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UPDATE (8/1/07 11:53PM): We've reorganized the lists below to make it easier to tell who's in and who hasn't responded. Once the Participants list reaches 110, we kindly as you to add yourself to the bottom of the Waiting List (see below) and mark CONFIRMED next to your name. If someone drops off the Participants list, their spot is fair game, first come first serve!


  1. Alex Giron - alexgiron AT gmail.com - http://cssbeauty.com (M) CONFIRMED
  2. Jesse Thomas - jessethomas@jess3.com - http://www.jess3.com (xl) CONFIRMED
  3. Leslie Bradshaw - lbradshaw@mclaughlin.com - lesliebradshaw.com (m) CONFIRMED
  4. Kevin Lawver - lawver AT gmail.com - http://lawver.net (3X) CONFIRMED
  5. Max Lawver CONFIRMED (he's Kevin's son)
  6. Kelly Gifford - kelly.gifford AT gmail.com (L) CONFIRMED
  7. Martin Ringlein - martin AT marylandmedia.com - http://marylandmedia.com (XL) CONFIRMED
  8. Bill Kocik - bkocik AT gmail.com - http://bkocik.net (L) CONFIRMED
  9. Samantha Warren - Samantha AT badassideas.com - http://www.badassideas.com (s) CONFIRMED
  10. Porter Glendinning - porterg AT gmail DOT com - http://g9g.org (XL) CONFIRMED
  11. Nick O'Neill - nick at thewebpreneur dot com - http://www.thewebpreneur.com , http://www.allfacebook.com CONFIRMED
  12. Ross M Karchner- rosskarchner at gmail - http://rossnotes.com http://dctechevents.com (xxl) CONFIRMED
  13. David Russell - david at davidrussell dot org - http://davidrussell.org (L) CONFIRMED
  14. Paul Kittredge - barcamp at asarya dot com (M) CONFIRMED
  15. Jeremy Carbaugh - jcarbaugh AT gmail - http://carbauja.com CONFIRMED (S)
  16. Russell Heimlich - kingkool68 at gmail - http://www.russellheimlich.com/blog/ (t-shirt size LARGE) CONFIRMED
  17. Doug March - dougmarch at gmail dot com - www.doug-march.com (XL) CONFIRMED
  18. Alex Eagle - eagle at post dot Harvard dot edu - www.wendefer.blogspot.com (L) CONFIRMED
  19. Alisa Schadt - alisa dot schadt at corp dot aol dot com - http://design.aim.com CONFIRMED
  20. Thanny Le - thanny AT viget dot com - http://teamviget.com http://viget.com (M) CONFIRMED
  21. Faz Besharatian - faz@fazfolio.com CONFIRMED
  22. Brian Williams - brian at viget dot com - http://www.viget.com http://blog.viget.com (XL) CONFIRMED
  23. David Ramos - web07@davidramos.org - http://davidramos.org CONFIRMED
  24. Matt Bradley - mbradley at gmail dot com (L) | CONFIRMED
  25. Michael DelNegro - mdelnegro at yahoo (XXL) CONFIRMED
  26. Robert Neelbauer - robert@freewebs.com - http://www.freewebs.com - http://www.jobmatchbox.com (L) CONFIRMED
  27. Matthew Mansfield - mmansfield1 at gmail dot com (Size L) CONFIRMED
  28. Joe Dzikiewicz - email at jdzik@aol.com - http://drdzoe.wordpress.com (XL) CONFIRMEDwino kredyt mieszkaniowy sprzedam mieszkanie sprzedam bilet
  29. Amy Hoy - amy at slash7 d com - (XL) - http://www.slash7.com CONFIRMED
  30. John F Croston III - jacobboomer at msn dot com http://www.jfciii.com http://www.armyg1.army.mil (XXL) CONFIRMED
  31. Joseph Price - jmp at jmprice dot net (S) CONFIRMED
  32. Rich Leung - kleung dot hkg at gmail dot com http://richleung.blogspot.com/ (Size L) CONFIRMED
  33. Nima Dilmaghani nimadi at gmail dot com nimad.wordpress.com (M) CONFIRMED
  34. Kristen Taylor - mktaylor at pbs dot org http://kthread.com CONFIRMED
  35. Ellen Scully-Russ - ems2104 at columbia dot edu (L)CONFIRMED
  36. Jared Goralnick - jared at setconsulting com http://technotheory.com ยท http://dancingwithwords.com (M) CONFIRMED
  37. Joseph LeBlanc - contact at jlleblanc dot com http://www.sidewalkadvocate.com (M) CONFIRMED
  38. Greg Schnippel - schnippy at gmail [d.t] com http://www.spacedebate.org (M) CONFIRMED
  39. Keith Casey - keith at caseysoftware dot com http://CaseySoftware.com/blog (L) CONFIRMED
  40. Prashant Punjabi - busybee AT gmail (L) CONFIRMED
  41. Meghna Kukreja - omegta AT gmail (S) CONFIRMED
  42. Troy Stribling - planb.research at gmail http://plans.inplanb.com (L) CONFIRMED
  43. Dylan Greene - dylan AT clearspring.com http://www.clearspring.com - (L) CONFIRMED
  44. Mayur Venkateswaran - cusecase at gmail dot com - (M) CONFIRMED
  45. JC Herz - jnhq at yahoo dot com (S) CONFIRMED
  46. Marc Lavallee - marc dot lavallee at socialtext dot com M CONFIRMED
  47. Bianca Prade - bianca at Bianca.Prade@naa.org http://www.webcontentstrategy.com/ (M) CONFIRMED
  48. Tom Bridge - tom at metroblogging dot com | Size XXL CONFIRMED
  49. Andy Rankin - andy at viget dot com - http://www.viget.com http://blog.viget.com (XL) CONFIRMED
  50. Douglas Clifton - dwclifton at gmail dot com - http://loadaveragezero.com/ (M) CONFIRMED
