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*** Looking for BathCamp 2009? It's over at http://barcamp.org/bathcamp2009 ***




Event details




Saturday 13th - Sunday morning 14th September 2008.


What time do we start & finish? This would be useful to know for planning journeys from further afield.. Thanks :) (Jennybee)


@JennyBee - you should have had an email now, but doors open 9am for start at 10am. Gimme a shout if you need somewhere to kip on the Firday night.. Mike E


How to register


Registrations are now closed!




The Invention Studios in Bath.


Where to stay?


Attendees will be able to stay overnight at the Invention Studios - bring a sleeping bag.



See the sidebar for The Basics and The Rules of Bar Camp.




We need sponsors! Details tbc but if you're interested please contact Mike Ellis at the email address below






  • Incoming donations (cash, in-kind)
  • Outgoing expenses




Day 1



Proposed Sessions


Topics I would like to hear about


  • add a topic...








Add your name here:



Participants (aka Campers)


Interested in presenting/demoing/attending?


Then add your name to this list:


  Name Session Topic Other topics you would like to see Company/Affiliation Email and/or Website
1 Michael Nolan Attempt to learn to juggle! Pecha Kucha 20/20 - would be happy to facilitate Edge Hill University Web Services http://www.michaelnolan.co.uk/
2 Giles Turnbull Something about media and advertising and journalism and suchlike something environmental would be nice freelance http://gilest.org
3 Mike Ellis "Writing tunes (with Ableton Live 7)" machine processableness Eduserv mike dot ellis at gmail dot com / variousbits
4 Ian Ibbotson Maybe something about getting your information out of silos and into reusable services - goals,tools & techniques (was Indexing/Building search apps with lucene? Extracting Relational data for museums with OAI/ORE? Any preferences) Anything about show us a better way? Knowledge Integration Ltd ianibbo@googlemail.com
5 Brian Kelly Web 2.0: Time to stop doing and start thinking (Slideshare)   UKOLN B.Kelly@ukoln.ac.uk http://ukwebfocus.wordpress.com
6 Chris Hall Learning Chinese via the Web (tagging, elearning, socialweb, myth-debunking, etc.) (topic-here) IOPP chris-on-the-web
7 Dan Zambonini Knife Culture (in the kitchen) How we can use the web for things that matter: poverty, health, politics, happiness - real world problems Box UK my first name at my company name dot com
8 Tim Beadle Techies are from Mars; Marketers are from Venus (aka avoiding all-out war in the workplace) Something Arduino-y / An intro to Django & Python IOP Publishing http://www.iop.org/ / http://www.timandkathy.co.uk/journal/
9 Suzi Wells Possibly: using the web for Good Things (environmentalism / communities is what I'm interested in but it could be broader). Something active - participants to bring their own examples of what's good and maybe problems and how they might be addressed (spot the person who didn't get to go to Social Innovation Camp). But it might be a bit too much, esp on my own. Anyone interested in co-running / introducing a bit or realism, please email me. Not sure University of Bristol my name (with a dot) at gmail dot com


