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Saturday, 15th September 2007


This BarCamp was about making a difference to egovernment in New Zealand. We are a small country with a very well connected, vibrant web community. government 2.0 can happen here!

3 Queens Wharf (map) | mailing list



After the energy and connections from the initial barCamp (15th Sept) the question is now - what next?

Edit this page and leave "what next" suggestions:

  • Mike Riversdale: Regular lunch meet-up
  • Mike Riversdale: mini-barCamp to see what's happened
  • Mike Riversdale: Use the mailing list/Wiki to keep it going (how?)
  • Mike Riversdale: Other BarCamps around major themes/subjects that people would like to follow-up on:
  • ...





Stay in touch

To be kept informed, join the ongoing discussions.

Subscribe by sending a blank email to barcampwellingtonnzegov-subscribe(at)googlegroups.com

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Who blogged about it?


Where are the presentation slides?


The room session timetables

Taken from the pieces of paper stuck on the outside - a record of what was talked about

Comber room

  • Moving from the old to new with CSS
  • Why your website is slow
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Road map to Govt 2.0
  • XML Governance: It takes a village
  • Top 10 things a Govt webmaster can do
  • Why standards won't lead to better e-Govt


Irving room

  • Accessibility + 2 schemas
  • Microformats + Sematice Web
  • RFP vs Website lovestory
  • Innovation + Effective Risk
  • Discussion: OSS Policy + usage SomeNotesOnTheDiscussion


Hopper 1 (near) room

  • Wrangling democracy - systems of governance
  • Social media
  • Online environments - technology paths / what do people want
  • When CEOs blog / Audience + focus
  • Build the tech + save the world
  • Secure mail about as good as you can get


Hopper 2 (far) room

  • Acronyms + Publishing from single source to everywhere
  • Agile in e-Govt
  • Space/place and the meaning of "where"
  • Digital strategy + future
  • Open Data, power but not as we know it
  • Privacy
  • Relativity of Rates





The Event


Participants - THANK YOU!

Were you there? Add your name to the list below:


T-shirts: Please note that only 40 t-shirts have been ordered, and these will go to those who registered before August 31. We needed this as a cut-off date in order to get them made.