  51. Nikolas Coukouma - atrus@atrus.org - http://nikolasco.livejournal.com/ (M) CONFIRMED
  52. Katie (S) | CONFIRMED
  53. Matt Topper - matt@matttopper.com http://www.matttopper.com (XL) CONFIRMED
  54. Nathan Herald - nathan . at . myobie . dot . com http://nathanherald.com (M) CONFIRMED
  55. Tony Primerano primerano at tonycode dot com(L) CONFIRMED
  56. Ann Bernard - abernard at whygosolo dot com http://www.whygosolo.com (M) CONFIRMED
  57. Roger Strickland - roger (at) tarponcreek (dot) com (size XL) CONFIRMED
  58. Erik Olson - Erik.Olson@viget.com (size XM) CONFIRMED
  59. Scott Mendenhall - scott at mendenhall dot info (size L) - CONFIRMED
  60. Ali Felski - alifelski at yahoo.com (size S) CONFIRMED
  61. Kevin McCann - kpmccann at gmail dot com (size M) CONFIRMED
  62. Matt Bowen - mrbowen ampersat gmail period com http://m.odul.us (XL) CONFIRMED
  63. Kevin O'Neill - koneill at grassroots dot com (size M) CONFIRMED
  64. Meredith Bradshaw - bradsham AT fleishman dot com (size M) | CONFIRMED
  65. Dan Horowitz - horowitd AT fleishman dot com (size L) CONFIRMED
  66. Dave Gardner - dave dot gardner AT fleishman dot com (size L) CONFIRMED
  67. Andrew McClellan - andrew dot mcclellan AT fleishman dot com (size L) CONFIRMED
  68. Cheryl Contee - cheryl dot contee AT fleishman dot com (size M) CONFIRMED
  69. Ahson Wardak - ahsonwardak at gmail dot com (L) - CONFIRMED
  70. Martin Saenz - msaenz at whygosolo dot com http://www.whygosolo.com (L)CONFIRMED
  71. Luc Castera - luc AT gmail dot com http://dambalah.com (L) - CONFIRMED
  72. Doug Wilson dougwilsonmoo / gmail / com http://onelittlewindow.org XXL -- CONFIRMED
  73. Ralph Sklarew - ralph AT sklarew DOT com http://www.workingWidgets.com/ (M) - CONFIRMED
  74. Jason Decker - scjdecker AT gmail DOTS com (M) - NOT ABLE TO MAKE IT
  75. Monte Early - monte AT clearspring DOT com http://www.clearspring.com/blog (XXL) - CONFIRMED
  76. Austin Fath - austin AT clearspring DOT com http://www.clearspring.com/blog (XL) - CONFIRMED
  77. Mark Bristow - synapse77 AT gmail DOT com (XXXL) CONFIRMED
  78. Gyuri Grell - ggrell at pobox dot com (M) CONFIRMED
  79. Steven Covell - steve AT clearspring DOT com http://www.clearspring.com/blog (S) CONFIRMED
  80. Jeff Kubina - jeff.kubina AT gmail DOT com http://jeff-kubina.blogspot.com/ (M) CONFIRMED
  81. Carlos Garcia - carlos AT scrapblog dot com (size L) CONFIRMED
  82. Mike Cummins - Michael.Cummins@Corp.aol.com CONFIRMED
  83. Warren Hamerman - Warren.Hamerman@corp.aol.com http://dev.aol.com/ (XL) CONFIRMED
  84. Liz Pruszko - liz at the315 dot com XS CONFIRMED
  85. Chris Selmer - cmselmer AT gmail DOT com http://betterendeavor.com (L) CONFIRMED
  86. Zvi Band - skeevis AT skeevis DOT com http://zviband.com (L) CONFIRMED
  87. Rachan Malhotra - rachan_m AT yahoo DOT com http://cooldyood.blogspot.com/ (M) CONFIRMED
  88. Rana Sobhany 0 - rana.sobhany AT gmail DOT com (XS) CONFIRMED
  89. Brock Wilcox - awwaiid@thelackthereof.org http://thelackthereof.org/ (L) CONFIRMED
  90. Spencer Holleman - spencerholleman AT gmail (L) CONFIRMED
  91. Chris Wax - chris.wax AT gmail (XL) CONFIRMED
  92. Charlie Park - charlie at pearbudget dot com - http://pearbudget.com (M) CONFIRMED
  93. Vincent Gallegos - vince at freerangestudios [d.t] com http://www.freerangestudios.com/ (XS) CONFIRMED
  94. Atilla Kocsis - atilla at DigitalPhenom dot com - (M) CONFIRMED
  95. Joe Loong - journalseditor@aol.com http://socialmedia.aim.com (M) CONFIRMED
  96. Philip Fominykh - org glyf @ philip (S) CONFIRMED
  97. Brendan Howell - brendan at howell-ersatz dot com (M) CONFIRMED
  98. Rob Soule - rob at viget dot com http://viget.com http://teamviget.com - (L) CONFIRMED
  99. Holly Samee - holly at culturecaptioning dot com - (L) CONFIRMED
  100. Nguyet Vuong - nofcna at gmail dot com - (S) CONFIRMED
  101. Trace Johnson - Trace at viget dot com http://viget.com - (M) CONFIRMED
  102. Matt Revelle - mrevelle at gmail dot com - (M) CONFIRMED
  103. Will Mitchell - wamitchell at gmail dot com http://washingtoncitypaper.com - (L) CONFIRMED
  104. Matthew Martin - matt at suburbandestiny dot com http://suburbandestiny.com/tech - (L) CONFIRMED
  105. Scott Wells - boyinthebands at gmail dot com - http://www.boyinthebands.com (XL) CONFIRMED
  106. Shahid Ahmad - sa1234 at gmail dot com - http://www.newhelix.com (XL) CONFIRMED
  107. Patrick Smith - patrick at patricksmith dot org | http://www.patricksmith.org (XL) CONFIRMED
  108. Edward Welker - ed d0t ncbi at{ gmail.com CONFIRMED
  109. Gavin Baker - grbaker@ufl.edu http://www.gavinbaker.com/ (M) CONFIRMED
  110. Andrew C - andrew at chronolink DOT net - http://pharmcountry.net/ (L} CONFIRMED


