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This is the english version. Aquí tienes la versión en castellano 


Welcome to BarCamp Valencia.A bunch of friends have decided to start up this un-conference that will take place for the first time this 2009 with the tagline:

Web 2.0, Open Source and Social Media

We’re still in planning stage and there are a lot of things to do. We will keep you reported.

For further information visit our blog http://barcampvalencia.com, send an email to organizacion@barcampvalencia.com or follow us on Twitter or identi.ca 

BarCamp details 


BarCampValencia held in Valencia, Spain. We are going to celebrate the BarCamp in the Universidad Cardenal Herrera-CEU (more information here)


January 30th, 2010. Please be closer with our blog, Twitter or Identi.ca 


Universidad Cardenal Herrera-CEU

You can participate offering your help or the following resources and, of course, your name will be very visible on the BarCamp place: 

     Necessary elements: 

  • Place: Capacity for at least 100 people, two rooms would be great, with access during the day of the event (Saturday) from 10:00h to 20:00h. It would be interesting to have access to the internet.
  • Projectors: One projector to show the slides, and maybe another one to show the speaker. 

     Not so necessary elements: 

  • Wireless access points: One WAP per 16 laptops approximately
  • Socket strips: to prevent a war for the sockets 

     Extra elements: 

  • Promotional t-shirts: People love this kind of publicity ;)
  • Drink and food: because we need coffe and pizza (or whatever else), not only bits 


Carlos Matallín

Esteban Sáiz

Javi Olmo

Juan J. Martínez

Kiko Alario 

Participants (aka Campers) 

There's no a list of speeches and participants, we will register here the Campers as soon as they send us a confirmation