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Date Monday, October 23, 2006 *confirmed with the MaRS staff
Time 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Location MaRS, 101 College Street West. We still need to find either a sponsor for the evening to have a caterer for the MaRS facilities or we can head to MollyBlooms or Pogue Mahones.
Expected Attendance All are welcome!



Demo Schedule


All presenters should read Tips for presenting at DemoCamp.


Note To Demonstrators: Puppy Machine Productions will be filming the presentations with the intent of creating a video podcast of this DemoCamp. Any demonstrating groups who do NOT want their demo published in the video podcast should email Kristan Uccello. Also, if any demonstrating group wants to have a follow up interview with the Puppy Machine Productions producers please send an email to Chandra Bulucon. Thanks!

See Episode 1 Now

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We will have 5 demos:


  1. Online Grading and Code Review - Jennifer Campbell, Sana Tapal, Andrey Petrov - (Screencast)
  2. NEW! Quotiki.com - Quickly find and enjoy quotes Richard and Shawn of 3terra.com
  3. The World's first commercial Smalltalk host - http://www.brokentomb.com
  4. PBJ - Web 0.1
  5. Livin' la Vida Emacs SachaChua





IMPORTANT: There is no way to contact attendees if there are changes to the event, i.e., location, after location, cancellation, etc. This means that announcements will be made on the TorCamp Google Group, through a variety of RSS feeds and on this page. If you want to stay up-to-date with the RSS feed, try using Randy's R|Mail but this will subscribe you to all BarCamp.PBWiki.com changes not just DemoCampToronto. (sounds like a feature request to David Weekly ;-) wino kredyt mieszkaniowy sprzedam mieszkanie sprzedam bilet


  1. Greg Wilson
  2. Andrey Petrov
  3. Andrew Louis
  4. Kristan Uccello
  5. Steven Dodd - CAST Software Inc.
  6. Olivier Yiptong
  7. RohanJayasekera
  8. David Dougherty
  9. Ryan Coleman Clay tablet Technologies
  10. MatthewBurpee
  11. Jevon MacDonald firestoker
  12. Ben Vinegar
  13. SunirShah
  14. MarkKuznicki - Remarkk!
  15. Aaron Kim
  16. Kaleem
  17. Shawn Ellsworth - Quotiki
  18. Joshua Wehner
  19. OJ Kerr - IQ PARTNERS
  20. Shvetank Jain - gophernow 
  21. Gabriel Mansour
  22. Sandy Kemsley
  23. Jamie McQuay
  24. Nilesh Bansal BlogScope.net
  25. Kevin Robb
  26. Scott Brooks ConceptShare.com
  27. Bernie Aho ConceptShare.com
  28. Chris Daoust ConceptShare.com
  29. Yanni Chiu
  30. Stefan Powell Standard Interactive
  31. Joyce
  32. Bart Gajderowicz - bartgdev.com
  33. Pema Hegan
  34. Jason Roks Digital Alchemist
  35. Noah Godfrey
  36. DanChmielewski
  37. ZachCox Charles River Analytics
  38. Richard McCann
  39. Randy Glenn
  40. Mira Jelic
  41. James M Woods DictaBrain
  42. Arshad Merali Arshad Merali Ventures
  43. Craig Hayashi
  44. Alan Hietala
  45. Patrick Dinnen
  46. Matt McCausland
  47. Rob Hyndman
  48. Varun Mathur
  49. JamesWalker Bryght
  50. Jordan Christensen Indigo Books and Music
  51. Steve van Egmond Tiny Planet
  52. Rob Della Fortuna
  53. Cliff Mees
  54. Sander Smith AutoSSL
  55. Jennifer Paton Smith Sericon Consulting
  56. Brian Gomes Interweb Marketing
  57. Wesley Moxam
  58. Matt Solo
  59. citizen_ziggy digitalpeasants
  60. Taylan Pince
  61. Chris Nguyen JobLoft.com
  62. Lee Liu JobLoft.com
  63. Sunny Mokha JobLoft.com
  64. Andy Lai JobLoft.com
  65. BryceJohnson
  66. Neal Pollock
  67. Jyotika Malhotra
  68. Ryan Dewsbury gpokr.com
  69. Patrick Ryan
  70. citizen_ziggy - uberlog.org
  71. Kevin Chan
  72. Estelle Havva - have to leave at 7:30PM
  73. Tim Quinton
  74. Ling Jiang
  75. Geofrey Josef Flores
  76. Pat Keenan | The Movement
  77. Jorge Aranda
  78. Derek Longmuir
  79. Jaafer Haidar
  80. DavidHarris
  81. Mark Ruddock
  82. Tim Smith
  83. Gisela McKay
  84. MartinCleaver
  85. Libin Pan
  86. Andrew Reynolds
  87. Andrew Burke
  88. Samar Alam
  89. # Ian Irving FalsePositives
  90. Jennifer Campbell
  91. Paul Baranowski - Campware Initiative




  1. Paul Forest - Couldn't wrestle free from work