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  • Date: October 19th 2009 6pm to 9pm
  • Location: Clocktower Brew Pub (downstairs), 575 Bank St (http://bank.clocktower.ca)
  • Format: 5 demos: 2 minute introduction, 8 minute demo, 5 minutes for Q&A and discussion 


NOTE: DemoCampOttawa13 is April 15th


What is DemoCamp

DemoCamp is a free event put on by members of Ottawa's tech community. The evening will consist of several short application demos by members of the local community in the always friendly Clocktower Pub. 

There will be opportunities to take the mic and announce other upcoming local events and career opportunities. 

For this DemoCamp and maybe more to come lets try and filter the dreaded question about business model. Some of the presentations may just be some cool stuff that has been cooked up in a studio's skunkworks or someone's basement and we can appreciate those for the awesome projects they are. 

For more information on DemoCamp please see the following links:


Thinking about Demoing?

DemoCamp is great opportunity to demo your application that may be a work in progress, close to release or even in full production. The room will be filled with fellow developers, designers, marketers and other professionals interested in startups and web applications. A great crowd to garner some valuble feedback, find a collborator, potential clients and employees.  

Please keep in mind that no powerpoint slides are allowed! only working applications. We will do our best to have a reliable internet connection available and will follow up with all those who have signed up for demos to go over what is available. 


Want to Demo?, Sign up here: 

This list is first come first serve. Please list your name, project your going to demo and a means of contact so we can follow up regarding setup for the event.

  1. Betidings:  The easiest way to discover events that matter to you.  Kenton White: jkentonwhite at gmail.com 
  2. Twegather - Event creation and management using Twitter. TeamCamp chrisjschmitt at gmail
  3. Squirrel-  Simplified model airplane powered by a rubber band (for those that recieved kits there is a new instruction sheet available, contact darcy@siteware.com please).
  4. BattleTwip (a 76design skunkworks project) - Play Battleship over Twitter.
  5. Shiny Ads - A self serve advertising platform for all publishers (Roy Pereira) 

Waiting list (in case of cancellations):

  •   Testimonial Director - Management of customer testimonials. chris.voice1 at gmail.
  •   FullNet - Web application framework. Tim Koss: tim@fullnettechnologies.com
  •   Shopachu.com - Search for products using images, by Incogna. Kris Woodbeck: kris at incogna.com
  •   DocSnaps - Helps you manage your financial records online and automates bookeeping data entry. Hassle free and real time help for tax time.

If you've signed up for a demo - or have demoed in the past show your pride and add the badge to your web site or blog:



Want to attend

Sign up will be using EventBrite so we can send out event reminders. So head on over to http://democampottawa12.eventbrite.com 

If your looking to get some more information, high res logos or just have questions feel free to message Mark Stephenson at @mste.