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Important Update Thursday, August 16th 2007


At the last BarCamp Vancouver organizers meeting, we counted our budget, checked Workspace's fire regulations, mixed our metaphors, crossed our ayes and dotted our teas.


The good news is that we can fit everyone for Saturday - including people who were on the waiting list as of 17:00 PDT on Thursday, August 16th.


If Workspace gets too full, then we can borrow some space from Bryght (who has their office right next to Workspace)


Note that we still only have 120 T-shirts and might run out of food (in which case, we will run out to get more.)


Attendees, Participants, and various hangers-on


Simply edit this page and add your version of the following information:


  1. BorisMann
  2. Kris Krug - Social Media, Drupal, Mobile Devices, Photography, p2p
  3. Megan Cole - meganlawriecole AT gmail DOT com - Video Podcasting, Music, Dog Photography, Social Media I am heading back to Newf... maybe I could do a wee vid cast "how to virtually participate in a BarCamp coast to coast".... or, I'll just sit back on the rocks and enjoy my Guinness(es). Have fun! This spot is now reserved for number one on wait list Shane Ghetto Camp Vancouver
  4. Jordan Behan - jordanbehan at gmail dot com - blogging and social media
  5. John Bollwitt - john AT audihertz DOT net - Blogging, Audihertz.net and podcasting - RadioZoom & TheCrazyCanucks My work schedule is going to be pretty jammed up all through the duration. I might be able to step in a say hello, but no promises. This spot is now reserved for Marcus Riedner on waiting list
  6. Rebecca Bollwitt - miss604 AT gmail DOT com - Blogging Miss604.com and podcasting - RadioZoom & TheCrazyCanucks
  7. Lloyd Budd - foolswisdom gmail - WordPress - blogging, social web tools
  8. Julia Budd - julessilver gmail - blogging, social web tools This spot is now reserved for Christine Atkinson on waiting list
  9. Darren Barefoot - darren AT darrenbarefoot fullstop com - I was thinking I'd give my Gnomedex talk with revisions, if anybody wanted to hear it
  10. Elizabeth S - incoming AT visionshiftnet - Design, Photography
  11. Tim Bray general-purpose Web geek
  12. David Ascher
  13. Ian MacKenzie - travel blogging, video podcasting, social media
  14. John Ounpuu
  15. Scott Laird 
  16. Terri Potratz , http://www.beyondrobson.com & http://www.infamousmagazine.net - blogging, photography, etc.
  17. Caleb Buxton , me%cpb!ca, interaction design, subcultures, opensource and post-capitalism This spot is now reserved for David Eaves on waiting list
  18. Scott Hadfield
  19. Chris Simmons
  20. Patricia Foster bluegreenstone AT hotmail dot com - will blog this event, elearning, my interests are usually in the social science end of things.
  21. Derek K. Miller - Definitely coming, my wife Airdrie will also be there to provide wheelchair support, since I'm still pretty weak after my cancer surgery in July. No plans for any particular talk, but I'll take lots of photos.
  22. Cathy Wang  - ms.cathywang AT gmail DOT com. IA. Building the sexiest webapp in the most corporate environment. I'll be showing up for Friday, unfortunately I will not be able to make it on Saturday. This spot is now reserved for Cameron Cavers on waiting list
  23. Kevin Jaako  - kevin AT jaako DOT com. Interaction Design, web development, CSS hackz0r3000 This spot is now reserved for Warren Frey on waiting list
  24. Daniel Gibbons  - dan AT gaboogie DOT com. Conference calling for the web 2.0 world.
  25. Corey Denis  - corey AT reapandsow DOT com. podcasting, blogging, communities & communication on the web, Integrated Marketing for the (new) Music Industry
