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DemoCampMontreal3 Demo Schedule / L'horaire des demonstrations


  1. Nicolas Ritoux + Evan Prodromou -- announcing a new project -- Vinismo
  2. Heri -- WorkCruncher
  3. Carl Mercier -- Demo'ing www.Defensio.com
  4. SimonLaw -- Building a counter-clock
  5. Jerome Paradis & Francois Aubin -- A new project

Sorry, the DemoCampMontreal3 demo schedule is now full! Try DemoCampMontreal4...

Désole, l'horaire de DemoCampMontreal3 est maintenant complet, essayez DemoCampMontreal4...


Attendees / Les Participants


IMPORTANT: There is no way to contact attendees if there are changes to the event, i.e., location, after-conference location, cancellation, etc. This means that announcements will be posted on the DemoCampMontreal3 page, or the BarCampMontreal Google Group.


IMPORTANT: On ne possède aucun moyen de rejoindre les participants. Alors, dans le cas où il y aurait des changements à apporter à l'évènement (par exemple le lieu de la conférence et de l'après conférence, son annulation, etc.), toutes les annonces seront affichées sur la page web de DemoCampMontreal3 ou au groupe google BarCampMontreal.


Name Email Web
SimonLaw sfllaw@law.yi.org http://sfllaw.livejournal.com/
Nicolas Ritoux niko AT vulusu DOT ca http://www.vulusu.ca
Evan Prodromou evan at prodromou dot name http://evan.prodromou.name/
Heri heri@madmedia.ca http://heri.madmedia.ca http://montrealtechwatch.com
FredNgo fredngo@gmail.com http://siliconisland.ca
Debbie Rouleau neferankhamon @ gmail . com http://sekhmetdesign.thegeekcartel.com
Marc-Andre Cournoyer macournoyer@gmail.com http://macournoyer.com
Daniel Haran chebuctonian at gmail http://danielharan.wordpress.com/
Carl Mercier carl@carlmercier.com http://blog.carlmercier.com
Jerome Paradis jparadis AT paradivision DOT com http://blog.jeromeparadis.com
Kim Vallee kim AT kimvallee DOT com http://blog.kimvallee.com
Francois Aubin faubin AT cognitivegroup DOT com http://francoisaubin.com
Er Shen shener1974 AT gmail DOT com http://www.media-5.net
Mitch Joel mitch AT twistimage DOT com http://www.twistimage.com/blog
Philippe K. Chrunphilippe.k(at)chrun.comhttp://www.mycarpoolstation.com
Pierre Phaneuf pphaneuf@gmail.com http://pphaneuf.livejournal.com/
Sarven Capadisli csarven AT gmail DOT com http://www.csarven.ca
Godot Huard godot AT virtuel DOT ca
David Xu david AT podbean DOT com http://www.podbean.com
Francois Magnan magnan AT categoricaldesign DOT com http://categoricaldesign.com
Alain Wong alainkinwong AT gmail.com http://www.alainwong.com
Mat Balez matbalez@gmail.com http://www.balez.ca/mat
Patrick Tanguay patrick AT tasteofblue.ca http://tasteofblue.ca
CT Moore chris AT gypsybandito DOT com http://www.gypsybandito.com
Susana Machado azrhey@gmail.com http://azrhey.blogspot.com/
Steve Faguy steve at fagstein.com http://blog.fagstein.com/
Daniel Drouet daniel AT montrealstartup DOT com http://www.montrealstartup.com/
Martin Dufort martin.dufort AT kakiloc DOT com http://www.kakiloc.com/
Alain Lavoie alain.lavoie AT kakiloc DOT com http://www.kakiloc.com/
Josh Nursing josh.nursing AT gmail DOT com http://www.yashlabs.com/wp http://www.yashlabs.com/montrealtechleague/blog
Bernd Haug bernd.haug@gmail.com
Ben Parry org AT riatahi DOT net
Adrien O'Leary adrienoleary@gmail.com http://blogs.adrienoleary.com/pme
Ian Rae ianrae@gmail.com http://infreemation.net/
Jean-Pierre Martineau jpmartineau à jpmartineau point com http://www.jponrails.com
Frederic Lalonde flalonde at brightspark.com dot com
Joost Ouwerkerk joosto at brightspark.com dot com
Darrel Miller darrel at tavis dot ca http://www.bizcoder.com