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BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees.






more details about the organisation of the day at the Google Group and at the Whitehall Webby blog



If you want to come, or are now unable to attend, please start/add your name to a thread on the Google group discussion forum. We'll try and accommodate people on a first come, first served basis if places become available.




The conversation around the barcamp (from blogs, twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Del.icio.us etc) is being tracked on the [BarcapUKGovWeb pageflake]. Follow up via www.govhack.com (wiki) as well as the Google Group




Saturday 26th January 2008 9.15am - 5pm




Google has kindly agreed to host the event:



Belgrave house

76 Buckingham Palace Road



(Opposite Victoria train station)


What else?

ICELE has kindly agreed to sponsor the geek food

...so please nominate an ICELE award :)




10.30e-votingHow to take risksFederal financial transparency ActGovt web strategy 2.0putting the voice back
11.10 Networked Democracy my gov interface communicating with young people
11.35Digital peoplepolitics of FOITwittergrass roots pollution mappingraising expectations
12.00MySociety surgery Local e-govOpen source public services?what people say about govt websites
1.30stealing data and doing useful things using video and audioconsultation onlinevirtual worlds
1.55discovering & using public sector infoWordpressThe Magic studio story
2.20what does web as info infrastructure look like?Relationships online & offline - Social Media Café
3.10Communities of Practice in GovernmentEmerging govt web strategySeesmic democomparative e-gov - BermudaIntegrating online and offline
3.35developing model for delivering content via web"(cont)Wordpress part deuxHow can we build capacity and skills?
4.00Carrying it on after the barcamp


5.0pm: drinks at the Thistle over the road , sponsored by Hudson.More details on the day.



This barcamp is about creating a shared understanding and commitment to the vision for UK government web activity and helping establish the UK government Digital Network to bring together the community of webbies within central government and the wider public sector.


A Google email group has been created as another communication medium, so it might be an idea to sign up to that. Also, the event is listed on Facebook and Upcoming.




Government's approach to all things web and digital is changing for all sorts of reasons: transformational government / website rationalisation provides greater focus on a smaller number of online channels, the impact of - and opportunities presented by - web 2.0 is looming large in everyone's thoughts, online engagement and deliberation are buzz phrases around Whitehall.


• What does this all mean?

• How does it all fit together?

• What skills / resources are organisations going to need in future?

• Who's done it already?

• How do you actually do this stuff?


This barcamp provides a opportunity where hopefully we can answer some of the difficult questions and create a shared vision and approach. Equally, its hoped we can mobilise the government digital media community to improve our skills, knowledge and voice as a collective group.




Who should attend?

This event should be of interest to all who work in the UK government digital media community: permanent civil servants, contractors, consultants, agencies, advisers, supporters, observers, and critics.


If you think you've got something to contribute to improving how government organisations use the web, then this event is for you. If demand and space results in us becoming oversubscribed, we may limit spaces to a representative sample of the above.


Sign up further down this page, and be prepared to lead a session on something.




Add your name to this list if you want to come and under 'Session' detail what you want to contribute to the barcamp. The easiest way to add your name is to select edit page, copy and paste a participant's details and replace with your own.


