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This is the next iteration of DemoCamp (Read this first!).


DateTuesday, July 4th, 2006
Time6:30pm to 8:30pm
LocationNo Regrets, 42 Mowat Ave., Toronto, ON. We'll stay right where we are for the drinks and socializing so plan to hang out a bit longer and really get a chance to meet the community!
Expected AttendanceAll are welcome! Please note that the venue can't hold more than 150 people, so we're pretty much limited to that. It's important that everyone signs up through MollyGuard.com so we know our numbers. Thanks!


Demo Schedule


We will have Five 15-minute demos:


  1. Portal Prophet Platform Demo from Domainer Inc. - Kristan Uccello
  2. FeelingBullish.com Financial Social Networks Demo - Josh Blinick
  3. Paruba.com Tagging the e-commerce web - Teehan+Lax
  4. The Glove: 3D info visualization - Cameron Browning
  5. Special Guest Appearance: Perl 6 - Damian Conway


Note To Demonstrators: Puppy Machine Productions will be filming the presentations with the intent of creating a video podcast of this DemoCamp. Any demonstrating groups who do NOT want their demo published in the video podcast should email Kristan Uccello. Also, if any demonstrating group wants to have a follow up interview with the Puppy Machine Productions producers please send an email to Chandra Bulucon. Thanks!




IMPORTANT: We're now using MollyGuard to handle the event 'registration', so please sign up with them on the official page. The change was made to keep administration easier and to actually have a list of everyone attending with contact information in case we need to let people know of changes to the event or of future events. Please note that the venue can't hold more than 150 people, so we're pretty much limited to that. It's important that everyone signs up through MollyGuard.com so we know our numbers. Thanks!



MollyGuard doesn't seem to have an easy way for us to export an always up-to-date attendee list in an easy to post format, so feel free to add yourself here as well:


  1. Jay Goldman - Radiant Core, Inc.
  2. David Crow - davidcrow.ca
  3. Joey DeVilla - Accordion Guy
  4. Tom Purves - Tom Purves
  5. Olivier Yiptong - Olivier Yiptong
  6. Randy Glenn
  7. Cliff Mees
  8. Greg Wilson
  9. Victor Glazer - Idee Inc
  10. Rehan Zaidi
  11. Scott Brooks - ConceptShare
  12. Bernie Aho - ConceptShare
  13. Jonathan Lung
  14. Chris Tinglin
  15. Josh Blinick - FeelingBullish.com
  16. Rohan Jayasekera
  17. Estelle Havva
  18. Ian Irving
  19. Spencer Fosbury
  20. Tim Quinton
  21. Bob Hutchison
  22. David Lee
  23. BrentAshley
  24. Nicole Norris
  25. Sunir Shah
  26. Matt Solo
  27. Adam Goucher
  28. Ryan Coleman - Clay Tablet Technologies
  29. Liam Stewart - Idee Inc
  30. Andrey Petrov
  31. Andrew Louis
  32. Dmitry Buterin, Bonasource and WildApricot
  33. Christopher Clapinson
  34. Richard Dice
  35. Patrick Dinnen
  36. Bryce Johnson
  37. Ali Karbassi
  38. Cameron Browning
  39. Gabriel Mansour
  40. Gavin Kan
  41. Patrick Ryan
  42. Jonathan Lung
  43. Adrian Smith
  44. Martin Cleaver
  45. Geoff Teehan
  46. Jon Lax
  47. Deborah Hartmann
  48. Michael Aird
  49. Jocelyn Brown
  50. Mark Bloore
  51. Kristan Uccello - Domainer.com
  52. Shane Martin - Domainer.com
  53. Chandra Bulucon - Puppy Machine Productions
  54. Adam Sadowski - Domainer.com
  55. BryceJohnson - Navantis TheChickenTest
  56. Peter Dawson
  57. MalgosiaGreen - Nuvvo eLearning Married Inc.
  58. JohnPhilipGreen - Nuvvo eLearning | Married Inc.
  59. Mark Bondyra
  60. Colin Smillie - Autotrader.ca
  61. Gary King - King Gary
  62. MarkKuznicki - Remarkk!
  63. Roy Pereira - Snipe Networks
  64. Iuliana Calin - HomeGuides.ca
  65. Chris Johnson - avd.ca
  66. Chris Cunnington - http://www.brokentomb.com
  67. Joshua Wehner
  68. Colin McGregor - mcgregor.org
  69. Mike Salvagna
  70. Michael Glenn - Radiant Core
  71. Martin Cleaver
  72. Hugh Ranalli - Digital Opportunity Trust
  73. Paul Dowman
  74. Eleyna Whittingham
  75. SachaChua - afterparty only =)
  76. Kevin Downing - MaRS Discovery District
  77. Brian Ivanovick - b lo g
  78. Robin Gambhir - OpenBlue Networks - The first retail site integrating our JewellerySearch platform just launched. See Marshman Jewellers
  79. Kaleem Khan
  80. David Scannell
  81. Jerry King
  82. Gobhi Theivendran
  83. Blake Winton
  84. Jorge Aranda
  85. Derek Szeto PriceCanada.com
  86. Ryan McKegney RedFlagDeals.com
  87. James M Woods - Warpjam's Blog - Names@Work
  88. Frank Michlick - DomainEditorial.com - Tucows
  89. Simon Ditner
  90. David Glue
  91. Julian Dunn
  92. Jamie McQuay
  93. Pete Forde
  94. Daniel Sadavoy
  95. DeborahHartmann
  96. Andrew Burke
  97. Ryan Feeley
  98. Mike McDerment - FreshBooks.com
  99. Pranam Kolari
  100. Cameron Roberts
  101. Albert Lai


Not attending


  1. Randy Charles Morin
  2. Eli Singer


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