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Blogcamp Mumbai Style was a HUGE success.

Currently we are planning next Blogcamp in Pune.


Live image upload @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/blogcampindia/



Welcome to Blogcamp Mumbai Style

Blogcamp Mumbai Style is the second edition of BlogCampPune. Blogcamp Mumbai is a free unconference focusing exclusively on blogging, organized by bloggers for bloggers. This is going to be an intense event with discussions, demos and interaction between attendees. Any blogger who wants to contribute is welcome and invited to join.


Event Details

Date: 29th March 2008 (Saturday)

Time: 9:00am to 6:00pm

Venue: IIT Mumbai

School of Management (SOM) at IIT Mumbai

Powai, Mumbai - 400076

How to get there:


Another Map + Guidelines



For any queries/concerns..or anything regarding the blogcamp feel free to call the following numbers:

Tarun Chandel 91-9321117710

Moksh 91-9322121170

Arpit 91-9920720764


Our Sponsors

Venue Sponsor Platinum Sponsors Gold Sponsors Silver Sponsor Other Sponsor


*Blogcamp Mumbai Style is part of the Barcamp Mumbai event.


Plan for the event

This is a tentative plan. Actually speaking this is just a formal plan, the real idea is to meet all the bloggers and have a good time on the weekend :)

Activity Time
Start Registration 9:00 am
Put up the whiteboard 9:30 am
Kick Start the event 10:00 am
Start the various Threads 10:30 am
Break for Lunch 12:30 pm
Second round of threads 2:30 pm
Final Discussions 4:30 pm
Wrap up 5:30 pm


Topics to discuss

It is an unconference, so you guys are going to to tell us which topic should be discussed at the Blogcamp. We can have a ppt session or we can have a blogger or set of bloggers introducing a topic and then open up it for discussion. Again that is up to you, it is your camp :)


# I want to hear about
1 Effective ways to market your blog
2 Blogging: for masses or classes..?
3 Podcasting
4 Mommy bloggers: is it safe/ok to blog about your child?
5 Why bloggers give up blogging?
6 हिन्दी ब्लॉगिंग
7 Please invite Amit Verma, Amit Aggarwal and Rashmi Bansal
8 Technology, security, law
9 Micro Blogging
10 Entertainment Blogging, afterall its Mumbai, the bollywood city ;)
11 How to use Wordpress

12Tagging in the blogging world


Add topics here



Add you name here. It is an unconf so in the true spirit of it be prepared to present on something, just pick a topic from the list above or think of something on your own. Remember Blogcamp Mumbai Style is a participant only event. wino kredyt mieszkaniowy sprzedam mieszkanie sprzedam bilet


To add your name press the "Edit Page" button on the top of the page. The Password/Invite key is c4mp.


