Pan
  20. Lee Dale Smack Inc.|
  21. Ryan McKegney - RedFlagDeals.com
  22. Derek Szeto - RedFlagDeals.com
  23. Tania Samsonova
  24. Ana Gervasio - bridgecollective.com/women2.0
  25. Rob Walker
  26. Rob Gillan
  27. Ian Garmaise
  28. Jon Green
  29. FredNgo
  30. AustinHill
  31. Jun Yan
  32. Anita Marchildon
  33. Sayem A.
  34. Estelle Havva
  35. Ilya Grigorik - 'Taming the RSS Beast' - Presentation on current approaches to solving RSS overload, their pitfalls, and a discussion on future directions.
  36. Kevin Thomason
  37. Greg Thomson - Demofuse.com
  38. Sandy Kemsley
  39. Damir Sudarevic
  40. Gabriel Mansour
  41. Jay Godsall
  42. Matt O'Leary
  43. Aline Hobingingo
  44. Jenny Struyk
  45. Mark Cidade
  46. Matthew Burpee
  47. Nelson Ko Citadel Rock Online Communities - Thinking of going to CIDA or some other organization with this - we could have a round table ... Life Mapping Using Wikis
  48. Sebastien Chorney
  49. Brian Gomes
  50. Scott Tadman
  51. Derek Wong
  52. Kaleem
  53. Liam
  54. Pema Hegan
  55. Jane Zhang Partnership Platform
  56. Mike Beltzner, maybe, weekends are hard :(
  57. Sonia Khan
  58. Leila Boujnane - Idee Inc and Hyperbio
  59. JamesWalker - I'm apt to mention Drupal and likely OpenID. Maybe.
  60. DanKurtz - probably talking about contact management and decentralized social networks (see Quaintance).
  61. Daniel Chmielewski
  62. wayne a. lee bunnyhero labs
  63. Kevin Beckford
  64. Ellena Cheng
  65. Daniel Tsang
  66. Brian Cort
  67. Gabe Sawhney - I'd like do a session on mobile, including how we might put a bit of pressure on the carriers.
  68. Rochelle LatinskyI'm likely to arrive late camera and sense of humour in tow.
  69. Geo Perdis Octopz
  70. Joanna Briggs
  71. Michael Clarke
  72. Gary King
  73. Margaret Ngai
  74. Bo Zou
  75. John Chia
  76. Michael Jones - perhaps recycling a presentation on wikis in education from the day before?
  77. Holden Karau - presentation on AllTheCode and talk about some of the challenges faced (scalability, etc.) and future...
  78. Albert Lai - happy to talk about ad/ventures from startup/financing/sale, perspectives from web1 to web2 -- ping me if anyone's interested in discussion
  79. Colin Henderson blog
  80. Stephen Holub
  81. Avery Pennarun blog
  82. Aleks Oniszczak website
  83. Olivier Yiptong
  84. Simon Rowland - Direct Leap Technologies
  85. Jean-Luc David - Microsoft Canada
  86. Ali Asaria - CanadaHomeHealth.com 
  87. Cornelius Rabsch
  88. Nick Gorman
  89. Matt Rintoul
  90. Rick Innis
  91. Martin Wiseman - ETL appliance
  92. Kurt Gooden
  93. Monika Surma [http://tech2ca.blogspot.com/]
  94. Mike McDerment - FreshBooks - doubt I will get there in time to get my name up for a session, but there are a bunch of things I could do. One idea (which is less barcampy but very practical) would be a session on SEO and what matters to rank a website...I used to teach this a Humber College...just a thought...feel free to sign me up for it if you are there in time, just make sure it's after 10:00 AM :)
  95. Mark Surman - Shuttleworth Foundation and telecentre.org - will be there later in the day, but totally stoked.
  96. Norman Young Christensen and Raynor's model of disruption
  97. Alistair Mckinnell
  98. Jaret Manuel - 1st timer, its 2AM, so maybe I can dream something up. I could speak about Salesforce.com, the appexchange, and web 2.0 in general. Not sure what I am getting myself into :)
  99. Paul Lipton - Embedded systems anyone?
  100. Amy Rae
  101. Gillian Hatton
  102. Mike Levine - andPOP.com

