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Event details

Happened on Saturday, November 21st, 2009. 8:30am. At Yokohama International School, iPhone Map Pin: http://bit.ly/2eHfQ9. With the theme of Modeling 21st Century Education: What does it look like?


  • Apple Japan providing Eco-bags
  • Yokohama International School providing morning refreshments, snacks throughout day, lunch, venu, wifi,
  • TokyoHackerSpace
  • OpenSolarias providing shirts, watches, CD-ROMs, frisbee-like games

Schedule, Blog posts & Videos

alansmitheejp http://movapic.com/pic/200911211639264b07992ed6a07

Flickr Group http://www.flickr.com/groups/ybtg/pool/

Flickr Tag ybtg09 http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/ybtg09/



Topics I would like to hear about

  • What is 21C Learning?
  • Writing for the web - who's going to find you?
  • Social Media for Building and Galvanizing Community  


  • Kurisuteen - Main Facilitator
  • BTG 2009 Committee: Kurisuteen, J.Mac, Leanne E., Sunita, Brian F., Dan C., Jamie R., Roger
  • Brian Lockwood - YIS Director of Technology 

120 Participants (aka Campers)  

  1. Jim Grisanzio
  2. Stuart Woodward (confirmed)
  3. Alberto Tomita
  4. Rafik 
  5. Derek A.(Confirmed: Photographer)
  6. Karamoon
  7. KyleHase
  8. Sireneast
  9. Oren
  10. Honor Dargan  sorry had to cancel due to some unexpected news
  11. Kim Ahlström (Kimtaro)
  12. Mehdi
  13. Lhuga
  14. LonelyBob (Kevin)
  15. Kurisuteen (blog, Twitter, Friendfeed)
  16. J.Mac
  17. Leanne E.
  18. Brian F.
  19. Sunita
  20. Jamie R.
  21. Dan C.
  22. Roger
  23. Brian Lockwood
  24. Rick Martin (@1rick)
  25. @mqtodd
  26. Bruce Mcintosh (Cannot find on Twitter)
  27. fbjohan twitter fusionbureau
  28. pascal hamonic @uploada bunkersofa
  29. Dave Sonntag (@dcsonntag)
  30. Adrian David Cheok
  31. Jonnyli
  32. julien hamonic @gbboy bunkersofa
  33. Paul Cohen @sonicviz @komusotokugawa (tentative)
  34. Jim Maricondo blogtwitter @upandbeyond
  35. Peter Jacobs blog twitter @pjacobs
  36. Michiko W. @michikow
  37. Genki
  38. Ben Brooke (Cannot find on Twitter)
  39. Sean Beeson twitter facebook soundcloud
  40. Jacinta Plucinski
  41. Miwaza Jemimah @miwaza
  42. Yongsoon Choi @goodsoon96
  43. Todd Porter @toddjapan
  44. Norbert (Cannot find on Twitter)
  45. Damon Coulter @DamonCoulter
  46. Aaron Marlin @urcreative (Blog)
  47. James Ferrer @snacktreat
  48. Marica Odagaki @ento (the girl with the cape)
  49. Lem Fugitt @robots_dreams
  50. Junya Ishihara @jishiha
  51. Kareem Michael Yosef
  52. Eli Parra @elzr, elzr.com
  53. Lauren Shannon @littlestgator tokyohackerspace.org
  54. Jessica Risser @jessrisser (twitter) the-squirrel-in-Japan (skype) 
  55. Kozue Ishii @cocokozue (twitter)
  56. Mitch Norris @MisterNorris (twitter) (confirmed)
  57. Tara Ohta tara_ohta@hotmail.com
  58. Gary Law glaw@mohg.com
  59. Hala Eldemellawy halaeldemellawy@hotmail.com
  60. Colin Campbell wordpress
  61. john snowball: snowballj@yis.ac.jp
  62. stephen mcilroy: mcilroys@yis.ac.jp
  63. Adam Clark
  64. Simon Taylor taylors@yis.ac.jp
  65. Peta-Jane Buchanan buchananp@yis.ac.jp
  66. Jarrod Buchanan jarrod_buchanan@hotmail.com
  67. Laura Merz merz_laura@hotmail.com
  68. Brad Johnston (blog), @johnstonb (twitter)
  69. Dennis Stanworth stanworth@yis.ac.jp
  70. Kim Cofino @mscofino
  71. Eddy Jones jonese@yis.ac.jp
  72. Simon Lorimer lorimers@yis.ac.jp
  73. Cindy Mullins
  74. Terri MacMillan
  75. Susie Clifford cliffords@yis.ac.jp
  76. mike mural
  77. Mary Lang
  78. Henry
  79. Donna Saito
  80. Monika Surma
  81. HIRUTA Ryuichi
  82. Masafumi Ohta(@masafumi_ohta)
  83. Steve Christie
  84. Keiko Yamamoto
  85. Gashaun Nadau
  86. Masao Uebayashi: uebayasi@tombi.co.jp
  87. Shalabh Pandey @shalabhpandey Wish I was there- but attending Barcamp Singapore
  88. Carolyn Gedling
  89. Elif Atali
  90. Reina (@angorausagi)
  91. @hichiriki
  92. Ivan (http://twitter.com/vanzaj)
  93. Hiroki Takeuchi ( tkhiroki@umich.edu ) /  ( takeuchi@otogenlab.com )
  94. Chris Rayne rayne@yis.ac.jp
  95. Asako Clark
  96. Miguel M. @miguelrene
  97. Takashi Ota @takot / skype: takot 

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Who's blogging?

  • Lauren / happy to write it up on THS and send it around to other groups
  • Public Google Wave.


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  • Singapore BarCamp may want to Skype in for sessions.
  • BarCampKanazawa( Japan) Saturday, February 20th, 2010.