10 Dale Lane OpenCellId? something on CurrentCost? something on Windows PowerShell? something mobile-related? IBM http://dalelane.co.uk/blog/
11 Frankie Roberto growing herbs? games. technology.   frankie@frankieroberto.com
12 Nigel Hamilton Finding Flow - In Search of Karma++, Cloud Computing - A Tour of the Turbo10.com Engine, Darwinian Entrepreneur - 4 Dot Bombs and Counting, Perl - Something for your Toolbox?, New Ideas Need Care and Feeding - intellectual property law + innovation + no agro cognitive science, philosophy, new technology etc Trexy.com Turbo10.com TheGoo.org nigel@trexy.com
13 Darren Beale Geeky pub quiz, with prize. LAMP related topics including building a PHP dev server Foo Siftware http://bealers.com
14 Tom Goskar Archaeological Computing, and maybe stuff about lasers Location based services Wessex Archaeology Past Thinking & tom.goskar.com
15 Matt Jukes Us and Them: a talk based on conversations about the web with non geeks! Community building, video Beanbag Learning Backpass
16 Peter gradwell 10 Cool things you can do with 10,000 VoIP Users (topic-here) gradwell dot com Ltd peter@gradwell.com / www.gradwell.com
17 Paul Walk "re-use by reference" mostly everythign else mentioned on this page UKOLN http://blog.paulwalk.net
18 Jenny Brown a celebration of the web (or something like that) - representing myself! my website / me on Twitter
19 Simon Plenderleith Tales from the Front Line - How To Build A Web App In Five Days Best Practices, Frameworks, Development Tools, Work Flow, Social Promotion Also representing myself! simon at nstwdesign dot com / http://seventytwo.co.uk/
20 Dave Briggs Something about the role of museums & libraries in a digitised civic society, maybe? Most of the stuff already listed looks damn cool DavePress my website / me on Twitter
21 Richard Harrison Simple REST services with PHP, Amazon EC2 As A Development Environment Examples of how web apps are "affecting real people" (ie the non-tech crowd) Pluggable http://www.pluggable.co.uk email is firstname@
22 Laura Dewis Disrupting the University Open content and social learning The Open University / my blog
23 Rick Hurst The Gurgitator A python script for generating boilerplate web apps in a variety of technologies myself/ olivewood blog / olivewood
24 Sam Downie Music and Remixing (on a Mac) A demo of how to remix a track (provided by www.realworldremixed.com) on a Mac. Find out all about the ways of doing it, what hardware and software you need, and then hear the results Sam Downie / dsounds media me on Twitter / Visit my website
25 Sam Downie Macworld and why go? Been to Macworld Conference & Expo?.. I have, and I will tell you why you have to go! Sam Downie / dsounds media me on Twitter / Visit my website
26 Sam Downie Social Media: 101 An introduction to various Social Media sites, from micro-blogging on Twitter to Live video streaming on Ustream. Find out how you set these up, and use them for.. FREE ! Sam Downie / dsounds media me on Twitter / Visit my website
27 Sam Downie Behind the Bristol Sounds Listen to extracts from my popular podcast series, about the world famous Bristol Sound ! I will tell you why I did this and who I've featured so far Sam Downie / Bristol Sounds me on Twitter / Bristol Sounds on Twitter / Visit the 'new' Bristol Sounds website
28 Mel Kirk Tips to Building Successful Online Communities All aspects of communities from brand building to engagement tools to measuring success. Aardman Animation www.randommel.com
29 Stuart Lowes / Drew Jones Symfony Plugins - sfImageTransform (my own) An image manipulation plugin for Symfony freelance http://twitter.com/stunami / http://twitter.com/andij/
30 Adam Mills Get to know Illustrator The Web Designers Tool Verseo Ltd - Bournemouth Web Design adam(.)mills(@)verseo(.)co(.)uk
31 Lisa Price The value of design Making a business case for good design Eduserv Me on Twitter
32 Felix Cohen The Open Rights Group Digital campaigning (and a bit about the community) Headshift www.headshift.com
33 Mia Ridge not sure yet! digital cultural heritage, open data, APIs, application development frameworks, catching up with new front-end shiny-pretty stuff   openobjects.blogspot.com
n (name-here) (topic-here) (topic-here) (company-here) (email/web-here)



Add yourself...





Task List

(please cross out when it's done)




Wifi - to be provided by venue (maybe need some help setting up?).

Projector, White Boards




Video/Audio Streaming on www.ustream.tv (a account needs to be set-up!) but it's free and simple to do :)


Sam Downie hopes to be video and audio streaming, blogging and Twittering all about BathCamp'08 on his website at www.dsoundz.co.uk







Tables and chairs


What to bring


(Nicked from BarCampLondon)


  • Laptop
  • All the chargers/cables you'll need
  • If you're using a Mac for a presentation, VGA adapters
  • Spare battery if you have one
  • Camera
  • Sleeping materials - sleeping bag, pillow and toiletries (floor is not soft)
  • An idea for a session/presentation/talk
  • Cards / games etc for evening
  • Mini computer speakers for presentations (not everyone!)
  • Power boards
  • ...?


Car Share


If you are looking for a lift, or fellow passengers to share the petrol costs, please list yourself below.


  • Alistair Macdonald - Newcastle upon Tyne (driver or passenger)
  • Darren Beale - I will be driving down the M5 from the Worcester area, happy to collect people en-route, within reason.
  • Ibbo Will be driving down from Sheffield (Possibly friday evening, not sure yet) have 1 passenger so far, can divert on way if anyone needs picking up.
  • Ian Waugh Will be driving over from Oxford, in a Smart car so can only take 1 person!
  • Simon Plenderleith May need a lift from Plymouth as not sure if my designated driver is going to be able to make it.
  • Mark Ng driving from Bournemouth. Will have two spaces in car. Can drive anyone from Dorset or anywhere on the way from Dorset to Bath
  • Jenny Brown anyone with a car heading West from London want some company?




For those people coming from Bristol, but don't want to stay-over in Bath, here are the late-night Train times from Bath Spa (Depart) to Bristol Temple Meads (Arrive):


Depart: 23:09 Arrive: 23:30


Depart: 00:09 Arrive: 00:28


The last train is at:


Depart: 01:07 Arrive: 01:30 (Sunday Morning)


For those people coming from London, here's you last train times back to the capital:


Depart Bath Spa: 20:46 Arrive: 22:16

Depart Bath Spa: 22:00 Arrive: 23:50

Depart Bath Spa: 22:46 Arrive: 00:32


All train times n fares to and from Bath Spa can be found at: The Trainline


Late night Bus (Bristol)


After getting the late train from Bath Spa to Bristol, you can connect with a late night Bus in Bristol going to most

destinations from the central area. Busses up the A38 from central Bristol for example, are from 23:55 and ever hour there-after, and is priced £2.50 for a single.


Couch Surfing (somewhere to sleep on Friday night)


If you are looking for somewhere to crash on the Friday night before BathCamp starts, please list yourself below. It should be possible to find several sofas/sofa-beds/spare rooms in Bath or nearby for long-distance BathCampers.


Tags for flickr, delicious, ma.gnolia, technorati etc.

Please use the tag bathcamp08 for content related to this event