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DemoCamp is a variation of the un-conference style of event, started by the TorCamp group as an excuse to have more regular meetings. Though conceived in Toronto, this style of get-together would work well anywhere. Why not start one in your city?

Upcoming DemoCamps

Past DemoCamps 




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  • Who can come?
    • Everyone is welcome!
  • What are the rules?
    • Rule #1 of DemoCamp: Talk about DemoCamp ;)
    • Rule #2 of DemoCamp: No powerpoints allowed. Why no .ppt ? Well, do you have working software or don't you?
  • Do I have to have a demo?
    • Nope! Unlike a BarCamp, you are welcome to come along and give feedback to the people who do (or just watch and absorb if you don't feel like talking).
  • What if I do want to demo?
  • Who decides who gets to demo?
    • There are 5 available presentations that are available on a first come, first serve basis. Just edit the wiki page.
  • How long is each demo?
    • Demos should have roughly a 2 minute introduction, 8 minute demonstration, and 5 minutes for questions. 15 minutes total.
  • How do a start a DemoCamp in my city?
  • Have another question?

DemoCamp logos


Go to http://www.democamp.ca/Resources.pub for the logo image files and instructions on applying the look to other cities. The LogoGallery contains various examples.



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