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DateFebruary 7th, 2008
Time5:30pm to 7:30pm, drinks to follow
LocationWorkspace, 21 Water St., Vancouver, BC.
Expected Attendance75-125


Read the background on the DemoCampVancouver page.


Demo Schedule


  • come in the door and post your demo idea on the board
  • 30 minutes of meeting other attendees (promote your idea, get votes!)
  • presentation process starts at 6:00pm
  • 30 second elevator pitches by all presenters
  • attendees vote on top 4
  • we will have 4 x 6 minute talks (time limit enforced, includes feedback time!)



  • BATTLEDECKS - see below for Details and bring your witty self...
  • Wrap up/discussion/hang out until 7:30pm
  • No sponsored DemoBeers, it's have dinner with new friends night (e.g. Six Acres, Trans Continental, Chill Winston, Flux Bistro, So.cial, etc. etc.)


Battledecks - ROUND THREE


"Gesture, Flow, Credibility and Jargon"


  • 2 people from the crowd are chosen (by elimination or volunteering or voting...) and go head-to-head in DemoCamp's installment of BATTLEDECKS
  • Each contender is given a 6-to-8 page Keynote Presentation on the spot and will present their fabulous, ground-breaking, earth-shattering, mind-blowing business/project/idea/nonsense to the crowd, inspiring us all on whatever it is they are revealing.
  • Think: "Gesture. Flow. Credibility. Jargon." It will really help.
  • Winner will be professed by crowd applause and cheering.
  • Prizes may be awarded, but bragging rights is the ultimate goal.


We need Battle Decks created as well as presented, so start polishing your decks.




Fill out and promote your demo idea ahead of time. The attendees will vote you in. Bringing a giant mario cube or other forms of props and/or bribing the crowd is absolutely allowed.



  • Rochelle Grayson
  • what is twemes?



  • Pulse is like that friend who always knows the latest band.
  • It's a Facebook app that will track your favourite bands and let you know when they are in town.
  • It's the first product from Something Simpler built on our PubSub relevance engine.
  • You can get it here http://pul.se


These Are My Kids



My Big Demo Idea

  • My name, my company, links are good
  • Short overview / description / outline





You don't have to sign up to attend, but if you want to let other people know that you're coming, add your name to the list below.


Also on Facebook, the DemoCampVancouver Group.


  1. BorisMann
  2. MeganCole
  3. Tom Kingston - Vancouver Expert Financial Models - Financial Models (to raise cash) for Start-ups
  4. Tylor Sherman
  5. Rebecca Bollwitt rockin' the live blog yet again
  6. Phillip Jeffrey
  7. Cinci Csere
  8. Weston Triemstra - I demo'ed pulse
  9. Rastin Mehr - rmd Studio Inc.
  10. Arash Sanieyan - PeerGlobe Technology
  11. Mehrzad Mehr - Peach Interior Design
  12. Todd Sieling - toddsieling.com
  13. DustinSacks
  14. Jim DeLaHunt
  15. Karen Parker
  16. Jeremy Lim
  17. Travis Smith
  18. Mark Lise


Event Pictures

Twenty two Pictures


Upcoming events/Announcements

  • VanDev: Improving Programmer Productivity, Ducky Sherwood, that same night at 7-9pm, UBC Robson Square C475, 800 Robson Steet, Vancouver. Getting there requires walking fast as soon as this DemoCamp is over, though.
  • upcoming events? add them here