# Name Email I will talk about
1 Tarun Chandel tarunchandel AT gmail 1. Evangelizing the Opens Space events, 2. Interesting facts, half truths and total nonsense of blogosphere
2 Parag Shah    
3 Ranjan Jha    
4 Dinesh Soni blogcamp@dineshsoni.com Launching of Mumbai Bloggers Site
5 Neeraj Pattath pattath.neeraj@gmail.com  
6 Nishit Shah nixhit AT gmail  
7 Moksh Juneja mokshjuneja@gmail.com  
8 Mariam Dholkawala mariamdh at gmail dot com  
9 Raghavendra Kamat rgkamat21@gmail.com  
10 Nigel Fernandes   The future of Blogging in Indian Languages
11 Vyankatesh Madgundi venky20040@yahoo.com  
12 Ronak Shah ronak.shah22@gmail.com  
13 Ankesh Kothari blogcamp@ankeshkothari.com  
14 Pradeep Mohandas pradeep.mohandas@gmail.com  
15 Lokesh Sapre lsapre@gmail.com  
16 Avinash Bikumalla  avinash.bikumalla@gmail.com  
17 Vulk Teja 200501126@daiict.ac.in  
18 Deep Ganatra deep13@gmail.com  
19 Prashant Karandikar iprashblog@gmail.com  
20 Brajeshwar NA  
21 Jubin jubinchheda AT Gmail  
22 Umesh Gholap umeshg at gmail dot com Proven SEO Techniques to maximize search traffic to blogs
23 Aseem N aseem_n@rediffmail.com  
24 Amit Kaundinya amitmail86@yahoo.com  
25 Derick Cyril Thomas derickcyril AT gmail  
26 Ramesh rameshkamail at yahoo  
27 Nikhil/Hemant/Kalpesh kulkarni.nikhil AT gmail Unexplored possibilities of Tagging
28 Rohit Srivastwa rohit AT rohit11 dot com Security threats in Blogosphere
29 Harsha harsha@mutiny.in  
30 Krity Deb krity.deb At gmail  
31 Ashish Mehta ashishmmehta@yahoo.com  
32 Karamveer    
33 Priyank Kapadia priyankomnipotent@gmail.com Not yet decided
34 InsideSocialWeb Blog rohan@socialwebfactory.com How to be the next TechCrunch
35 Latesh Galia lateshg {at} gmail  
36 Dhaval Shah dhavalshah.83 at gmail dot com  
37 Saakshi O. Juneja blog AT sakshijuneja.com  
38 Dhamini Ratnam dhamini.r AT gmail.com  
39 Tarun Durga tarundurga@gmail.com  
40 meetu meetu AT withoutgivingthemovieaway.com  
41 Rajiv Dingra rajiv AT watblog.com Ill Listen to others :)
42 Shivkumar Parthasarathy, Chief Brutus! shiv AT u2b.in Audience
43 Shrabasti Ghatak shrabastighatak@gmail.com  
44 Priti P pritisd AT yahoo DOT com  
45 Nikhil Pahwa nikhil AT contentsutra DOT com  
46 Mehul Ved mehul at mehulved {dot} com  
47 Anil Raghuarj anil.raghu@gmail.com specifics of hindi blogging
48 Lavin Mirchandani lavin.mirchandani AT gmail contemplating...
49 Suyash Trivedi trivedisuyash@gmail.com  
50 Kyle D'lyma kyle.dlyma@gmail.com  
51 Natasha D'souza desouza.natasha@gmail.com  
52 Namrata Arya namzimus@gmail.com  
53 Panos Ladas N/A  
54 Vivek Khandelwal kvivek05@gmail.com www.roomno368.blogspot.com
55 Aditi Gupta aditi dot resolutions at gmail dot com Social Media Marketing, Twitter, Blogger and how to make the most of all tat we know on the internet - Open Forum Discussion
56 Yorick Pinto pinto dot yorick at gmail dot com  
57 Rahul Gupta (RG) Vakow! rahulg at gmail
58 Ravishankar Ramakrishnan talk2ravi84@gmail.com networking technologies, triple play , telepresence
59 Sumit Jagdale sumit AT twistedindifference dot com  
60 Deepali Panjabi    
61 Ranjan Varma ranjanvarma@gmail.com  
62 Pankaj Tiwari pankaj1.t@tcs.com To know and discuss problem in money making from Hindi blogging, search engine optimization with Devnagari tags
63 Kirti (Kits) kirtimanian@gmail.com  
64 Sheece sheece@gmail.com hanging arnd, networking, can possibly talk on microblogging
65 Vipin vipin.kannoth@gmail.com  
66 Shine Raj me@shineraj.com Blog Designing and Photo, Audio, Video Blogging
67 Harish shankaranharish@gmail.com  
68 Shilpi shilpiranadive@gmail.com  
69 Maneesh M maneeshm@live.com  
70 Syed Naqi naqi.rizvi AT gmail.com  
71 Ravi Chettiar ravi.chettiar AT gmail.com  
72 Satish Amin amin.satish AT gmail.com  
73 Harpreet Singh HarpreetG AT gmail.com  
74 Anuradha Khanna   anuradha@gmail.com  
75 Deepa Seth  deepaseth25@gmail.com  
76 Neelofer Khan  k.neelofer@gmail.com  
77 [http://www.theideasmithy.com   IdeaSmith ideasmithy@gmail.com  
78 Shahid Shah shah.shahid @gmail.com Blogging, learning, earning & SE optimization
79 Arshad Shaikh  seomum @gmail.com 1. The Secret of Seo techniques, 2. Be ready for Free traffic towards your blogs, 3. How to optimize your blog in a legitimate way
80 Moksh Juneja mokshjuneja@gmail.com See You there
82 Koteswara sarma   See You All there
83 Naveen sixfeetwonder@gmail  
84 Nirav Sanghavi nirav at blogadda dot com  
85 Sanaya Zubairy sanayazubairy@gmail.com  
86 Pravin Paratey pravinp -at- gmail -dot- com  
87 Gaurav Gurbaxani gg@pragmites.com  
88 Binda Shah    
89 Anil Kintala anil(.)kintala-at-gmail-dot-com  
90 Rahul Mayekar rahulvmayekar@gmail.com  
91 Gopal gopal.topgun@gmail.com  
92 Richa Bhargava richab24@gmail.com  
93 Anupama Garg miligarg@gmail.com  
94 Ekta Bhandari ektathegreat@gmail.com  
95 Neeraj Solanki neeraj.solanki81@gmail.com  
96 B S Keshav bskeshav@gmail.com  
97 vinita keshav
98 Amit Nigam nigam_amit@sify.com  
99 Anuprita Kadam
100 Gautam Mehra    
101 Pankaj Banoriya pankajdce2001@gmail.com Tagging in the blogging world
102 Ashish Sachi ashish.sachi@gmail.com Tagging in the blogging world
103 Manpreet Singh manpreet.singh.bhuie@gmail.com Tagging in the blogging world
104 Aurko Bhattacharya aurkob@gmail.com Tagging in the blogging world
105 Kalpesh Khivasara kalpeshk@gmail.com Tagging in the blogging world
106 Aniruddh Maru dashinganicool007@gmail.com Tagging in the blogging world
107 Kalpesh Muchhal kalp.muchhal@gmail.com Tagging in the blogging world
108 Nikhil Kulkarni kulkarni.nikhil@gmail.com Tagging in the blogging world
109 Hemantkumar Jain hemantkumarjain@gmail.com Tagging in the blogging world
110 Sudhanshu gupta   kapilsudh@gmail.com
111 Ankit Mehta   www.ideaforge.co.in
112 Vishal Nagota vishal.nagota@gmail.com  
113 http://blogthetalk.blogspot.com Arcopol Chaudhuri arcopol@gmail.com Journalism and blogging
114 Gopinath gopi_2363@rediffmail.com  
115 Sahil Malkani sahil.malkani@gmail.com
116 SEO India  meet2kunal@gmail.com I would like to talk about SEO's techniques.
117 SEO BOOM  links.ana@gmail.com SEO Boom is a site, to refer the techniques and new algorithms in forums and blogs.
118 Kinjal Ramaiya kvramaiya [at] gmail [dot] com  
119 Rahul R http://onyem.com