  26. Igor Faletski - mobile and web
  27. John Boxall - web and mobile
  28. Richard Smith - smith@sfu.ca information technology and society, inclusion/exclusionary aspects
  29. Tanya Davis - info AT netchick.ca - social media, wordpress plugins, marketing as a life blogger
  30. Greg Andrews
  31. Debbie Landa
  32. Ariane Khachatourians - No Alternate Plan & Raised Eyebrow & SpendLocally.ca - ariane@citygirldesigns.ca - drupal, wordpress, blogging, photography
  33. Ian King - lastname dot firstname at gmail dot com - probably some print-to-web journalism nonsense to be described later
  34. Greg Baker - web technologies and communities
  35. Linda Bustos - linda@imagexmedia.com / social media marketing or e-commerce usability
  36. Julia Semora Dean Delandreville - designer/publisher/marketer
  37. Phillip Jeffrey - phillipj AT ece dot ubc dot ca. Facebook, urban games, user-generated spaces, ethnography
  38. John Davis
  39. Dustin Sacks - dustin AATT sillysoft.net
  40. RichardEriksson - social rapid transit
  41. Duane Storey - duanestorey AT gmail DOT com. Blogging (duanestorey.com), photo sites, social networking
  42. Zak Greant - zak@greant.com. Free Software, Open Source, Electronic Frontier, Mozilla.
  43. James Sherrett - james@adhack.com -- culture*people*technology*creativity
  44. Monique Trottier
  45. Tod Maffin, CBC host/producer and tech columnist
  46. Lee LeFever, Common Craft, Paperworks Videos, Social Design, Fun
  47. Phillip Djwa, Agentic Communications - Drupal and web dev 4 progressive orgs
  48. Thusjanthan Kubendranathan
  49. Jason Billingsley, eCommerce is cool again. Viva eCommerce.
  50. Matthew Trentacoste -- web+barcamp at matt trent dot com -- Photography, graphics, high dynamic range, python
  51. Dave Shea, photography, web/graphic/ui design, icon design
  52. Aaron  Gladders - mailto: agladders ATZ 2paths.com. TBD but likely something about running a business. Possibly the Rockfeller Habits and how we've been using them.
  53. Kate Milberry Geeks and Global Justice SFU researcher - free software, tech activism, saving the world...
  54. John Biehler Web dev/design/UI/CMS, photography, open source, social networking, iPhone hacking, etc
  55. Ianiv Schweber - Software development, citizen journalism
  56. Arieanna Schweber
  57. John Grantham
  58. David Gratton - Something About Virtual Worlds TBD
  59. Andre Charland - Nitobi - Ajax/Flex/UI/UX/AIR/BEER
  60. Joe Bowser - Nitobi / FreeGeek Vancouver - Ajax/RoR/UI Dev by Day/Free and Open Source Recycling and Tech Activism by Night (Probably bring my FITR screen, some hacked WRTs and some Rails)
  61. Alexei White 'Easy' ways to improve web UI
  62. Warwick Patterson I won't be able to make it - Chris Ng, looks like your lucky day! Have fun everyone. wino kredyt mieszkaniowy sprzedam mieszkanie sprzedam bilet
  63. Gerald Bauer - geraldbauer2007 AT gmail DOT com - Talk: Real-World Web 2.0 Case Study - Designing & Developing a Community Site in 60 Minutes - Vancouver Ruby & Rails Central
  64. Darko Hrgovic, Agentic Communications
  65. Emily Birr, Agentic Communications
  66. Rajan Sodhi, PEER 1
  67. Jake Devine, Nitobi - Component development and all that other stuff
  68. Brian LeRoux, Nitobi - Sea Monkey Militia Training
  69. Dave Johnson, Nitobi - yah, what jake and brian said. doh im going kayaking for a week instead looks like a space has come up for Keven Lin SocialPicks  Platform for stock picking
  70. James Andres, Project Opus - Drupal, Web 2.0, AJAX, jQuery, PHP, Photography, Cycling
  71. Michael Fergusson, Uniserve - Exploring my favorite social networking technology: MIP (meeting in person).