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Waiting List


If the Participants list is equal to 110, please add yourself to the list below. If someone drops off the above list, you can add yourself and you'll be able to get in!


  1. Matt Lester - mlester at freedomforum dot org http://www.freedomforum.org (XXXL) CONFIRMED
  2. Nelson Pavlosky - nelson at freeculture dot org http://nelson.freeculture.org (L) CONFIRMED
  3. Keith Istler - keith.istler at gmail dot com CONFIRMED
  4. John Bachir - j AT jjb DOT cc CONFIRMED
  5. Deb Lavoy - deb at louisonlavoy dot com (M) CONFIRMED
  6. Geoff Livingston - geoff at livingstonbuzz dot com www.livingstonbuzz.com/blog (XL) CONFIRMED
  7. Jeff Crites - jeff@fellowforce.com www.fellowforce.com (XL) CONFIRMED
  8. Sophie Campagne - scampagne@forumone.com http://www.forumone.com (M) CONFIRMED
  9. Greg Elin - gelin@sunlightfoundation.com (XL) CONFIRMED
  10. Conrad Barski - lisperati@gmail.com (L) - CONFIRMED
  11. Eddie de Guia - edeguia at captivateit.com http://www.idbetyou.com (M) CONFIRMED
  12. Aaron Murphy - aaron@aaronsportfolio.com http://www.aaronsportfolio.com (L) CONFIRMED
  13. Moses McCall - mosesmc52 at gmail dot com (M) CONFIRMED
  14. jenna marino - jenna.marino@gmail.com CONFIRMED
  15. Avery Smith - avery at asmithstudio dot com http://www.asmithstudio.com (XL) CONFIRMED
  16. Gabriel Handford - gabrielh@gmail.com http://ducktyper.com/ (XL) CONFIRMED
  17. Jesse Kuhnert - jkuhnert@gmail.com http://blog.opencomponentry.com (M) CONFIRMED
  18. Min Kim - minho.kim@gmail.com (M) CONFIRMED
  19. Roan O'Sullivan - roanosullivan at yahoo.com (XL) CONFIRMED
  20. Marilyn Langfeld - ml at langfeldesigns.com (XXL) CONFIRMED
  21. Juliana Diaz - juliana at silverpoint dot net CONFIRMED
  22. Mark Scrimshire - mark AT Ekive dot com http://Ekive.blogspot.com (XL) CONFIRMED
  23. Jeremy Boggs - jeremy at clioweb dot org http://clioweb.org (XL) CONFIRMED
  24. James Marantan - jmarantan + a t + g.m.a.i.l d0t com (L) CONFIRMED
  25. Kutlay Topatan - ktopatan+web at gmail dot com (L) CONFIRMED
  26. Jim Basio - jim.basio@viget.com (L)| CONFIRMED
  27. David Lotts - dlotts _at_ gmail _dot_ com (XL) CONFORTABLE
  28. Mahi Reddy - mahired _at_ gmail _dot_ com (XL) CONFIRMED
  29. Adddy Cameron-Huff - addy@votenader.org (M) CONFIRMED

