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Date Wednesday Sept 30th
Time 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Location Upstairs at eBar at 41 Quebec St.
Expected Attendance All are welcome!

Who should attend?

Anyone in and around Guelph interested in software, the web and technology! Startup junkies, wage slaves, consultants, students, indie professionals, engineers, designers, money and marketing guys. If you want to see and talk about some interesting things, and get to know other people in the Guelph tech community, come on out! You don't have to demo to attend.

What could I demo?

The real question is, what would other people find interesting? A web app or cool piece of software you wrote, a neat prototype or project you were part of, even some obscure tool or weird hack you've found that others would find useful, astounding or entertaining. Commercial, open source, homebrew hack, whatever... if you can show it off in five minutes, and think it'll generate questions, conversation or feedback, come out and demo it!


Our sponsors this time around are Brainpark, Sun, Innosphere, Communitech and Guelph Chamber of Commerce.


Information for the demos that happen will be placed here AFTER our event....


We're using DemoCampGuelph10 demo'er GuestList for attendee registration. It's free, just head here and register.

Note: You do not have to demo to attend.

Help Out

If you can help in anyway, sign up and post to our google group.

What do we need? 

  1. People to demo and attend!
  2. Talk us up and get more people out.
  3. Go to the DemoCampGuelph page, sign up for the groups and such.

  • Rules:
    • Rule #1 of DemoCamp: Talk about DemoCamp ;)
    • Rule #2 of DemoCamp: No powerpoints allowed. Why no .ppt ? Well, do you have working software or don't you?
      • Rule #2a: Anyone breaking Rule #2 by not actually demoing a running product is required to buy the next round of beer for everyone in attendance.
    • Join the mailing list ask your question, and someone will answer it for you. (Don't hesitate to ping the instigator)


If you would like to demo: please contact BrydonGilliss to get on the schedule.

  • 15 minute invited speaker
  • Demos

Car Pooling

Please add your name and email here if you are able to carpool with others. Please also include how many people you can accommodate in your car.