  72. Ronn Abueg, Donat Group Enterprises Ltd. - social networking, elearning, web2.0, {insert buzz word here}
  73. Ross Howard-Jones, Donat Group Enterprises Ltd. - Design, Photography, Drupal, Web Tupalo n' stuff
  74. Guillaume Iacino, Donat Group Enterprises Ltd. - Video, QA, flying and stuff.
  75. Kate Trgovac - reinvent! communications - something about Second Life, maybe social shopping and SL? Marketing in SL? Wedding planning is taking precedence over geeking this weekend. Have fun!
  76. Greg Renouf - Building multimedia applications with Asterisk & GoogleTalk
  77. Chris Clarke - Bringing the un-hotel trade to the un-conference
  78. Greg Field - Undecided so far
  79. Jen Wiederick - SEO Somethingorother
  80. David Drucker - david AT drucker DOT ca - Working on a presentation - Using and Abusing Animation in UIs - Some Rules of Thumb
  81. Simon Pavitt
  82. Scott Nelson - ├╝berbabeFree Geek, Green Party, DIYDharma - client management & drupal
  83. Alexandre Brabant - Search Engine Marketing and a gazillion of topics related to Google
  84. Dan Grice >> VanAlive Green Party Candidate I wanted to but I have two campaign events this weekend. Ben Wong
  85. Jeremy Latham
  86. Austin Trask
  87. Lyal Avery - Outcome3 Drupal SEO
  88. Trevor Freeman - Outcome3 Drupal eCommerce
  89. Danny Robinson - Strutta Consumer Media
  90. Maura Rodgers - Strutta Consumer Internet
  91. Rob Lewis, Techvibes Media Inc.
  92. Robert Scales - Raincity Studios, Speaking on Open Source Business Development
  93. Tessa Vanderkopweb 2.0
  94. Dave Vanderkop
  95. Dave Zille, dazil Internet Services - Web for Real Estate, PHP geek, and stuff I cannot make it, so my spot now belongs to Jason Barnes
  96. Pete Quily, Adult ADD Strengths - ADDCoach4u
  97. Dale McGladdery Drupal something
  98. Marina Antunes podcasting, blogging
  99. Miraj Khaled - SFU-Surrey | "Mobile Freedom" - techiemik *at* yahoo
  100. Mik Lernout - mik at futurestreet.org - Methods In Madness
  101. Jeff LaPorte - jlaporte at eqo.com - EQO Communications
  102. Jennifer Hols - jhols at eqo.com - EQO Communications This spot now for Simon Koldyk - simonk AT scribblewiki DOT com - social media
  103. Stewart Marshall - blogging and beancounters, different shades of geek?
  104. Jennifer Zickerman This spot is now reserved for #3 on the waitlist: Dima Berastau Business Objects
  105. Brian Lamb - open education, social learning, distributed publishing, etc...
  106. Steven Wittens
  107. Victoria Revay
  108. Cyprien Lomas social software applications for the environment, sustainability, and urban farming -- Geoff Fawkes Fawkes Technologies
  109. Nathaniel Brown photographing IT.
  110. Ray Charlie - ray AT agentic DOT ca - http://agentic.ca - Video podcasting
  111. Tim Walker Biro Creative
  112. Mihai Wilson Biro Creative
  113. Beth Granter This spot is now reserved for #2 on the waitlist: Ken Britton Make Technologies
  114. Ron Jacklin - Digital Signage - Multi-Display technologies
  115. Yonas Jongkind
  116. Dobes Vandermeer
  117. Weston Triemstra - Something Simpler
  118. Yonel Yonkov - Business Objects (Componetization, Data access, Metadata, Semantic models, SOA, RIA)
  119. Dave Thorvald Olson - Writer, Podcaster, Pontifier, Mudracker, Midnight Toker - get my learnin' on the run ~ NOTE: I am planning on filming a few episodes of the all-new Urban Vancouver Talk Show with a variety of guests and topics. Think of the McLaughlin Group meets Great White North. Transportation, Economics, Beverages and Hi-jinks. Anyone wanna help?
  120. I think there's room for 120 now (there used to be an entry with 2 people, but I don't see that anymore)--double check before bumping someone onto the list!


