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Date Tuesday June 26, 2007
Time6:00pm to 8:00pm
Location University of Calgary: Esso Theatre (SH257), Scurfield Hall - map
Expected AttendanceAll are welcome!

note: I have confirmed with all three of the speakers and booked the room for June 26th. I am trying to line up a fourth demo. Cheers, Kempton

Event Report



There are only two rules for presenters:

  • Rule #1: No powerpoint allowed. Why no .ppt? Well, do you have working software or don't you?
  • Rule #2: Demos are not a second over 10 minutes each. Short and sweet!

Demo Schedule


We're going to make this an open call for presenters.


With 4 demos, we are now fully booked for this demo camp. Thanks a lot to the presenters.



Sign up to be a volunteer and let us know how you're going to help!


Attendees List


Name Email Web
Kempton Lam kempton@ideasRevolution.com http://kempton.ideasRevolution.com
Sarah Blue sarah@cambrianhouse.com http://www.cambrianhouse.com/
Mark Rosenberger mark@cnxn.ca http://www.sidefinder.net/
Shekar Kadaba shekar.kadaba@whistlerfriday.comhttp://barcamp.org/ShekarKadaba
Fred Yee fyee@foundpages.com http://www.fredyee.com
Grant Neufeld (sorry) activist@activist.ca http://grantneufeld.ca/
Ben Eadie (hopefully) ben@Mountain-Wave.ca Play online texas holdem - best poker rooms
Matthew Hall (hopefully) matt@nowned.com http://www.kerplunc.com/
Doug Vickerson doug.vickerson@renoworks.net http://www.renoworks.com
Beat Meier (sorry) beat.meier@ubs.com http://www.ubs.com/canada
Matt Dorey matt.dorey@curvedental.com http://www.curvedental.com
Sami Khan sami.khan-at-mobypages-dot-com http://calgary.mobypages.ca
Kirk Slone kirk@zaio.com http://www.zaio.com
Micheal Young micheal@calgaryrestaurantguide.net Texas holdem poker internet resources
King Chung Huang king@mobovivo.com http://www.mobovivo.com
Trevor Doerksen trevord@mobovivo.com http://www.mobovivo.com
Jeff Bradshaw bradshaw@zoomcom.ca http://jetstreammedia.com
Olivier Aubin olivier@ait-consulting.ca http://ait-consulting.ca
John Bristowe john.bristowe@microsoft.comhttp://blogs.msdn.com/cdndevs/
David Gluzman david@r4nt.com Poker players portal
Don Holmsten don@filmlot.com http://www.filmlot.com/
Colin Sproule colin@cawlin.com http://www.cawlin.com/
Paul Moignard paul@pixelprophetdesign.com http://www.pixelprophetdesign.com/