120 Saravanakumar                                  http://www.hexahost.com                 

WEb hosting provider, Eager to be part of blogging community


Guidelines to the Speakers

  • Order of presentations will be worked out at the event itself, using the whiteboard.
  • Sessions can be for maximum half an hour
  • Suggested session length will be 20 minutes+ 10 minutes Q&A
  • try to keep it short and punchy
  • DEFINITELY include a demo/examples if you have one - "A picture is worth a thousand words"
  • carry your presentation in powerpoint format on a CD or flash/jump drive; also upload it somewhere on the web or on this wiki (to be doubly sure)
  • after the event is over, we'd request you to upload the ppt on the wiki for benefit of those who can't make it to the event



Do I need to register somewhere? Do I need a pass?

No! Just put your name on the wiki here and show up on the day of the event!


Is there a fee?

Nope. Thanks to our Sponsors, you don't need to pay anything to attend the event. Rather all the campers will get a Blogcamp T-Shirt for free and did I mention that the lunch is also on us. So you just have to be there.


Do I have to have to have to have to give a session?

You are very strongly encourage to give a session. That said, you can also help in other ways - update the wiki in real time, Blog the whole event, shoot videos, make podcasts, take pics, help with organization, organize car pools, spread the word. But please don't just show up as a mere spectator! Be an active participant!


Do I need to get the topic of my talk/session approved?