Waiting List for Spots (sorry! 120 is our current limit)


  1. Mark Yuasa - Raincity Studios Now on number 121 Presentation on Drupal Theming
  2. Erik Hermans - Raincity Studios Now on number 122
  3. Shane Ghetto Camp Vancouver - now in on spot number 3
  4. Ken Britton Make Technologies Now in on spot number 113
  5. Dima Berastau Business Objects Now in on spot number 104
  6. Keven Lin SocialPicks  Platform for stock picking Now in on spot number 69
  7. Peter Van Garderen oops...wedding to go that day, see you next year! Artefactual Systems - open source archival cataloging application using PHP Symfony framework
  8. Dean Delandreville - sorry, home renos got in the way, hope someone else can make it... Now in on spot number 36
  9. Cameron Cavers Reactionlab Communications Now in on spot number 22
  10. Warren Frey - www.freyburg.com Now in on spot number 23
  11. Doug Plant - Ach! I've booked up my weekend
  12. Chris Ng - uvmedia.com Now in spot number 62
  13. Ben Wong - Mostlygeek.com (I'll probably just sneak in the back) Now is spot 84
  14. Martin Ertl Navarik sorry, can't make it anymore
  15. Geoff Fawkes - gfawkes AT fawkestech DOT com - Mobile, Wireless, WirelessFriend.com Now in number 108
  16. Christine Atkinson - i-sea.org mail to: atkinsonchristine AT hotmail DOT com Now is spot 8
  17. David Eaves - david AT eaves DOT ca - collaboration, negotiation and public policy consultant. Now at spot number 17
  18. Marcus Riedner - art ninja, manager, and gamer - BarCamp virgin, will help for food. Now at spot number 5
  19. Jason Barnes - jay AT jayandsilentrob DOT com - (Open) Hack the World Now in spot 95
  20. Simon Koldyk - simonk AT scribblewiki DOT com - social media Now in spot 102
  21. Darren Gibbons - OpenRoad, ThoughtFarmer
  22. Rossa Sung - Global Marketer
  23. Todd Sieling Ma.gnolia (todd at ma.gnolia dot com)
  24. Andrew Ferguson - Photography, blogging, pants.
  25. Ganesh Swami - Blogging, Web Technology.
  26. Derek Ferguson - Something Simpler
  27. Kerry Anne Holloway Lipgloss and Laptops
  28. David Griffith - Knowledge As Power, Good Company - ColdFusion / Flex / AJAX
  29. Jordan \"B.J. Sucks\" Willms - Gimme20 Fitness Corporate wh0re
  30. Richard Sexton - What HyperCard still has to teach us
  31. Aston Lau - Babe Vs Babe - Online dating, social networking, babe connoisseur
  32. Trevor O - trevoro.ca - Systems Engineer, Idea junkie, Entrepreneur in diapers.
  33. Sacha Peter - sacha.peter@gmail.com - Automation and what "human effort" is good for these days I guess next year!
  34. Nels Anderson - UBC Computer Science Masters student, focusing on user interaction with mobile multimedia, and more generally, ubiquitous computing systems
  35. Jim Pick  - Kaffe, CodeFlow - caught a cold, staying home sick this year
  36. Bruce Byfield - free software and GNU/Linux journalism, GPL3, free software and environmentalism
  37. Ralph Giles - Open Source Software, graphics and multimedia, video and metadata
  38. Jon Husband
  39. Tylor Sherman - Can contribute some B&W film developing goodness to PhotoCamp2007 Can't make it anymore...
  40. Adam  Killam- Internet Marketing / SEO / Salesforce.com marketing and integration
  41. W.M. Gibbens of influency Web Application Design, Development, Prototyping
  42. Mack Hardy AffinityBridge Drupalization and Drupal for Good