nameorganisationsession topic /descriptionother topics i'd like to hear about
Anastasia KonstantinovaUX Consultante-Government strategies: a comparative study of some UK and NZ government sitesBalancing site owner and site users interests in the case of government sites
Jeremy GouldMinistry of JusticeSomething about web strategyhow to build a special interest group in a social network
Steve Bridgernfp 2.0Something about breaking down silos / new job roles / skillsetshow to encourage innovation without re-inventing the wheel each time
Stuart ReidBlack MoleGood uses for video onlineProject collaboration across different geographical sites
David Wilcox Designing for Civil SocietySomething on co-design Integrating online engagement with other methods
Paul Clarke HonestlyrealSetting strategy: do simple things well, or innovate and accept failures?Selling mashups to policy owners
Jag Singh MessageSpace.co.uk "Working with Web Analytics" and/or "What politicians want from the Web" Legitimacy considerations re: online govt. engagement + Minorities on the web
Tom Steinberg mySociety.org Dunno yet But I'm sure it'll be fab
Jane O'Loughlin DBERR Johnny Logan How govt can use 2.0 effectively
Nick Keane National Policing Improvement Agency TBA Most of it
Glyn Wintle Open Rights Group e-voting
Sheila Thomson Open Rights Group
James Darling CitySafe TBA
Ben Whitnall Delib Something about social media (not just the Facebook variety), engagement and consultation? Something on assessing results, success, measurements, metrics, ROI, value etc
Lee BryantHeadshiftStarting from the insideParticipation and engagement ideas
Adam McGreggor Too Many Hats þ - -
Graham Higgins SemWebParlParse and Bel-EPA semantic web technologies and democratic engagement trust metrics and schemes
Julian Todd Publicwhip, undemocracy.com scraping, parsing, political accountability tracking finances, contracts, profits in general
Mark Simpkins ivotedforyoubecause.com social software, engagement and education
Steve Dale IDeA Communities IDeA CoP Platform Creating and managing communities of practice in local government any inside knowledge about Google's strategy for social networking
James Cronin mySociety.org , TheyWorkForYou.com
Alex Butler [http://www.coi.gov.uk]UK government digital strategy A new blueprint for government online
Guido Fawkes Order-Order.comKeeping it real(istic)- What the public sector should not be doing What the private sector should be doing
Rob McKinnon TheyWorkForYou.co.nz Networked Democracy - How will it work? How will it scale to 60 million people? What is going to be trialled at TheyWorkForYou.co.nz? Discussion on how we can help in Lawrence Lessig's 10 year campaign against corruption: http://lessig.org/blog/2007/10/corruption_lecture_alpha_versi_1.html
Dave Briggsthe information authorityonline social tools, community building, using social media to improve engagementGetting buy-in to web 2.0 initiatives
William HeathIdeal GovernmntWhat we want from e-enabled public services?Any kinds of new energy and ideas generated by the contempory internet
-Daintree Peters- Unable to attend
Mercedes Clark-SmithNational ArchivesWeb strategy,UCDsocial networks, practical ways of using semantic web or anything anyone is doing in the area,agile and UCD
James Corrigan East DevonWhat the web really means in the rural community and driving take up in the real worldIt would be great if people nationally would come down to the REAL south west (which isn't just Bristol, folks!) If you're willing, we can try to make conference arrangements in Devon?
Carl Haggerty DevonCouncil web strategies and links with local and regional portalsIf we can help provide a south west aspect to this that would be great, Would be happy to support James with arrangements in Devon?
Dominic Tinley UK ParliamentSomething about what Parliament is doingWhat everyone else is doing, and other good ideas
Francis Irving Public Whip, mySociety, UNDemocracy How to court programmers who actual care about what they do to work with you Data sets we haven't even heard of that should be open, changes in IT procurement policy to be more agile
Richard Pope PlanningAlerts.com, mySociety, moo.com, GroupsNearYou.com Something about planning data Is it possible to make something good with government data without the hassle of having to steal it first?
John Sheridan Office of Public Sector Information How the web can help enable public sector information re-use Government or public sector APIs
Edward Andersson Involve People and Participation.net Combining eDemocracy and face to face public engagement Inspiring examples from across
Julia Chandler Department for International DevelopmentGood practice examples of sharing experience and content across the public sector Web strategy
Ian Dunmore Public Sector Forums Every/All Listen, learn and be decorative!
Emma Mulqueeny Foreign and Commonwealth OfficeSomething about Web 2, transformational government and effectPrivate sector take on government online engagement
Phil Green Sustainable Community Action - http://sca21.wikia.comIntegrating online and face to face community involvement via co-design Resourcing informal community action and getting government to free our data
David Osimo IPTS - European Commission JRC (www.jrc.es) a) an EU wide perspective on web2 in government activities; b) not only eParticipation: initiatives on back office and service provision take-up of existing projects, possible problems and risks
Tracy Green Foreign and Commonwealth Office Web strategy and Web 2 TBA
Darren Roberts PA Consulting Group Web Strategy TBA
Patrick Callaghan National Audit OfficeAllDepartments' social media policies, and strategies to stop management banning access to Facebook
Nick Booth www.podnosh.com Whistleblowers or service transformers? Who decides which public servants can join the conversational web? Always on consultation - listening to the web as a legitimate form of consultation
Vin SumnerSecond Places (www.secondplaces.net)Virtual Worlds and the Public SectorEmbedding Public Sector Content across the Web
David Pullinger COI Digital policy New mashups of data and information
Nick Jones COI Digital policy Digital People: What features, functionality and networks should the Government's emerginc public sector network embrace?
Elaine Adu-Poku COI Digital policy E-Government
Nettie WilliamsMinistry of Justice Practical / common sense approach to delivery
Paul Caplan content to be different http://www.theinternationale.org Putting a human voice back into Comms
Justin Kerr-StevensDepartment for Innovation Universities and Skills How do we keep people engaged?
Julian Burgess UK Parliament TBA Trust metrics and Government or public sector APIs
Paul Massey K&L Gates Legal Issues for Online Interactions Overcoming the digital divide