No Response List


If you're on this list and aren't attending, please mark NOT ATTENDING next to your name. If you are attending, and the Participants list is less than 110, add yourself to that list and mark CONFIRMED. The assumption of this list is that you are not attending.


  1. Brent Halliburton - brent_halliburton@yahoo.com http://www.cogmap.com (L)
  2. Clay Johnson - clayjohnson at gmail dot com - http://www.clayjohnson.org
  3. James Williams - James dot L dot williams at gmail dot com http://jameswilliams.be/blog (XL)
  4. Melissa Brewer - yourfreelanceneeds at gmail - http://capitalcreative.blogspot.com/
  5. JIyan Wei - jwei AT vocus dot com - http://www.newinfluencer.com
  6. Robert Gonia - rgonia at yahoo dot com
  7. Peter Corbett - corbett3000 at gmail.com - http://www.blattnerbrunner.com http://www.advercation.com http://www.allfacebook.com NOT ATTENDING
  8. Bartosz Solowiej - bart at capital-b dot com - http://traincheck.com NOT ATTENDING
  9. Shawn Carnell - ShawnCarnell at gmail dot com - http://aimpages.com/shawncarnell NOT ATTENDING
  10. John Tarcza - jtarcza at world dot oberlin dot edu
  11. Michael Haggerty - mhaggerty at trellon dot com - http://www.trellon.com
  12. Barbara Morris - barb at barbwired dot net -http://www.barbwired.net
  13. Adrienne Royer--aroyer at gmail-http://www.girlfromthesouth.com
  14. Rachel Steinberg-resteinberg at gmail dot com -http://www.yellowisthecolor.wordpress.com (raee) (S)
  15. Karin Jue-karinjue at gmail dot com
  16. Elizabeth Brown - elizabethnolanbrown at gmail dot com
  17. Andrew Wilson - awd@andrewwilsondesign.com http://www.andrewwilsondesign.com
  18. Matt Briney - matthew at emotivellc dot com http://www.emotivellc.com/
  19. Hugh Brien - hbrien at hughbrien dot com http://www.hughbrien.com
  20. Will Kern - kernwill@yahoo.com http://15meanings.com NOT ATTENDING
  21. Eric McErlain - emcerlain at hotmail dot com http://offwing.com (XL)
  22. Rajeev Karamchedu - kreaper at gmail http://rajeev.name/blog
  23. Hans Lellelid - hans (at) xmpl (.) org
  24. Daniel Krech - eikeon@eikeon.com http://eikeon.com/ (L) CONFIRMED
  25. Ed Summers - ehs@pobox.com http://inkdroid.org
  26. Venkatesh Srinivas - me@acm.jhu.edu | http://endeavour.zapto.org
  27. Dmitriy Korobskiy - dk (@) verizon (.) net size L NOT ATTENDING
  28. Jacob Patton - jacob dot patton at gmail dot com - http://trisignia.com (L)
  29. Dennis Sutch - dennis at sutch dot com (L)
  30. Deb Lavoy - deb at louisonlavoy dot com (M)
  31. Peter Burkholder - pburkholder AT pobox OT-DAY om-cay (L)
  32. Taufique Rahman - trahman AT sainc.com (L)
  33. Jeff Majka - jmajka AT gotostrategic dot com | http://majka.blogspot.com
  34. Maxim Leyzerovich - maxim at DigitalPhenom dot com - No longer able to attend - sorry :(



We are using a Google Group to keep all participants informed of any BarCampWashingtonDC announcements: http://groups.google.com/group/barcampwashingtondc