  43. Michael Jones (likely will be in town in post-vacation mode...would love to see what the Vancouver BarCamp scene is up to, and relay experiences from Toronto's unconference scene...mlwjones at gmail dot com)
  44. Christopher Hamersley of Hemisphere 3 Programming, Singularity Surfing
  45. Andrew Pawson - Web UI
  46. Monica Hamburg - Writer and Summer Enthusiast Visit
  47. Ken Pratt - ken at kenpratt dot new - Progger, web techie[
  48. Edward Dron - Marketing guy for Kinzin.com
  49. Regina Le - All about creation, multimedia and web development
  50. Maik Hassel Simply Efficient Inc.
  51. Jennifer Aikman- Writer & online hand-holder. Please let me lurk.
  52. Matt Simpson - matt @ mattsimpson dot name; film photographer, writer, raconteur, gamer, mac nerd, amateur wine snob, cookie enthusiast.
  53. Robin Hugh Johnson - Open Source everything, Gentoo Developer, Gentoo Council member, Developer at IsoHunt and much more
  54. Gene Blishen 
  55. Matt Harris - Producer, The Lab with Leo Laporte (Vancouver-based tech show)
  56. Kate Abraham - Researcher, The Lab with Leo Laporte (Vancouver-based tech show)
  57. Scott Patten - Plot-O-Matic, scientific graphing web application in Ruby on Rails. I'd talk about creating DSLs in Ruby or unit testing Javascript with Prototype and Scriptaculous.
  58. Tara Robertson - Startup Librarian for the Masters of Digital Media Program Great Northern Way Campus. Fun with LibraryThing.
  59. Karim Ratib - kratib at open dash craft dot com - Drupal geek of OpenCraft.
  60. Dennis Chenard- New Media BC / BarCamp Sponsor.
  61. Lori Pike - Sxip Identity - I'd just like to come for the Friday night :)
  62. Mark Mayo Joyent - Building web infrastructure and software, and open sourcing the whole thing
  63. Rod McFarland - Web Dev, SFU - open source zealot
  64. Andy Lunny - Cheery learner, alunny at gmail
  65. Mike Bultrowicz - Apple, UI, Collaborative Environments
  66. Dmitry Nekrasovski - Elastic Path - UI/UX + agile
  67. Scott Robarts - Scott Robarts - Owner, Blink Designs - Blogger Indiescribe
  68. Kerry Hall - Freelance journalist (kerrhall AT gmail DOT com)
  69. Steve Jones - Chair, UBC EngineeringStudent Team Council
  70. Ean Jackson * Sales for Geeks * An overview of cool Web 2.0 tools you can use to get more businesses now
  71. Gordon Withers - Why your web project failed even though you did everything right and now everyone thinks you did everything wrong. Note to self, remember to register earlier next year. Time to make alternative plans...
  72. Jean H├ębert - Music 2.0, Mobility, Free culture, social theory, transgression and Regression
  73. Jan Karlsbjerg - Geek, nice guy, blogger, etc.
  74. Viviana Caro - Sound post production
  75. Chris Goward - chris AT widerfunnel fullstop com - Conversion rate optimization, multivariate testing, a/b testing
  76. Beau Hartshorne, http://snipshot.com/ & http://instantdomainsearch.com - web apps
  77. Greg Dingle, http://snipshot.com/ & http://bloggingheads.tv/ - web apps, web video
  78. Travis Smith, http://www.hopstudios.com/ - Web development (how embarrassing, I thought I put myself on the list months ago...)
  79. Simon Vallee - Web entrepreneur (simon.vallee at gmail)
  80. Ramon Vawda, PEER 1 Network
  81. My Real Place Jonathan Lyon - Web 2.0 Real Estate Community Portal
  82. Steve Krueger - Raincity Studios
  83. Hubert Florin - Raincity Studios
  84. Scott McWhirter - Shopos


We're Done - The waiting list is full !!