Name/BlogFromSession Topic/DescriptionT-shirt (S/M/L/XL/2XL/3XL)
Geoff Bentley, Pete McVicarWellingtonmicroformats (sexy HTML) - the basicsS,M
Mike PearsonWellingtonTop Ten Things a government webmaster can do, to make a difference2XL
Mike PearsonWellingtonIs big brother our friend; The challenges of networked government
Mike PearsonWellingtonOpen data is power but not as we know it
Mike PearsonWellingtonHow can government facilitate digital trust and reputation?
Mike PearsonWellingtonSecureMail - about as good as you can get secure email
Jason RyanWellingtonSocial media as an agent for changeM
Thomas ScovellWellingtonM
Rebecca CoxWellingtonEngaging all New Zealanders in government (2.0)XL
Sam FarrowWellingtonSearch Engine Optimisation - Connecting people with government on the big wide web (everything from clip art - to comic sans)2XL
Mike Riversdale MiramarIt's all about the people and NOT about the technologyL
Miraz WellingtonSorry, can't come after all - too frazzled.XL
Barry PolleyWellingtonGovt open source adoptionXL
Hayden Vink WellingtonStandards, SchmandardsL
John Clegg WellingtonWhy your website is slow and how to speed up it up2XL
Tom Beard Te AroSpace, place, and the meaning of 'where'L
Paul Gold WellingtonSo what's up with your database?
Brenda Leeuwenberg Wellington M
Rachel McAlpineMt VicWhen CEOs go blogM
Matthew HuntWellington M
Chris Daish Sunny Karori Two tiny thoughts of little consequence 2XL
Mike Brown Wellington XL
Robert O'Brien Tauranga User Centric Identity - OpenID, XDI and VRM; Digital Data Sharing - Identity Rights Agreements and creating a Privacy Commons 2XL
Elyssa Timmer Wellington undecided, but eager :-) perhaps something about emotional connections wm
Hugh McPhail Wellington Something about government and social media - where does it happen XL
Sandy Mamoli Wellington S
Sam Ng WellingtonWhat can government learn from startups?M
Terrence WoodTe AroAccessibility or Web Strategy or Emergent IAXL
Andy Neale Wellington M
Che Tibby Te Aro over-thinking government-public interfaces XL
Roy Davis Te Aro L
Andrew Russell Lower Hutt 2XL
Jo Eaton Wellington L
Nitish Verma Wellington about adopting innovation with effective risk management M
Jim Whitman jim.whitman (at) gmail.com Island Bay A day off from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner 2xl
Hamish MacEwan Wellington All Of Government Joined Up: Now How Do We Move? XL
Nat TorkingtonTi PointUnderstand "Web 2.0" Without PainM
Don ChristieWellingtonN/T YetL
Nik Wakelin & Natalie FergusonWellingtonRealtime Government - Watching Business GrowM x2
Zara LynchWellingtonDigital Strategy and Future Summit 2.0S
Natasha HallWellington-S
Vikram KumarWellingtonIdentity in a Web 2.0 world Flu, in bedXL
Julian CarverChristchurchPlaying nicely together for federated architecturesM
Nas KhanWellingtonSomething about WPF and Silverlight(wm)L
Vicki SmithHariharionline environments and remote perspectivess
Mike OsborneWellingtonA roadmap to Govt 2.0 based on a Maturity Model L
Jo BoothMesh|net
Colin JacksonWellingtonBuild the tech, change the worldL
Robyn HuntWellingtonTwo shmoo! What about the user?2XL
John Moore Wellington XL
Miriame Barbarich Wellington
Erin Muxlow Wellington L
Nahum Wild Wellington something has come up and I can't attend :-( XL
Jennifer GeardWellingtonWL
Hadyn Green Mt Cook M
Richard HulseLower Hutt A method for updating a site's look and feel - in other words, how to easily scrape existing content from a site, put it into a templating framework, change the css and deploy itXL
Belinda WestenraLyall Bay XL
Keitha BoothWellingtonUnlocking the barriers to government-held informationM
Mark HarrisWellington(brain fried by too many conferences)M
Dan Randow Christchurch Better email in a white box L
Joanna McLeod Wellington 2XL
Sjef van Gaalen Wellington L
Seth Wagoner Christchurch XL
Premium Net Auckland XL
Brian Calhoun Wellington RFP vs. Website: A Love Story L
Nathan Young Wellington M
Matthew Cruickshank Wellington Acronyms++: XML Publishing from a single source to HTML 3.2, HTML 4.01, XHTML, XUL, RSS 0.92, RSS 2, ATOM, PDF, TXT, CSV, OpenDocument, and many more...
Sibylle SchwarzTe Aro S
Alix ValeTe Aro 2XL
PJ RobinsonThorndon, Wellington S
Marek Kuziel Christchurch OpenID enabled NZ M
Bernard O'BrienWellingtonSecurity in SOA environments XL
Jim DonovanWellington XL
Martin SidorukWellington L
Andrew StephenWellingtonSomething related to security, more likely than not.XL
Mark PascallWellington Doing Agile in Government - can it work!! L
Marica SeveljWellington
Michael DentonWellington A look into various systems of governance from monarchy to anarchy
Mark Rickerby Wellington The Relativity of Rates - Local government for a connected world
Neil Sanson Wellington
Clifton ChanWellington
Penny LeachWellington
Lee AllenWellington
Brenda WallaceAro Valley
Liz KolsterWellingtonDeveloping XML Governance: IT takes a Village
Andrew EcclestoneTe Aro
Ben LampardWellies
Geoff CantWellingtonS
Silvana FumegaKelburn
Yenping YeoNewtown
Stephen Olsen NZ Federation of Voluntary Welfare Organisations
Daniel Rowling Te Aro
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Sponsors - THANK YOU!



Volunteers - THANK YOU!

Have you added yourself to the participants list first?


