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The details


Who: Regular Barcampers from all over and members of non-profits are welcome!


Everyone who wants to share, learn and contribute to improving technological potential for non-profits.



What: Staying with the WineCamp format except at a distillery instead of a winery.

  • Keep the core values of Barcamp
  • a focus on NPOs/NGOs needs
  • a far-from-the-city environment
  • a first day without wifi
  • a camping ambient with good bourbon, good food and a bon fire
  • a second day with wifi in a distillery


Where: The location has not yet been determined. At this time I'm looking at several different distilleries in Kentucky (that's where all the good bourbon is made).



When: The date has not yet been determined. Once we have enough participants signed up and the location picked, we'll schedule a planning meeting.





We are in the early planning stages for this event. Expect more on this page soon.



Update 09/12/06: I will be contacting several distilleries in the area that would be a good fit for this type of event this week. -Michael B.










Proposed Sessions


What do you want to hear, what do you want to say and what could you live without? Are you an expert in something cool? Is there some trend we should know about?






Sign up for BourbonCamp! Please add your name and a link and/or contact info.