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BarCamp 2007 Schedule Online

The mostly empty (at the current time) session grid can be found at BarCampVancouver2007Schedule . After the Scheduling Jam, we can start filling in the schedule.


What is BarCamp?


BarCamp is an ad-hoc un-conference born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos and interaction from attendees.


All attendees are encouraged to give a demo, a session, a presentation, or help with one. All attendees are expected to be participants. All presentations are scheduled the day they happen. Prepare in advance, but come early to get a slot on the wall.


Presenters are responsible for making sure that notes/slides/audio/video of their presentations are published on the web for the benefit of all and those who can’t be present.

Anyone with something to contribute or with the desire to learn is welcome and invited to join.


See also: BarCampVancouver, DemoCampVancouver, FacebookCampVancouver, MobileCampVancouver



irc.freenode.net Channel #barcampvancouver | Web Chat







Registration is closed. Visit BarCamp Vancouver Registry and Attendees Pageto see who is coming.



Sponsors and Supporters


Please note: we're full up on Sponsors. Thanks for the overwhelming support!


If you're interested in being a BarCampVancouver 2007 Supporter, check out all the details on the SponsorPage


Venue and Dates


Parking: Easy Park at 160 Water Street, $5 overnight, $5 during weekends, $7 during weekdays, 1300 spaces!


    • Friday, August 17 **
  • appetizers all evening and *open bar* starting at 6:30 pm - private area for BarCampers Downstairs at The Alibi Room, 157 Alexander Street @ Main (lat./long. : 49° 17' 3 N, 123° 6' 2 W)- Map
  • sleepover at Workspace, 21 Water Street, Suite 400 (overflow space / chillout music / games / more at Bryght, across the street at 1 Alexander)
  • Open Bar: Select Beers, Highballs, Wine until our pre paid bar bill is maxed out, so get there on time to enjoy!!
  • Late Night Photowalk - details available on FaceBook.




Saturday, August 18

  • conference day! starting at 8:30 AMish at Workspace, 21 Water Street Suite 400
  • conference day! will end at 5:30 PMish





  • PhotoCamp2007 - hosted by kk+
  • 1100 Stacies: How to Do Good With the Web - Darren Barefoot (a slightly revised version of my Gnomedex talk, and a related idea)
  • Urban Vancouver TV show - DaveO will be hosting an "interview couch" to create vidcast-able sites on topics possibly including: why mobile rates in Canada suck, pros and cons of life in Vancouver, career path for indie rock bands, nuances of borders and dutyfree, using web for social goodness etc. This will be ongoing throughout the camp and handy enthusiasts are encouraged participate as techies or guests
  • Ma.gnolia Hearts Twitter: How we're using Twitter to inform, involve and better understand our community - Todd Sieling
  • Free Web Alternative to Keynote and Powerpoint: FullerScreen Firefox Addon plus Textile Wiki Markup for Authoring Your Slides - Gerald Bauer
  • Why the web works - REST for the rest of us - Universal Ids, Formats & Protocols - Gerald Bauer
  • FacebookApplications: Performance and Creativity in a Digital Playground -- Phillip Jeffrey (1/2 talk, 1/2 group discussion)
  • Social Media for Parents - sharing photos, videos and audio with your family, friends including the non techie ones (1/4 talk, 3/4 group discussion) aka "let's suggest some improvements for Kinzin :-) and other sites designed for families" to make them better suit parents and children - Roland Tanglao
  • Intro to Facebook Platform Development + Organizing a Vancouver Facebook Developer Garage + Discussion -- Greg Andrews
  • Open Source Business kata kata ucapan lebaran Development and Service Provider + Discussion Part Deux -- Robert Scales
  • Effective Animation in User Interfaces - We've all seen 'eye candy', but when is it actually useful? Some examples and maybe even some rules-of-thumb -- David Drucker, UI Guy.
  • Geo: Jeffrey Veen talks about a modest proposal to geo-enable the web. How do we start? What does geo mean? Where do concepts like the GEOPRIV working group fit in. Let's talk geo! BorisMann
  • MobileMediaCreationAndSharing: Beyond the marketing hype, Igor Faletski
  • Zero to 30 Seconds in Less than 1 Hour or So You Think You Can Make an Ad? In one session we'll go from concept to finished product on one or more advertisements (depending on number of participants) for anything we want. Email me -- james@adhack.com -- if you'd like to get started on a few briefs before the session. -- James Sherrett, ad hacker -- Okay, here's the PDF of the ad brief we'll use and the Word .doc of the ad brief we'll use
  • $$ Monetizing your personal and business blogs Tanya Davis (aka NetChick) - I've run out of time to properly organize all my materials, but I'll be participating in the panel with Jordan & crew
  • Making Paper Work in Video - A discussion on the role of simplicity, plain English, basic tools and technical amateurism in the creation of online videos that go places. Lee LeFever, Common Craft
  • Not a topic per-se, but I'm giving away an HD-DVD during Barcamp, details here (Ianiv Schweber)
  • "These Are a Few Of My Favourite Things" -- Show-and-tell of your favourite applets, widgets, and gadgets. Hosted by [http://www.todmaffin.comTod MaffinGames.
  • Attention Surplus Condition in Technology. The competitive advantages and challenges associated with having ADHD in the tech sector. Pete Quily
  • Hack'em if you got 'em: The iPhone in Canada and what you can (and can't) do with it - John Biehler





Kris Krug - 778 898 3076

Roland Tanglao - 604 729 7924

Robert Scales - 604.618.4997

Zak Greant - +1 604 781 3139 (cell)

James Sherrett - 604-788-1502.

Ianiv Schweber - 604-782-4525

Megan Cole - 604.809.9967

Jordan Behan - 778-840-8355

Aaron Gladders - barcamp google group :)