Dorothy AtchesonHome OfficeHow to better share expertise and skills across the gov web communitywhatever's happening next, AFTER web 2, and how to keep up
Tracey WebbMinistry of DefenceTBA Web 2 and after
Feargal HoganSchool GovernorRaising expectationsThe use of technology in education
Tim Davies The National Youth Agency / Practical ParticipationOnline engagement with young people or social media to support policy implmentation (a la aiming high for young people events run by The NYA with DSCF involvementHow social media best supports effective consultation and engagement processes. How young people can be effectivly engaged by different tools. How we ensure new opportunities don't widen inequalities but rather address social justice and increase political empowerment for the most disadvantaged
Noel HatchA local authorityUsing social media to connect staff and knowledge Using social networking to improve participation/engagement
Laura WhiteheadPopokatea(based in Devon)Inclusion and accessibility with media Recent public consultation on delivering inclusive websites. Enabling social media initiatives for consultation and participation that can be inclusive for all. Building of online communities by local govt. that are vibrant and welcoming such as City Soup in Canada
Andy YeatesEnvironment AgencyWorking with others A case study on data management, content sharing and improving user experience.
Sheenagh ReynoldsDirectgovTBA Making the web local
David DilleyDefraGovernment web strategy Evaluating social media
Vicky LamburnWorthing Borough CouncilPushing the boundaries in local authority website accessibility and design -- "Looking outwards and not inwards." Evaluating trends in web development typical in the private/enthusiast sector and how these emerging principles can apply to local authority web service delivery without prejudicing content delivery or accessibility.
May Race COI Case studies illustrating how the social networking application Magic Studio has supported the cultural, heritage and education sectors Example government web projects and experiences
Jenny BrownDept of HealthWhy I love Twitter
Lloyd DavisPerfect PathUsing Social Media to make the conversation about public services smarterHyperlocal Media
Roger Wilson-HindsScreenreader.net CICCreating a level playing field for blind internet users. Better inclusion by not having to pay out £700 for their accessibility to accessible websites
Ross Ferguson DOG Digital & http://basiccraft.wordpress.comGovernment is using social media. Cool... now what? Great designs, smart actions and ahead-of-the-curve thinking about the digital future of big institutions
Edward Venning Communities and Local Government Is it really cool? Networking policy consultation and implementation Joining it up with the big back office functions so that it actually delivers something
Tom TaylorHeadshiftUsing the new web frameworks to make stuff that works (something like that)
Stuart BruceWolfstarUsing social media to facilitate local and regional parternershipsDemonstrating ROI
Tom SawfordMedia on DemandSome solutions for using videohow to get people to engage: Are councils and departments marketing this?
Nigel Dunn RedefineUsing WordPress - blogging and beyond
Mike BrackenMike BrackenBig media and new projectsHow to change the rules of the press vs politics game
Ann OgidiAnn Ogidiweb 2.0 and government'we want a wiki-forum-board but mostly we want a blog': what do Divisions really want and why can't they say it?
Namitha Ranjith Kapston Web 2.0
Moray Angus UK Trade & Investment Govt. web strategy shared services
Jonathan Gray The Open Knowledge Foundation Reusing PSI Licensing issues, data visualisation, standards
dan mcquillan internet.artizans presenting the SocialInnovationCamp which will happen in March civic action in the social web
Simon Dickson Puffbox, blog Open sources, no excuses (Wordpress, RSS etc) Any corporate IT departments which actually, genuinely get it? Anyone??
Chris Histed PublicTechnology.net Every/All Listen and enjoy - and can also provide free pre-event promotion & post-event coverage for this on our website network [can a BarcampUKGovweb get in contact & we can set this up if it's useful? we have ~220,000 unique users/month
Shane McCracken Gallomanor Engaging with real people How the Web2.0 bit fits with the rest of Govt Comms
Rajesh Joshi (Josh) East of England Development Agency unsure as yet explaining the benefits in simple terms to non-IT colleagues!
Steph GrayReading Room, DIUSCreating a 'safe' space for experimentationGoing beyond the corporate website to engage with stakeholders online
Sharon CooperDirectgovGovernment web strategy Balancing accessibility, usability, and web 2.0 technologies
Ivo Gormley / Ian Drysdalethinkpublicpublic services and social production government web strategy
Sam Smith disruptiveproactivity.com / mysociety volunteer standing on the shoulders of, well, something: spindifferent.com www.directionlessgov.com lots of stuff
Mikel Maron OpenStreetMap, PlanningAlerts
Francis Davey Barrister Opening access to legal sources (statutes, cases) controlled by government anything really
Christian Nold www.softhook.com Community Mapping, bottom-up representation
Jack Thurston www.farmsubsidy.org Budget monitoring; EU dimensions, data maps, photos, graphs, useful user-generated content
Cllr Jason Kitcat Brighton & Hove City Council/Open Rights Group Is Gov the best org to be delivering much of what we're after?
James Burke www.lifesized.net, www.p2pfoundation.net , beroepseer.nl participatory platformsBuilding bridges across Europe
Emma Persky travellerwithatale.wordpress.org Usability, Usability, Usability Youth, Government and the Web
Graham Francis Directgov (editor, contractor) content and its malcontents: what's working, what's not? Perspectives on govt web strategy
Mark Cheverton Opportunity Links The barriers to information integration in local gov web2.0, semantic web, social software, standards
Tom Loosemore Ofcom Public Service Data Semantic Web / practical ideas for using public digital data
Helen Lewis HM TreasuryWeb strategyWeb 2.0 in practice
Rob Blackie Blue Rubicon  Campaigning using new tools  Meeting all the interesting people attending
Josie FraserSocialTechUK education & skills stratergy  web 2.0 for social participation
David HamiltonFenland CouncilTBACommunity engagement - online
Charlton BarretoAdobeWeb 20-20Architecture for the new internet
Stéphane Vincent / Nicolas Chung (France) 27th Region, Caisse des Dépôts  Shaping the future of local governments and policies  Why so many eGov projets fail + Gov innovation
Alberto Cottica (Italy) Department of Economic Development User generated government How do you sell web-style transparency to public sector officials?
Jim Segers City Mine(d), www.citymined.org Urban Intervenors



