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  • Date: Monday, February 20, 2006
  • Time: 6:30 - 8:00, drinks to follow for those interested (at the Liberty Cafe)
  • Location:
    • The location is apparently a secret. Someone kindly write the location down, and give a map link.
  • Rules:
    • Rule #1 of DemoCamp: Talk about DemoCamp ;)
    • Rule #2 of DemoCamp: No powerpoints allowed. Why no .ppt ? Well, do you have working software or don't you?
  • Do I have to have a demo?
  • Nope! You are welcome to come along and give feedback to the people who do (or just watch and absorb if you don't feel like talking).
  • Have another question?
    • Join the mailing list ask your question, and someone will answer it for you. (Don't hesitate to ping the instigator)


Demo Schedule:


Okay, there are currently 6 demos scheduled. If we manage the time well and everyone uses their fully alloted 15 minutes, this should take us to the Liberty Cafe for drinks without any breaks!


  • Brief Introduction
  • DrProject: a classroom-friendly branch of Trac. We've done a full-on code rush in January, and hope to have a 1.0 to show at DemoCamp.
  • openbluenetworks.com demo Hybrid Retail Platform for Jewellers
  • Geoff Whittington thelocalguru.com will demo thelocalguru.com and talk about why (and hopefully how) it was written
  • Nuvvo AJAX, RSS/Atom, iCal... Nuvvo is Web 2.0's answer to eLearning.
  • Blogware: Tucows' brandable, resellable, very configurable blogging platform, written in Ruby.
  • BlogChat: Simple service provides Ajax-based chat window to add to your blog.


Next in line (if there's time)

  • Please sign up, we had 2 cancellations the last time (Jevon + Lelia I'm looking at you). And we're going to do this again.
  • Edit this Page


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TorCamper Homework


Everyone who has previously attended a TorCamp event has an assignment. Our ongoing success depends on our ability to find fresh... blood, so you are asked to please bring someone with you who has not attended a TorCamp event previously. Just make sure you add both your names to Attendees list so we know how many people are coming. wino kredyt mieszkaniowy sprzedam mieszkanie sprzedam bilet





  1. DavidCrow - davidcrow.ca
  2. RobHyndman - Hyndman | Law and robhyndman.com
  3. Mike McDerment - 2ndSite - Online Invoicing
  4. JayGoldman - radiantcore.com
  5. Rob Reid - Osler Hoskin & Harcourt LLP
  6. Mathew Ingram -- mathewingram.com/work
  7. Robin Gambhir - openbluenetworks.com will demo jewellerysearch platform and talk a bit about my experience with outsourcing
  8. Ryan Taylor - openbluenetworks.com (NewJewellers.com Project)
  9. Estelle Havva
  10. Adam Goucher
  11. Alan Gahtan - Gahtan Law Office
  12. Adam Sadowski
  13. Kristan Uccello
  14. Greg Wilson and Sean Dawson (for DrProject)
  15. Ryan McKegney & Derek Szeto - redflagdeals.com
  16. Matthew Milan emergentpatterns.com
  17. James M Woods - I moo no more ;-) / Names@Work / Personal Blog
  18. Patrick Dinnen
  19. Hugh Ranalli
  20. Geoff Whittington thelocalguru.com will demo thelocalguru.com and talk about why it was written
  21. Jeffrey Hardy (actually going to make it this time)
  22. Yulian Suwanda
  23. Igor Foox
  24. Greg Lapouchnian
  25. Patrick Smith Photoblog
  26. Siobhan McLaughlin Personal Blog
  27. Jason Doucette
  28. Chris Nolan.ca - Showed Eh List at the first democamp, and Kweschun at the 2nd... will I have something new this month too?
  29. JohnPhilipGreen from the Nuvvo team. Note that one of our reasons for participating is to recruit partners and team members. See our post on TorCampDemoCamp2.
  30. Dave Ritter from the Nuvvo team.
  31. Malgosia Green from the Nuvvo team.
  32. Ajay Krishnan, Assistant (to the) Regional Manager at Nuvvo.
  33. Sunir Shah
  34. Mike Laz commandN.tv
  35. Cloves Carneiro Jr
  36. Pablo Viola
  37. Taylan Pince - taylanpince.com
  38. Thomas Purves - thomaspurves.com independent designer/technologist/mba looking to learn, connect, advise, recruit or be recruited...
  39. Rannie Turingan from photojunkie.ca
  40. Angela Noseworthy from noseworthy.ca
  41. Neil Lee of beatnikpad.com
  42. Timothy Li, student
  43. Robin Liu, student
  44. Janette Huang, student
  45. Richard Sun, student
  46. Rohan Jayasekera - RohanJayasekera.com - product development manager (co-founder of Sympatico, The Fitter) looking for next gig
  47. Carolyn L Burke - Integrity Incorporated
  48. Surinder Singh - Northcloud Inc.
  49. Michael Glenn - Radiant Core Inc.
  50. Lynda Chiotti
  51. David McLachlan
  52. BryceJohnson
  53. Maria Khomenko
  54. Daly Chang
  55. Liam Stewart

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  1. Robert Ouellette - gagglescape
  2. Joey deVilla, Tucows / The Farm / Accordion Guy
  3. Brent Ashley - BlogChat
  4. Stephen Fine - CF Media Capital
  5. Ken Schafer, One Degree / Schafer Group
  6. Randy Charles Morin I will demonstrate my superior ability to make stupid faces during presentations. Maybe I'll introduce the world to the idea of 4Camp
  7. Ian Stevens
  8. Michael Bodalski - spazsquatch.com
  9. Olivier Yiptong
  10. Stephanie Hodnett
  11. Michael Sims
  12. Randy Glenn
  13. Chris Johnson
  14. Mark Stirling - Aird & Berlis LLP
  15. Jeff Richman
  16. Mark Thompson
  17. Laura MacDougall
  18. Isaac Ezer
  19. Parv Sangha - Favorville
  20. Daniel Talas - Favorville
  21. Michael Fagan - Fagan Finder, UWhub, interned at Feedster, A9.com
  22. Ryan Dewsbury
  23. Steve Purkiss - open for organisations - the open business network (hope to make it - thanks to Dave C for letting me know about this!)
  24. Sutha Kamal - AmbientVector
  25. DeborahHartmann - I have a conflict - I'll be late or meet you all for drinks
  26. Jacques Chamberland
  27. Tim A - BlogChat cofounder
  28. John Lam - RubyCLR and ObjectSharp -- can't make it tonight, sick kid, see y'all next time
  29. Rick Spence - (http://canentrepreneur.blogspot.com )
  30. Ahmed Farooq - http://www.ajaxreview.com
  31. Ryan Caudle
  32. Cameron Booth - http://theworkinggroup.ca
  33. Jack Neto - http://theworkinggroup.ca
  34. Dominic Bortolussi - http://theworkinggroup.ca
  35. Karen Reid - associated with DrProject (with baby Laura in tow)
  36. Kaleem Khan ux
  37. Matthew Burpee
  38. Norm & Kathy Green coming with the Nuvvo team.
  39. Mark Kuznicki - Tercina
  40. Bart Dabek - http://www.vfmii.com http://www.noyzz.com http://www.bartdabek.com
  41. Eli Singer - http://www.singer.to
  42. Arshad Merali
  43. Linda Montgomery
  44. Shelley Simmons
  45. Unique and Popular Gifts Online
  • If you are planning on demoing, make sure you add yourself to the Demo Schedule too


Not Attending:


  • Everyone but me!



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