Event Schedule and Links to Session Notes

Saturday May 26

all the restTBD


  • "New BarCamper Orientation" - where anyone who hasn't been before can wade in and ask all the questions they want to calm any fears about looking foolish (hard to do - it's a friendly bunch), not knowing what's going on or understanding what is expected of you as a participant.
  • Saturday Sessions will be blocked out in 1 hour chunks to start (may be adjusted based on # of sessions proposed)
  • Sessions do not need to be an hour. Suggest 15-30 minute presentation with balance of time for discussion
  • The plan is to start with 3 streams. The venue has 3 spaces that we can use. The Big space will hold 100+ people, Medium holds 40 and Small holds 25 - so we can have a great mix of session/discussion types.
    • Suggestion: a group of 100 might easily generate 8 small breakout groups at a time. Get 8 helium baloons (marked A, B, C...) and tie each on a long string (so it floats over you head) to something heavy in a plastic bag (book, dinner plate). Now you have a portable marker for discussions. People see the talk is happening in space B and look for the baloon. Provide 8 flipcharts/whiteboards and you're done! DeborahHartmann
  • BarCamp is not DemoCamp
      - if you'd like to share your product with the community please find a method other than a straight-up demo. Maybe there is a technical issue you want to work through or a business model approach etc. that you could discuss with other people who may be facing the same issues.


Session Ideas & Notes


Please post your session ideas below. Please Include:


  • Descriptive Title
  • Your Name(s)
  • Type (Presentation, Panel, Round Table, etc.)
  • Sentence or two about what you'd like to present
  • What help you need (people, equipment, panelists)
  • If you need help, how to contact you


728Mobile CarriersBye Bye Park PagesOnline/Citizen JournalismFContact ManagementHow to make fast money ($1 admission)Towards Ubiquitous Computing
312Tech Writing for GeeksAll the CodeSocial BookmarkingOAmazon EC2
313Salesforce.comRanking your website...Facebook platformO TDD darcs Secrets of Hiring & Getting Hired
205 Disruption MozillaDiscussion Taming RSS D OpenID Rocking the Online Community (merged with Getting the most from a Wiki) Org culture retrospective


Toronto's BarCamp Community meets Mozilla: Toward a New Relationship?



Technical Writing for Geeks:

  • Presented by Colin McGregor
  • Presentation followed by Q & A
  • How do you get into the not-so-well paying field of writing for big name Linux publications like Linux Journal, Linux Format, and others. Presenter will draw on his own experience and explain how to get in to the field.
  • If the room and audience is large a PA system might be nice, otherwise nothing will be required.



What is BarCamp

(As stolen from BarCampNYC and BarCampLosAngeles, as copied from BarCampSanDiego) BarCamp is an ad-hoc un-conference born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos and interaction from attendees.


This event is part of the TorCamp phenomenon, started in November 2005. It's grown from about 50 at TorCamp 1 to over 140 at the last TorCamp DemoCamp.


All attendees must lead a presentation/session or help with one. All sessions are scheduled the day they happen. Prepare in advance, but come early to get a slot on the wall.


Presenters are responsible for making sure that notes/slides/audio/video of their presentations are published on the web for the benefit of all attendees and those who can’t be present.


Anyone with something to contribute or with the desire to learn is welcome and invited to join.




When you come, be prepared to share with BarCampers. When you leave, be prepared to share it with the world.


You can learn more about BarCamp here:





The following organizations and individuals have generously supported this event:


UofT Faculty of Information StudiesRob HyndmanMaybe your company?


If you're interested in sponsoring this event please contact Ryan Coleman - rcoleman (at) clay-tablet (.) com or Will Pate will (at) willpate (.) org


Interested in helping out?


If you're interested in helping out please add your name/info below where appropriate. Please also drop an email to Ryan Coleman - rcoleman (at) clay-tablet (.) com.


Your time

If you're interested in helping out please add your name below:


i.e.: 1. Your name, your (at) email (.) here, what you can do/are interested in doing


  1. Your name here
  2. Jun Yan & Anita Marchildon: we can help with the set-up or other coordination duties to help contribute to this event. Worse comes to worse I can make/bring chocolate chip cookies! (Cookies are always good! We're meeting @ 8:30 if you want to assist with setup. Thx Ryan)
  3. Want a contribution for breakfast? People seemed to like the bagels and creamcheese at TorCamp1... shall I bring 3 dozen? DeborahHartmann (Sounds good! Thx Deborah! - Ryan)



We are also looking for stuff:

(Add your name after an open number if you can provide/loan that item)


  • Projectors
  1. BryceJohnson - can bring a projector


Nothing else (yet)


Other Resources

Have something you can donate? Want to chip in for food/drinks! Great! Let us know.




None yet :)