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* Date: Monday, January 28, 2008 from 7pm to 9pm

* Location: Clocktower Restaurant on Bank Street, just south of the Queensway.

* Format for 6 demos: 2 minute introduction, 8 minute demo, 5 minutes for Q&A and discussion


What is DemoCamp?


Six demos by members of the Ottawa high tech community. Read more about it at AboutDemoCampOttawa. A Facebook Event has also been created.


Demos - Sign-up to demo here


  • 'Protecode Demo' - demonstration of a tool that unobtrusively detects, logs, and identifies external content during software development. This tool is used to automatically create records of Intellectual Property ownership and licensing attributes of external code (eg Open Source modules or snippets) that enter a project.
  • Distributed Musical Instruments. Software that will allow MIDI files to be replayed on different sound modules. This will be a demo of an entry level process leading to a system creating a Virtual Musical Sound Studio.
  • 'The Traveler IQ Challenge' - Demo of a viral marketing app gone wild. In June of 2007 the TIQ was launched on Facebook to promote TravelPod, since then it's been launched on Friendster, TravelPod, TripAdvisor and virally on 4000 other syndicated websites. The TIQ has now taken a life of its own generating millions of monthly unique visitors and driving significant traffic to TravelPod.com.
  • 'JohnnyVoIP' - Initial beta of a social communications platform tool that is currently available on Facebook allowing users to forget about downloading, installing, and finding their friends - just click on a link.
  • Internet Business Logic - A Wiki and SOA endpoint for business rules in open vocabulary, executable English. - Flash Demo Preview
  • iotum - iotum's conference calling application for Facebook. IBS foods to avoid
  • Exocortex Technologies's GameFlow: a real-time fluid simulation middleware product for the Console and PC Game Industry. (seventh, although given permission to present by Ian Graham.)


WAITING LIST (in case of cancellations):

  • Company name


If you've signed up for a demo - or have demoed - please add the following to your web site or blog.



To sign up edit this wiki page adding your name, company, email and blog.


  1. Ian Graham ian.graham3@gmail.com
  2. Richard Mayer mayerATprotecode.com
  3. Kia Mousavi mousaviATprotecode.com
  4. Aydin Mirzaee from bOK - aydin(at)bOKnow(dot)com
  5. Kareem Sultan kareem@racedv.com RaceDV
  6. Yann Le Gouic from Noredox Inc. - yann(at)noredox(dot)com
  7. Hyatt Saikin hyatt275 at gmail dot com
  8. Don Kelly (Coding Dojo)
  9. Luc Levesque luc3@travelpod.com
  10. Chris Foo comments@hungrytable.com
  11. Jill Pyle inmedia Public Relations
  12. Dru Lavigne dru@osbr.ca
  13. Mitch Brisebois mitch@sensorymetrics.com
  14. Louise Brown louiseb@travelpod.com
  15. Darcy Whyte whyted@travelpod.com
  16. Lynnette McL lynnette.m@gmail.com
  17. Jobe Roberts jobe@sensorymetrics.com
  18. Craig Fitzpatrick Devshop Inc. craig at devshop dot com Uncommon Sense (for Software)
  19. Sonny Juane sjuane(at)ramius.net
  20. Jason McLaren jason at fnord dot ca
  21. MattRoberts @ WesleyClover . com
  22. Eldon Gaw Oegema Nicholson and Associates Insurance Brokers Limited. eldongaw@rogers.com
  23. Ken Daviau Daviau Technologies Inc. daviauk@rogers.com
  24. Alec Saunders
  25. Steve Fry sdfry@ieee.org
  26. John Wiseman (wiseman.john (at) gmail.com), Blogging Squared
  27. Rick Claus Canadian IT Pro Blog rick.claus at microsoft dot com
  28. Peter Childs
  29. Shawn Simister (shawn@simister.ca)
  30. Obaid Ahmed (obaid at createworkspace.com)
  31. David Megginson - Megginson Technologies Ltd - Land and Hold Short blog
  32. Paul A. Bennett - paul_a_bennett@rogers.com
  33. Lisa and Charbel Choueiri
  34. Bhupinder Singh
  35. Thomas Prowse - Gowlings Kanata Technology Law Office - thomas.prowse@gowlings.com
  36. Shayne Paddock spaddock@rogers.com
  37. David Nadeau YooName david.nadeau at gmail
  38. Steve O'Halloran/AssetLabs AssetLabs
  39. Tim Hember tim@theottawanetwork.com
  40. George Dutch georgeATjobjoyDOTcom
  41. Dave Scollon dscollonATocriDOTca
  42. Miranda Gray
  43. Zed Tuma
  44. Marc-André Plouffe (maplouffe at gmail dot com) - Ottawa Web Weekend
  45. Julie Haché - 76design - elektrophile@gmail.com
  46. Jon Cianciullo - Cluztr, DataPortability.org - (jon.cianciullo at gmail dot com)
  47. Ben Houston, Exocortex Technologies, Inc.
  48. Bruce Nolan bruce.nolan2ATgmailDOTcom
  49. David Schellenberg - LiVE 88.5 - dave@livelifelive.fm
  50. Chris Taggart (chris at christaggart.com), CrowdSpark.com
  51. Peter Krug peterkrug at rogers.com
  52. Mark Stephenson RealDecoy
  53. Hazem Awad HAF3 hazem.awad at gmail dot com
  54. Ahmad Hassan HAF3
  55. Shawn Gandhi
  56. Rob Villeneuve rob@racedv.com RaceDV
  57. Wayne Larsen
  58. Cosmin Smeu cosmin {at} cosmin dot com
  59. Bryan Larsen
  60. Sergio Ontiveros www.solutionwise.ca


Canceled Attendees

  1. Mike Pot onetwothreemike@gmail.com (due to surgery)