add your name to this list if you're prepared to help make the event happen by becoming involved in its organisation


Jeremy Gould

Adam McGreggor (time permitting)

Graham Higgins

William Heath

Mercedes Clark-Smith

Emma Mulqueeny

Julia Chandler

James Corrigan (also time permitting!)

Ian Dunmore

David Prever

Dave Briggs

Vin Sumner

Nettie Williams

Alex Butler

Paul Caplan

Justin Kerr-Stevens

Dorothy Atcheson

Noel Hatc

Andy Yeates

Sheenagh Reynolds

Stuart Bruce - can assist with goodie bags, t-shirts at least

Simon Dickson

Sheila Thomson

Glyn Wintle

Alan Connor

Graham Francis

Jane O'Loughlin

Steve Dale



Thanks to:

  • Google - for providing the location, wifi, and refreshments throughout the day
  • ICELE - for sponsoring the lunch
  • Cable and Wireless - for providing the rather natty polo shirts
  • Hudson - for laying on the after-event drinks
  • Emma Mulqueeny - for sorting out all the printing, badges, goodie bags etc


To do list

(please cross out when it's done)



Projector, White Boards








Tables and chairs

Name badges - Now we (Emma and Tiffany St James) are just going to brand sticker pages and you can write your own names on them. We will provide pens and registration details. Goody bags will be put together by EM on the day. Details on Google group.



Tags for flickr, delicious, ma.gnolia, technorati etc.

Please use the tag ( barcampukgovweb) for content related to this event


flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/barcampukgovweb/


Who's blogging?

Add your name and URL to this list if you intend to blog at the event. This will help other participants to follow the build up and post-event coverage.





There is now a Twitter group for the event: twitter.com/BarcampUKGovWeb


What you need to do

1. Register an account with Twitter

2. Set up your mobile phone to send/receive sms from Twitter

3. Follow BarcampUKGovWeb (it's preferable to select to receive updates by sms)

4. Direct message BarcampUKGovWeb and your message will appear in the BarcampUKGovWeb feed (d + barcampukgovweb + message via sms, or through your Direct Messages inbox)


You can follow twitter here


Blog posts



Some Background Reading



Tara Hunt's Govt 2.0


Transformational Government

Ideal Gov comment on Transformational Government

• [http://www.directionlessgov.com/results/?as_q=web+2.0

|Directionless Government]

The power of information review

The Government web strategy - back of a fag packet version

BBC - Government websites 'too complex'

Norway creates first Web 2.0 government

EU Ministerial conference tutorial \"Web 2.0 for eGovernment: why and how\"


The rules of BarCamp (as listed by barcamp.org) are:

• 1st Rule: You do talk about Bar Camp.

• 2nd Rule: You do blog about Bar Camp.

• 3rd Rule: If you want to present, you must write your topic and name in a presentation slot.

• 4th Rule: Only three word intros.

• 5th Rule: As many presentations at a time as facilities allow for.

• 6th Rule: No pre-scheduled presentations, no tourists.

• 7th Rule: Presentations will go on as long as they have to or until they run into another presentation slot.

• 8th Rule: If this is your first time at BarCamp, you HAVE to present. (Ok, you don't really HAVE to, but try to find someone to present with, or at least ask questions and be an interactive participant.)


Links to Presentations


Networked Democracy