  • add yourself
  • Nat Torkington
  • David Hume
  • Pete McVicar
  • Mike Brown
  • Mike Riversdale - miramar.mike(at)gmail.com
  • Chris Daish - chris (at) zoinks.gen.nz
  • Andy Neale - andy.neale(at)natlib.govt.nz
  • Tash Hall
  • Don Christie
  • Paul Moss
  • Elyssa Timmer - elyssat AT gmail DOT com
  • Claire Benson
  • Robert Coup
  • Rowan Smith
  1. Lee Allen
  • Jason Ryan
  • Glen Barris - glenbarris (at) paradise.net.nz
  • Gary Elshaw - asituationist (at) gmail.com
  • Sam Sargeant - sam.sargeant (at) gmail.com
  • David Farrar - david (at) farrar.com
  • Pete Macaulay - siabost (at) gmail.com
  • Colin Jackson - colin.jackson (at) it.gen.nz
  • Jamie Baddeley - jamie.baddeley (at) vpc.co.nz
  • John Clegg - john@projectx.co.nz
  • Steve Leon - stephen (at) inspirationaltv.net
  • Hamish MacEwan - Hamish.MacEwan+BarCamp@GoogleMail.com
  • Claire Sherrington - claire (at) thinkingorange.com - maybe
  • Ray Ching - aka Mephistan
  • Seth Wagoner - Interclue
  • Brian Calhoun - unbrand (at) gmail.com
  • Sam Farrow - sam (at) nzpa.co.nz Sea World Coupons
  • Thomas Scovell
  • Julian Carver - julian.carver (at) seradigm.co.nz
  • Rebecca Cox - becs027(at)gmail.com
  • Geoff Bentley - geoff (at) bentley (dot) net
  • Bob Medcalf - bob (at) provoke.co.nz
  • Miriame Barbarich - experience.net.nz
  • Jonathan Ewing - jonathan.ewing at meridianenergy.co.nz
  • John Moore - experience.net.nz
  • Hayden Vink - hayden.vink (at) dna.co.nz
  • Robyn Hunt - robyn.hunt (at) AccEase.com
  • Mike Osborne - mike.osborne (at) AccEase.com
  • Michelle McClellan - bunnyabandownare (at) gmail.com
  • Anthony Hawkins
  • Rachel McAlpine - rachel (at) contented.com
  • Matt Hunt - morfran (at) gmail.com Avis Coupons
  • Ryan Kennedy - websynapse (at) gmail.com
  • Robert O'Brien - rsobrien (at) gmail.com
  • Hugh McPhail - hugh.mcphail (at) gmail.com
  • Terrence Wood - tdw (at) funkive.com
  • che tibby - that.strapping.great.lad.che.tibby (at) gmail.com
  • Roy Davis - public@dvs.net.nz hotels
  • Jim Whitman jim.whitman (at) gmail.com
  • Marek Kuziel - marek.kuziel (at) encode.net.nz
  • Jennifer Geard - jennifer.geard (at) landtransport.govt.nz
  • Hadyn Green - hadyn (at) dropkicks.co.nz
  • Mark Harris - barcamp (at) tracs.co.nz
  • Joanna McLeod - johubris (at) gmail.com
  • Sjef van Gaalen - mail (at) sjef.nu
  • Anupama Rajagopal
  • Sibylle Schwarz - sibylle (at) gmail.com
  • Jayne Wallis - jayne.wallis (at) lifebox.com
  • Glynn Foster - glynn.foster (at) sun.com
  • Barry Polley - barryp (at) well.com
  • Alix Vale - alixvale (at) gmail.com
  • Stephen Olsen - olsen.biz (at) gmail.com
  • Eduard Liebenberger - el (at) fronde.com



To Do List ..more - DONE!


  1. Admit that you want to organize a barcamp
  2. Lay the groundwork
  3. Get graphics straight final Logos
  4. Tell others
    1. Discussion
    2. Flyer #1
  5. Network
  6. Assign tasks
  7. Get a venue
  8. Release the blogs
  9. Make lists: Equipment
  10. Prepare for lift-off!



Schedule - DONE!


  • Pre-organising 8:30am - 9am
    • Pick up your name badge / coffee
    • Finalise the sessions / times
  • Morning sessions: 9am - 12 noon (coffee break at 10.30am?)
  • Lunch 12-1pm
  • Afternoon sessions: 1pm - 5pm (coffee break at 3pm?)
  • Dinner - 6pm, Arizona? or somewhere healthier?
  • Evening



Some Background Reading