No approval of any sort is required to present. Just add the topic of your session on the Wiki!


When (if?) will the schedule of sessions be made available?

We will put up a whiteboard on the morning of the event, where all the speakers can add their topics. Depending on the number of speakers we will spawn new threads. Thanks to IIT we have a lot of space at our disposal.


Any guidelines for speakers such as duration, QA format et al?

Guidelines are given in the sessions section above.


Hey I am a technical guy, will there be any technical discussion as well?

Did I say that you are in luck? You are!!! Blogcamp is taking place together with the Barcamp Mumbai and we will have a loads of tech guys, people interested in entrepreneurship, ideas, demos and a lot more. Do check the Barcamp Mumbai wiki for more details.



If you are coming to IIT by car please add your details here if you want to carpool.

Name Route Contact Details Time



If you are coming to IIT by bike please add your details here if you want to bikepool.

Name Route Contact Details Time
Dhaval Shah Mumbai 09819839445 8:45am




  • Ideas and demos.
  • Laptop, pdas (if you have)
  • Memory Stick/thumb drive, wifi dongle (if you have one: for transferring presentations, demo etc)
  • POWER STRIPS/Extensions. Please each one bring one (if you have more than one bring that as well, you may help some one in need).
  • Your energy, smile and fun quotient :)
  • Do not bring (I know this is the "Bring" list but this is wiki and blogcamp is an open event) so do not bring, high expectations rather come with an open mind and have fun in the open space event.



  • Wiki, Wifi and Power
  • Lunch, Coffee/Tea and snacks
  • Projector& White Boards
  • All the help you need, thanks to our super cool volunteers :)


Live Blogger's, Podcaster's, Videocaster's

Name Blog Url remarks
Dinesh Soni The utterances of Peculiar Mindset http://dineshsoni.blogspot.com/2008/03/blogging-live.html Live blog Post
Dinesh Soni Second post by Dinesh Soni http://dineshsoni.blogspot.com/2008/03/show-goes-on.html Live blog Post: second post


Blogosphere on Blogcamp Mumbai

Awesome you blogged about the event, please add the link here so that we can read it as well.

# Blog Post
1 Dinesh Soni on Blogcamp Mumbai Style
2 Tarun Chandel on Blogcamp Mumbai Style
3 Deep Ganatra on BlogCamp In Mumbai
4 IdeaSmith on Mumbai BlogCamp
5 Want to know total nonsense of Blogging? (in Hindi - ब्लॉगिंग के टोटल नॉनसेंस के बारे में जानना चाहते हैं?)
6 !!pseudonormicks!! Lavin Mirchandani on BlogCamp Mumbai
7 Attending BlogCamp Mumbai
8 Eager about the Camp
9 Bloggers' meet in Mumbai
10 It is your camp - Tarun Chandel
11 startupcentral
12 Speak, Market, Share
13 BlogCamp Mumbai Reviewed - Deep Ganatra
14 BlogCamp Review by Dinesh Soni
15 BlogCamp Review by Aseem N





Name Email
Nishit Shah nixhit AT gmail
Neeraj Pattath pattath.neeraj@gmail.com
Krity Deb krity.deb At gmail
Latesh Galia lateshg {at} gmail
Shrabasti Ghatak shrabastighatak At Gmail

Add your names here



Name Email
Tarun Chandel tarunchandel AT gmail
Parag Shah  
Ranjan Jha  
Dinesh Soni blogcamp@dineshsoni.com
Moksh Juneja mokshjuneja@gmail.com
Rohit Srivastwa rohit at rohit11 dot com


Other camps in India:

BarCampDelhi4 - Capital going for the fourth camp

BarCampKerala2 - Camp at Kerala wow!!

icamp - Innovation camp

mbarcampmumbai - A Barcamp for MBA students, professionals and aspirants.

BarCamp-Rajkot - Rajkot waking up to Barcamp.

Delhi IPL Webcamp




Blogcamp started with a bang


1) Rashmee Bansal - Youth & blogging. Don't worry be happy

2) Rohit Srivastwa - Cyber security and blogging

3) Ankesh - How to start blogging, a story session

4) Aditya - Podcasting